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Staff Pick!!!

It’s staff pick time again and our gorgeous resident dancer, Shauna, has the lucky pick! This week she has chosen ‘Cooper’, the dark skinned handsome man with the sweetest smile 🙂 Hair styled by: Shauna Clothing by: Thamar Likes: Baking cookies Dislikes: Pet gerbils Why she chose him: “His sweet face and awesome sense of […]

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Cassandra - June 28, 2013 - 9:58 pm

I loved him, the sweet girl (sister) and Max the LB!

Colouring Contest Giveaway!

It’s been a little bit since our last giveaway and this time we want to do something fun that involves your children! We are having a colouring contest with 3 levels of prizes… The first prize winner will win this sweet Little Buddy doll! The second place prize winner will win one of our new […]

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Andrea - June 24, 2013 - 4:09 pm

This is so great! I will have to get a copy of my daughter’s entry before I send it in 🙂

Danielle B - June 24, 2013 - 4:20 pm

I have a house of colouring-in freaks! They love it and it’s school holidays! Thanks Team Bambo!! Keep an eye out for some Aussie mail headed your way! <3

Deana W. - June 24, 2013 - 4:37 pm

Oh this is so exciting! My girls are busy coloring away.:)

Lisa Turner - June 24, 2013 - 4:41 pm

How fun!!! Thank you!

Erika Teigland - June 24, 2013 - 4:49 pm

Ooooh, awesome! I will put my brood to work!

Kennita mains - June 24, 2013 - 6:54 pm

Great idea! I am excited too!

Rhonda - June 24, 2013 - 6:57 pm

Such a great idea, kids will love it.

Amy Valmonte - June 24, 2013 - 8:23 pm

By any chance would there be a boy doll to color? I only see a girl doll. My son loves to color but I have a feeling he wouldn’t touch this girl doll. 🙁 Thanks so much!

admin - June 24, 2013 - 10:09 pm

There’s a Boy version on the way 🙂

Emily - June 26, 2013 - 3:50 pm

Yea for the boy version

Teytey - August 31, 2013 - 9:03 am

How won the contest

Staff Pick!

Happy Solstice beautiful friends!! It’s the first day of summer officially (although, you’d never know it looking out the window). It’s Staff Pick time again and our sweet Brandi chose Julie this week, the strikingly beautiful natural girl with a flair for fashion. Hair styled by: Brandi Clothing by: Thamar Likes: Making daisy chains with […]

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I love bread; brown, white, foccacia, bread with olives, cinnamon raisin, buns, whatever it is, I probably love it. They know it here at Bamboletta that I am the one who, if nothing better is in the fridge, brings half a loaf of goodness for my lunch. One of my favorite places in the whole […]

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The City Where I Grew Up

The gals at Bamboletta have written a few posts on our surroundings in the beautiful Cowichan Valley. The special thing about Vancouver Island is how many great towns, nooks, beaches, bike trails, tressels, lakes and cafe’s there are throughout. Unlike most of the crew, I’m really new to the Cowichan Valley. In fact, I just […]

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danica - June 10, 2013 - 12:40 pm

I love this, I have a lot of darkness from my time in Victoria and these are some of the places that I so fondly remember, I have still yet to go to the atrium! MUST VISIT, looks so cool!

Kate - June 10, 2013 - 12:51 pm

I also love this city and it is a fantastic place to raise kids, although the comic ham valley is paradise as well!

Kate - June 10, 2013 - 12:52 pm

Silly autocorrect, it was meant to say the cowichan valley!

Brooke - June 10, 2013 - 1:15 pm

The Atrium is awesome for kids too, there’s cool things to play on and it’s nice to have a coffee and have your kids be distracted too 🙂

Andrea - June 10, 2013 - 1:35 pm

My hubby took me to the Breakwater on our first date. We don’t live on the island right now, but we took our daughter there on our vacation last year. One of my very favourite places.

Regan - July 13, 2013 - 8:59 am

That is so fun that you mentioned the Atrium! My husband and I have a shop there and we so enjoy the feel of this wonderful building! Our kids love to play there too! Even on a rainy day it is a bright fun place to be!

Regan - July 13, 2013 - 9:22 am

…my daughter has a beautiful Bamboletta doll (that is now over 4 years old)…we love your work!

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