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Staff Pick!

Hello Friends, It’s been a beautiful and busy day here in Bamboletta land. We were all super lucky to have our friends Heather and Erin come and dress with us this morning. It’s an enormous pleasure to spend time with the two ladies…lots and lots of laughter!! Erin is a photographer and snapped a million […]

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sheila Jager - June 6, 2013 - 4:25 pm

Love it, you two, Erin and Heather! Sheesh! Two more Bamboletta babies for you! I have been trying to get one for someone but am always too late to get a boy! Love the plaid shirt fella Heather!!Gorgeous blondie Erin!

Cassandra - June 6, 2013 - 5:37 pm

Great staff picks! Both are adorable and just loving the cuddle doll style!

Doll Types

With the introduction of our newest style dolls, the Cuddle Doll and our Sitting Friend, we’ve been getting a lot of questions in regards to what the differences between the dolls are. So, I thought it would be good to do a blog post explaining the difference between the 4 styles. The Little Buddy These […]

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Heather - June 5, 2013 - 5:04 pm

Feet!!!! I can not wait to check them out!!!

Lisa - June 5, 2013 - 5:19 pm

so excited – I love the cuddle dolls – my g’baby will be getting one for sure 🙂

Cassandra - June 5, 2013 - 5:39 pm

Delightful to see and read the differences!

Aubrey - June 5, 2013 - 6:33 pm

Please do not stop making the babies, they are really great!

Carolyn - June 5, 2013 - 7:03 pm

All perfect! Classic is still my fave <3

chreyl - June 6, 2013 - 4:22 am

Love them all….squishing them is the best part. You forgot to mention that. 🙂

Coco - January 3, 2014 - 4:27 pm

Hi! First of all, I LOVE these dolls, they are SO cute, and I am so glad to have accidentally stumbled across them. Although I do not have children yet (hopefully soon!), I have an idea in mind of which “look” I’d like to find and adopt for the future when I have children (or for myself if that day never comes!). I did read the blog, but just to clarify as I am still confused: the classic doll and the sitting doll are essentially the same, however the sitting dolls are poseable or jointed in places, while the classic dolls have a soft body that always retains the same shape? Is this correct? And sitting dolls do not always “sit,” they can just be positioned this way? I included my email above, if you could respond to my email as well as to my post I would greatly appreciate it as I am not sure I would be able to find this specific blog post again. Also, can the dolls be shipped abroad to Europe at an additional fee, as I may be moving to Italy? Thanks so much, and what a WONDERFUL product! Cannot wait to begin adopting a pair. 🙂

Thamar’s New Project

A project starts with an idea An idea gets worked out The project is starting to come together From one we go to two Together even more fun A little dress gets a friend, it’s a big friend!! I had lot’s of fun over the last few weeks… Not only did I sew little dresses, […]

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Kim Giovannini - June 3, 2013 - 12:20 pm

I always love to see your process Thamar!!

Cassandra - June 3, 2013 - 1:03 pm

Wonderful to read and see! 🙂

Christine Pineda - June 3, 2013 - 1:22 pm

Wow, gorgeous! Thamar, you are beyond talented! I would have zero idea where to begin in creating one of these. The work that goes into creating a pattern and executing it, amazing! Keep up the beautiful work! xo

Lois - June 3, 2013 - 4:09 pm

Adorable! Can’t wait to see more!

adriana - June 3, 2013 - 5:47 pm

El camino para realizar los sueños!

thamar - June 3, 2013 - 6:00 pm

Thanks to all of you to be so great to work for.
I love what I do and I always hope that that will shine thru my work.
Enjoy the upload in a few days!!

Rhonda - June 3, 2013 - 9:19 pm

Oh my these are so cute! Can’t wait to see what’s coming!

Sabrina - June 4, 2013 - 7:13 am

OMG! Thee are so cute… Can’t wait to see the collection.

Arwen - June 4, 2013 - 10:37 am

Ha meis,

heel mooi! Ook heel leuk om te zien, zo professioneel! Heerlijk, lekker bezig!

Dikke kussen

The Heart

I’ve had such a huge influx of new people visiting our site, either from Facebook or from seeing us at the various market’s I’ve been attending. I always get asked why I started making the dolls from interested people. I go on about this in length on this blog post about the history of Bamboletta […]

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Rhonda Schuette - June 2, 2013 - 1:09 am

Love your passion, story, and work you guys do! It shows up in your work every week! The attention to details is remarkable! Love your story and who you guys are as a team together! Great work!!!

cheryl - June 2, 2013 - 5:48 am

Feeling the love…My daughter still loves the Bambolettas and I can’t thank you enough for keeping her my little girl a bit longer.
We still pick out our favorites each up load. And my son still has his tucked in bed each night. Although the room for my children has grown less and less, they look so cute snuggled next to them. Thank you Christina and team Bambo!

kate - June 2, 2013 - 8:40 am

Oh C, I hope you know the real heart and magic of bamboletta doesn’t come from philosophy or materials (though both these things play a vital role)…It comes from YOUR heart. Your heart as you have so thoughtfully, intentionally managed your business. Your heart as you smile upon each part of the process. Your heart as you LOVE each doll, knowing in turn you are sending a little extra love+light into this world, into a child’s life. What a gift that is… I can’t believe it’s been almost four years since Mae came into Lizzie’s life– she still takes her everywhere. Still cries into her hair when she’s said and makes up magical adventures with her on a daily basis. It’s been so fun to watch her go from just a snuggle companion to being able to dress her, act out all sorts of play with her, tell secrets to her. She is truly growing up alongside “Bee Mae”…

And yet, maybe one of those most moving Bambo experiences for us still is with Max and his baby, Liam (which were were able to buy in a blog drawing, remember??) Although Liam mostly hangs with Elizabeth these days, he was the perfect friend for Max when he needed someone to “vent” feelings to…We called him a gift from the “feelings fairy”– and Max depended on Liam to sort through his so often too-big-for-his-body emotional swings. Even now, I watch Max sometimes go grab Liam and sneak up to his room, or use him as a “pillow” when reading on the back porch. There’s so much HEART in what you do, but also, in what you open up inside our children. Bamboletta will always be a name my children associate with their childhoods. That’s pretty special. xo

Kimberly - June 2, 2013 - 8:46 am

Thank you for sharing this! I feel like I could write an essay on why we love your dolls so much. Recently my 5 yr. old daughter asked me to read her the tag attached to the Smoking Lilly dress we ordered. It talked about how you make the dolls and she said, “Well, we need to save this so when I grow up we can make these dolls together.” That night she fell asleep still holding the tag.

Kat Thornton - June 2, 2013 - 3:06 pm

We pulled our daughter out of a very fast paced public school where she was being bullied and receiving literally no support from the classroom teacher or school staff. The kids in her class (KINDERGARTEN) were frighteningly violent and oversexualized for five year olds, and she started having night terrors. I got her out of there as soon as she told me what was going on, and because of Waldorf’s age limits, she began her second year of Kindergarten the following fall. The school and the Waldorf philosophy has been a lifesaver for our family. In a world of pushing children into adulthood far too early, we had found an oasis where breathing and expanding at a natural pace was the norm, not frowned upon.

The Waldorf style doll has become an embodiment to me of the gentle philosophies of Waldorf education: the soft facial expressions, warm touch, undeveloped bodies, natural materials. They truly DO protect childhood in a subtle way. Children aren’t getting a subconscious idea of what they “should” look like or be when they hold a Bamboletta.

I’m truly grateful to you ladies for what you do and the kindness and generosity you display. <3 <3

P.S. We have a few Waldorf style dollies, but my Bambolettas are my personal favorites! 😉

Doll Types » Bamboletta Blog - June 5, 2013 - 5:02 pm

[…] If you are interested in learning more about the philosophy and use of natural materials, I wrote a blog post here about […]

Kathy - March 13, 2015 - 5:00 am

I’m just a simple woman who loves your adorable dolls. I have no website, nor the talent to sustain one, as you do. But you have no idea how much pleasure you bring to your followers, especially when we have saved enough money to purchase a doll of our own.

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