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little break

I’ve taken a little break from the dollmaking this past 2 weeks and I apologize for not posting any new dolls for sale on Natural Pod the past 2 Fridays.  Rest assured I have quite a few dolls in the works that I will post next Friday January 4th for sale. Including 2 new babies, […]

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What makes you happy

George Michael makes me happy. My gal Julie brought over the best of George CD about a week ago and it’s been on 24/7. Well not on all the time, John doesn’t quite feel the same love for George that I do. I’ve had a few days ‘off’. With my parents here to give me […]

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Cool Mo Dee

                               Today I was featured in Cool Mom Pics ‘Best Dolls and Toys of 2007’. Yeah! What an honor! I love CMP so much, it is such a great site. It’s been especially helpful for me to feel somewhat ‘in the loop’ when I am so not ‘in the loop’ at this moment in time. […]

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Christmas Slowdown

I’m feeling a Christmas slowdown right now. I have 3 dolls to finish before Monday, they ship out for early January birthdays. That’s it until next Friday, I’m taking a little break so, unfortunately there will be no postings on Natural Pod for new dolls for the next two weeks. My parents and sister are […]

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New Clothes

                                        As a mom with a small baby and a three year old I don’t get around to doing too much shopping. I also live in a really small town where the shopping is slim pickin’s to say […]

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Ella - December 20, 2007 - 8:47 pm

i just discovered Maryink the other day. i think i’ll revisit and perhaps go shopping too. i am loving the paypal account.

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