New Clothes


 As a mom with a small baby and a three year old I don’t get around to doing too much shopping. I also live in a really small town where the shopping is slim pickin’s to say the least. I do have Victoria about 45 minutes away, but it’s 45  minutes away and with a baby, it’s not a risk I’m willing to take. So, I’ve been doing my shopping online. There are some pretty amazing designers out there selling on Etsy. I’m totally in love with Maryink. I bought 4 of their pieces so far..simple, stylish and cozy – what’s not to love?

I seem to somewhat be getting the hang of posting pictures thing.. not quite there yet though.

On the doll front I am finishing up my local customs and will be working on ‘restocking’ Natural Pod with Blanket dolls, Star babies and some more Bamboletta’s.  I will try to have a couple of dolls done for Friday’s ‘upload’ but we’ll see how it goes. 






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  1. Ella Avatar

    i just discovered Maryink the other day. i think i’ll revisit and perhaps go shopping too. i am loving the paypal account.

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