I love Japanese fabric. My favorite source is Superbuzzy, their stuff is always fresh and the shipping is super quick. I picked up a few of the Enchino fabrics to stretch onto frames and use in my new workspace. Bamboletta is now taking over the guest bedroom. I’m bursting out of my workroom and need more space. It could be all the baby paraphanalia that’s there..the swing, the chair, the basinette…none of which actually keeps my little fussy pants entertained.I’m not too sure how much I’ll have up on Natural Pod this week. Jasper has been having a tough week which means I can’t get a whole lot done. I also had to finish up my custom orders in time for shipping cut off. I’ll see what I can muster up! There are so many dolls I want to make, so many crafts and things I want to finish but my little man is needing his mama. I think his job right now is to stop me from working 24/7 and slow down. I did discover today that he *loves* it when I sing ‘Get into the Groove’ by Madonna…weird. 






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