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Staff Pick!

It’s another gorgeous, albeit, COLD sunny morning here in the Cowichan Valley and all the ladies are busy getting everything ready for next week. Our cutie-pie Brandi got the lucky pick this week and she chose ‘Zooey’, the classic beauty with the sweet almond eyes.


Hair styled by: Shauna

Clothing by: Thamar

Likes: Frolicking in the leaves

Dislikes: Cold, rainy days

Why she chose her: I just can’t resist the pretty gals with the almond eyes.

The upload is scheduled for today (friday) at noon pst…see you there!


Brooke & Brandi

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Little notes …

Once in a while a mom and her little one will come by the shop or at a market to look at the dolls. What the mom is really doing ,however, is some detective work to see which doll her child loves most. Sure enough a love match is made between the child and the doll and then the mom has the hard task of prying her child away from the dolls, usually with a bribe of a snack or an excuse that they have to meet Grandma or something. This doesn’t happen without us usually getting something like this …

Man, I love what we do!!

Belinda - December 1, 2013 - 1:59 pm

I remember having to do things like that when my son was young, I used to love planning surprises :)

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Things in the shop …

I have this vision for my little studio shop at Whippletree Junction. I would love for it to be a sort of toy store/kids store that brings in local artisans from the Cowichan Valley and gives them a storefront to sell their wares locally. Slowly (mainly due to a complete lack of time) I’ve had the pleasure to meet a few artisans and have their things in my shop. I thought it would be nice to share them with my broader customer base too – I like the idea of us all being connected!

Today I’m featuring Rocks and Roots Apparel.  Nikki, Kristin and Carley are local moms who got together to create this line of uber sweet kids shoes, clothing and accessories using  natural materials. I LOVE the wee shoes – handmade with such care and with sweet little touches. You know, I’ve given most of my baby stuff away – diapers and clothes and toys but I’ve kept a few pairs of my boys shoes. Something about remembering how small their feet were and that they wore them so much has a special place in my heart.

Here are a few of their shoes we have in the store …

They also made us some super sweet leather headbands for dolls that we will have up for sale soon – we couldn’t resist putting one in hair. Gah! Cutest!



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Introducing Inie …

You know when you meet some people and it’s like you’ve just known them all your life? We had the pleasure of meeting Inie last summer and she’s soon become one of our most favorite people. We LOVE Inie and she loves, loves, loves the dolls – she ‘get’s’ what they are about and what they represent. I sometimes think that Inie embodies so many of our uber fans out there as I often think this would be what it would be like to hang out with all of you and have you around. We just get each other and that is a basis of an immediate kinship. Inie is a writer and last week we got to chatting about her doing a guest blog post on here once in a while – it’s so awesome to have her take on things. So, without further ado, here’s Inie’s first post!

Inie with a few pals in front of our shop:)Inie is on the far right.

Walking into Bamboletta for the first time was like walking into another dimension! Wee personalities gather along window sills and inside an antique cupboard! Really! The sense of “welcome” is compelling …and so I stay!

I pick up dolls, or they pick me up! Which is it? Am I drawn by the gentle button nosed faces or the outrageous lavender hair? The “messy buns” of raw wool or the wide open “pick –me- up” arms? The absolute cozy scent of raw wool stuffing or the personalities created with loving care by Christina’s team of wise women?
Or is it the integrity and open honesty of admitting “we love dolls” ~ they speak to us on levels that are safe and reassuring?

Oh, there are questions galore in Bamboletta! And for every question, there is a story …layered over another story …layered over yet another!
Let the stories begin …

Nan - October 31, 2013 - 5:52 am

I really loved this simply written post that says so much about one’s experience of Bamboletta Dolls. A nice start to my day and I look forward to more. Thank you, Inie!

Ilene Chalmers - October 31, 2013 - 5:59 am

What a wonderful blog. I too am super excited because my husband and I have been in the planning stages for our summer vacation for 2014. We have both decided that we will be visiting Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria. Of course, my husband said that a visit to Cobble Hill is in order during the week we are in Victoria. YAY!!!! I absolutely love my Bambolettas. I have a wonderful supportive husband who appreciates my love of dolls. My 29 year old daughter is getting one for Christmas and so is my beautiful granddaughter. I love the idea of passing this passion on to the ones I love most in the world. These dolls symbolize all that’s right with the world, and I am proud to have them in my home. Anyway, I can’t wait to walk through the door at the shop and meet all the lovely ladies that make these sweet dolls possible. Hugs will most definitely be in order…I’m a hugger!! Needless to say, I won’t be leaving empty handed. The hardest part will be picking one out from the group. XOX

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Crossed a few things off my bucket list ..

I’ve always wanted to attend a yoga retreat, it’s always seemed like a dreamy thing to do. Last month I felt like I needed a break so I found a retreat close by on Salt Spring Island and booked it. I was a bit intimidated as it’s been years and years since I’ve had any sort of regular yoga practice and my body is not as limber as it used to be! Too many hours sitting on a couch sewing has tightened me up a lot. I imagined all these limber yoga people and then me – I can’t even touch my toes! I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived to be in the company of such diverse women from all backgrounds. It was awesome. So for two days I did yoga, I meditated, rested, ate organic vegetarian food and walked around an incredible piece of land. The retreat was held on an organic farm – the beauty of the land was breath taking. Another bonus to this weekend is that I got to sleep in a yurt. I sort of joke around about yurts and hippies with the gals in the shop but I secretly love them. It’s like a teepee hut sort of thing. The first night I was there it rained down heavily and the sound of the rain on the roof of that thing was magic – my cozy little hut was snug as can be. So retreat and yurt – that’s two things off my bucket list! I will totally go to again – this was such a recharge for me. It’s almost impossible for me to get away for more than a few days and doing something like this is perfect. Such a luxury to do something just for me – I’m feeling super blessed and grateful!



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