Good news for all ….

Made in Canada – and now priced in Canadian! Finally!

Canadian friends, have you tried to buy anything in US funds lately? OUCH – the exchange right now is brutal. We’ve been hovering at about par for a long time, the Canadian dollar even coming in stronger than the USD for a while there but currently the exchange rate is  crazy ($1USD comes in at about $1.24 CAD). And I can tell how high it is because my tide of Canadian sales over the past year has come to a crashing halt. (it’s moved from about 90% US to about 10% Canadian orders to about 50/50 this past year). So, I want to do something about this.

I kept my prices in US because it’s a currency everyone understands. Although I am in Canada, when you are online the world is your store. When I first started years ago I had my prices in CAD funds and would field many emails asking ‘What is that in US?!’. But this was a LONG time ago before I could link an exchange convertor in the listing so people could figure it out on their own.

So, aside from the obvious financial sadness it is causing my Canadian customers it’s also making my accountant want to pull her hair out when she does my books. Trying to figure out the daily exchange rate from Paypal and then doing all the conversions so that everything balances has become a nightmare. I want to keep Tracy happy and make life easier on all of us.

So, as of Monday Jan 26th I am changing my pricing to CAD funds. This is a big bonus to my customers on both ends. Canadians will save on exchange and my US customers will currently save about 24% with exchange – everyone is saving. I’ve been wanting to do this for a bit and have had some lovely customers raise concern that I will lose out on exchange. Yes I will currently,  but I’ve been doing this for long enough to know that the dollar will come back to about par (hopefully – if the whole economy doesn’t tank!) – it all evens out in the long run. I feel like the timing is right to make the change now.

Thanks, friends!


PS – If you bought a doll this week and are thinking ‘Dang it! I just missed that!?!’ I feel your pain. So, in your boxes this week you will be getting an extra outfit in there – it will be something cute, I promise 😉







5 responses to “Good news for all ….”

  1. Barbara H Avatar
    Barbara H

    You rock. And are brilliant. That’s all, carry on. <3

    1. admin Avatar

      Thanks so much, Barb 🙂 xoxo

  2. Chanda P Avatar
    Chanda P

    This is GREAT news! Even when our dollar was on par with the USD, there was always something a little jarring about a company based on local and community values, etc., pricing in a foreign currency. I understand why you did it, but this change makes so much sense on a few levels. Thank you!

  3. Drie Avatar

    That’s great news! I just paid my visa bill and the Canadian exchange on bamboletta purchases was $95, crazy!

  4. nyla Avatar

    So great!

    But just one note… your math is wrong. The savings is actually closer to 19%, not 24%.
    The exchange rate is 1USD=1.24CAD. But 1CAD=.81USD.
    So you are saving (1-0.81)*100=19%

    Still a great discount and and wonderful gesture!

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