Twelve Days of Giving … Day Six


You knew it was coming, right? Today’s gift is this adorable Little Buddy named LuLu .. and you know what’s even more awesome about Lulu? She’s wearing an awesome dress by one of my fav’s .. courtneycourtney!

To enter please leave a comment at the end of this post – not on the picture. One entry per household ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll draw someone tomorrow night after 7pm PST.

Good luck everyone!






1,399 responses to “Twelve Days of Giving … Day Six”

  1. Kelly Hall Avatar
    Kelly Hall

    I love her purple hair!

  2. Michelle Avatar

    OH my……LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cortney Avatar

    She is precious!! I have three little girls who would love to spoil her!

  4. JOYCE Avatar

    She’s just adorable!

  5. Jillane Truevillian Avatar
    Jillane Truevillian

    OMGoodness cute!! โ™ฅ

  6. Lori Gaston Avatar

    SOOOO CUUUTE! OMG <3 <3 <3 LOVE her! Plllleeease ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Jerri F Avatar
    Jerri F


  8. Janice Avatar

    Oh wow! She is gorgeous! <3

  9. Colleen Avatar

    Oh wow…my girls have an Aunt “LuLu”…love her!

  10. Dawn Ulseth Avatar
    Dawn Ulseth

    She is perfect!!!

  11. Angie H. Avatar
    Angie H.

    Ep, would love a LB!!!!!

  12. Cori & Shelby Avatar
    Cori & Shelby

    Oh my, what a sweetie.

  13. Jamie Avatar

    She’s precious!!

  14. Suzette Stroud Avatar
    Suzette Stroud

    Love love love her!!

  15. Melinda Avatar

    Me please. She is adorable!!!

  16. Priscilla Avatar

    Oh, I would LOVE her for my daughters

  17. kayleen wallis Avatar
    kayleen wallis

    Eeek! My daughter would love her ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Claire Larson Avatar
    Claire Larson

    Yay! So cute! I love the purple hair.

  19. Amy N Avatar
    Amy N

    Ahhh..LuLu is the nickname I gave my mom. Love her!

  20. Aly Kantor Avatar
    Aly Kantor

    Oh my gosh! She’s so sweet and little! She looks like she could be a little sister to our 15 inch dollie, Jemima! I have my fingers crossed – what a tiny treat she would be for my students!

  21. Janice Avatar

    Beautiful! Thank you so much for the chance, C!

  22. Rene Alldridge Avatar
    Rene Alldridge

    Sweet Lulu needs to come play here!

  23. Eve Adkins Avatar
    Eve Adkins

    So cute!

  24. Christina Avatar

    She is a dream come true!

  25. stephanie m Avatar
    stephanie m

    PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!! Let the random number generator be in my favor!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Heather Knobbe Avatar
    Heather Knobbe

    We hope we win her! Would live an LB!

  27. Davina Avatar

    She’s beautiful!

  28. Rebecca Avatar

    a purple hair little buddy? YES PLEASE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Michelle Quarterman Avatar

    I’m so in LOVE! So precious!

  30. Kim C Avatar
    Kim C

    she’s dreamy!

  31. Cristy Daly Avatar
    Cristy Daly

    Oh my little 3 year old would love her! She’s adorable!

  32. Nicole Goodsell Avatar
    Nicole Goodsell

    Oh, me, me, me!!!

  33. Bj Ketterman Avatar
    Bj Ketterman

    Oh me please!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. Kara Avatar

    Love her. Definitely need to check out ourtneycourtney now!

  35. Stephanie Riley Avatar
    Stephanie Riley

    She is BEAUTIFUL! We would love to have her for Christmas!

  36. Jennifer Yurush Avatar
    Jennifer Yurush

    Her hair is awesome! She is beautiful : )

  37. Allison S. Avatar
    Allison S.

    Love her!

  38. Nadine melanson Avatar
    Nadine melanson

    Yes please!

  39. Monica Avatar

    Look at her! I am currently knitting fingerless mitts that match her hair! ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Jen A Avatar
    Jen A

    Oh me me me me please pick me!

  41. Michelle Helfrich Avatar
    Michelle Helfrich

    She is lovely!

  42. Danielle Avatar

    Oh yay! Purple is my favorite color. Thank you so much for doing these giveaways – it adds a special magic to this season even as an adult :D.

  43. Shelby LaManna Avatar
    Shelby LaManna

    Purple is my favorite color!!! She’s gorgeous!

  44. Andrea Avatar

    She’s perfect!!!

  45. Gabrielle Avatar

    I love her dress!

  46. Amie Avatar

    Many blessings to everyone in the Bamboletta family.

  47. Amanda brooks Avatar
    Amanda brooks

    Sooo dang cute!

  48. Katherine G Avatar
    Katherine G

    Would Love this little one!!!

  49. Melissa Avatar


  50. Susanne Avatar

    she’s so pretty! love the purple hair!

  51. Heather Avatar

    What a beauty!

  52. Marcy Avatar

    I love her to pieces!

  53. shannon o Avatar
    shannon o

    I’d have to keep it…my two girls would fight over her too much lol

  54. Chasity Avatar

    OH would love her!!! SHe is just awesome!

  55. Jennifer Royster Avatar

    wow what a great gift this would make a special little girl..your awesome

  56. nikki Avatar

    so so so so cute! <3

  57. Reena Avatar

    Oh in love! how adorable!!

  58. Kathy P Avatar
    Kathy P


  59. Theresa Avatar

    oh my goodness!! cuuuuute!

  60. ronda Avatar

    oh! the purple! <3

  61. Michelle F. Avatar
    Michelle F.

    Would <3 to bring her home! ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. Candice Revitzer Avatar
    Candice Revitzer

    Oh Lulu! You are so cute ๐Ÿ™‚ We’d love to bring you home! <3

  63. Starr Avatar

    LOVE her! Lulu is my sister’s nickname.

  64. kayla sires Avatar
    kayla sires

    She is perfect!! I know a little girl who would love her to pieces.

  65. Stefany A. Avatar
    Stefany A.

    She is so adorable!!

  66. Violet kosecki Avatar
    Violet kosecki

    Love love love! Fingers and toes crossed!

  67. Lacy Avatar

    Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!!!

  68. Mary Avatar

    my own lulu would love this! she’s so spunky- LOVE

  69. Shannon Goldrich Avatar
    Shannon Goldrich

    A purple girl, love, love, love!!!!

  70. Jamie Miller Avatar
    Jamie Miller

    LOVE her!

  71. Lauren Armstrong Avatar
    Lauren Armstrong

    Wow!!!! This is going to make one someone very happy.

  72. Elaine Avatar

    WOW!!!!! she’s incredible!!!!

  73. Lisa Macri Avatar
    Lisa Macri

    So, so lovely! Hooray!

  74. Jennifer Avatar

    WOW! She is awesome!!!

  75. Angela Avatar

    How sweet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. Laura Avatar

    So cute!

  77. kara smith Avatar
    kara smith

    OH Pick me! Pick me!

  78. Simple Mama Avatar

    She’s beautiful!

  79. Joanna Avatar

    So excited for a chance to win a little buddy!

  80. Amanda Zibell Avatar
    Amanda Zibell

    I love love love her! My little Lane would too!

  81. Melissa Avatar

    WOW!! Thanks for the chance we would love her here!! Awesome

  82. Ashlee Avatar

    I love her!

  83. Angelika Avatar

    I love her!!!

  84. Leah Corsivo Avatar
    Leah Corsivo

    Me!me!me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  85. Sarah Latham Avatar
    Sarah Latham

    oh please please please!! fingers crossed!!!!! Lulu is my newborn daughters nick name!!

  86. Kari Avatar

    Super cute!

  87. Julia B. Avatar
    Julia B.

    WOW! She is amazing!

  88. Melissa Avatar

    Oh my LuLu…we love you!

  89. Kelly Harris Avatar
    Kelly Harris

    Would love to give my baby girl this cutie for Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. kristen Avatar

    please please please! she’s beautiful!

  91. Talisha Avatar

    I absolutely Love her!

  92. Sarah T. Avatar
    Sarah T.

    She would be so loved here!

  93. Linsay Avatar

    Did you hear that??? It was me SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEing over her cuteness! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  94. Jill L. Avatar
    Jill L.

    Squeee! her hair is TDF

  95. Sarah C Avatar

    Please be me!!!

  96. Alanna George Avatar

    Oh, swoon. When I was little my Dad’s nickname for me was lulu. My favorite color is purple. She is meant to come into our family. My two girls would LOVE her!!! So sweet ๐Ÿ˜‰

  97. Araica M Avatar
    Araica M

    Oh, she’s lovely! I’ve been drooling over your dolls for eons.

  98. Katie P Avatar
    Katie P

    Love, love, love her!

  99. Terri A Avatar
    Terri A

    I know a special little girl who would LOVE her forever!

  100. Breanne Kaiser Avatar
    Breanne Kaiser

    She’s gorgeous!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her purple hair!

  101. Kelli B Avatar
    Kelli B

    Cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. Kayley S Avatar
    Kayley S

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! I hope I get her!

  103. Keiran Shield Avatar
    Keiran Shield

    Bamboletta and CourtneyCourtney – it’s every little girl’s (and big girl’s) dream come true!!

  104. Kelly Fewins Avatar
    Kelly Fewins

    Oh she is amazing!!! Thanks for the chance:)

  105. Dana C Avatar
    Dana C

    Sooo cute!!

  106. Kris Avatar

    I love her – thanks.

  107. Elizabeth Albrecht Avatar
    Elizabeth Albrecht


  108. Melissa Avatar

    Just adorable! Would love to have her under our tree for my children this christmas!

  109. Wendy Avatar

    Me please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. Ashley Avatar

    Love love love her!!!!!

  111. Molly C Avatar
    Molly C

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME! LOL! Love her! ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. Kim Wolke Avatar
    Kim Wolke

    Her cheeks are ADORABLE. Also love the purple hair. My Zoe would adore her!

  113. Heather Davies Avatar
    Heather Davies

    LOOOOOOVE her!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  114. Cindy H. Avatar
    Cindy H.

    Oh the cuteness!!

  115. Melonie Avatar

    OMG!! She is too cute, we’d love to welcome her to our home ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. Jenny Movel Avatar
    Jenny Movel


  117. Natali P. Avatar
    Natali P.

    oh pick me!!!

  118. Brittany Avatar

    So perfect!

  119. Alysha Avatar

    Soooooo cute!

  120. Heather Avatar

    She’s perfect!

  121. Hanna C Avatar
    Hanna C

    LOVE LOVE LOVE her! Thanks so much for the chance to win her – you are amazing and so generous!

  122. Jolene Avatar

    She would make us very merry!

  123. Kimber R. Avatar
    Kimber R.

    Oh my…totally in love. <3

  124. Lauren L. Avatar
    Lauren L.

    Cute overload!!!!

  125. Lonni Avatar


  126. Lydia R Avatar
    Lydia R

    Too Cute! Thanks for the awesome opportunity to share.

  127. Melissa Speegle Avatar

    I would love to adopt her!

  128. Catherine Avatar

    Love the funky hair! My daughter would love her!

  129. Martha G Avatar
    Martha G

    My granddaughter would be a lucky girl to get a Bamboletta!

  130. Katie Avatar

    I love her! I would be so thankful to be able to give my girly a bambo for Christmas!!!

  131. Caitlin Rooney Avatar
    Caitlin Rooney

    I actually know a Lulu! She even dresses similarly! I would pass this little lady on to her. ๐Ÿ™‚

  132. julie Avatar

    Lulu…how sweet!

  133. Monica Avatar

    *Squealing with delight* I heart her so much!

  134. jennie b Avatar
    jennie b

    Oh gosh, purple is my daughter favorite color! Love her!

  135. Carly Gauthier Avatar
    Carly Gauthier

    Wow! Amazing! She is one of a kind:)

  136. Erica Eley Avatar
    Erica Eley

    Oh, I would love my first LB! She is so cute I think I need some ugly around here to even things out. haha!

  137. Tracy Avatar

    Thank you for the chance to win her. How beautiful!

  138. Jayme L. Avatar
    Jayme L.

    Eek, she’s so cute!

  139. Anne Avatar

    She’s gorgeous! Thank you for the chance at her!

  140. Lisa M. Avatar
    Lisa M.


  141. GrannyBroom Avatar

    She’s adorable, thank you for the opportunity!

  142. kimbalina Avatar

    Love the face and hair!

  143. Kate Avatar

    Fingers crossed. Love her to bits.

  144. Megan Ledbetter Avatar
    Megan Ledbetter

    I love her, would love to have a LB in our house, Belle just LOVES purple!!!!!

  145. Molly Hayes Avatar
    Molly Hayes

    She looks like my friend LuLu. Or more like her mama, rather–she has blue hair! ๐Ÿ˜‰ love this doll!

  146. Tammy Brooks Avatar
    Tammy Brooks

    She is lovely as usual. Fingers crossed.

  147. Ashley Avatar

    LOVE her! How nice of you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  148. Neeshia Avatar

    OMG!!! Love her so much!! Fingers Crossed, Merry Christmas Team Bamboletta!!!

  149. Heather Avatar

    Thanks for the awesome chance to win this cutie!!

  150. Talia Mara Avatar
    Talia Mara

    oh wow! love lulu!

  151. Kathleen Cusson Avatar
    Kathleen Cusson

    Too cute!!

  152. Melissa Romandy Avatar
    Melissa Romandy

    My daughter would love her!

  153. Ashley Avatar


  154. Anna Avatar

    Thanks for the chance Christina!

  155. Abby Avatar

    NO WAY!

  156. Lisa Avatar

    Adorable! I would love to win her!

  157. Rebecca English Avatar
    Rebecca English

    OH MY! She’s adorable. This would be the perfect first doll for my little 5 month old Frankie. Her arms say, “hug me Frankie, I will love you always!”.

  158. Heather Avatar

    Oh my gosh, I love her!! And so would my 18-month old for Christmas! ๐Ÿ™‚

  159. Sandy Avatar

    What beautiful hair!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  160. jennifer taylor Avatar
    jennifer taylor

    ..Oh please me I have been trying for a purple lb forever now…. hoping for a lucky day

  161. Emily C Avatar
    Emily C

    Oh my Little Lulu! Thanks so much!

  162. Jerilyn Avatar

    My birthday is tomorrow so winning this would be the icing on the cake!!! She’s so cute and sassy…I know my daughter would love being her mommy!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  163. Mandy Avatar


  164. Tami D. in Ohio Avatar
    Tami D. in Ohio

    GORGEOUS!!!!!! Would love for her to come here for a permanent visit! ๐Ÿ™‚

  165. Sharon Avatar

    What a generous giveaway! Purple is our favorite color!

  166. Jill Cruz Avatar
    Jill Cruz


  167. Tara B Avatar
    Tara B

    So, so cute. Would love to give her a forever home.

  168. Claire R Avatar
    Claire R

    Oh my, she’s a cutie! Love her, we’d love a chance!
    Thank you so much for these fun and awesome giveaways! ๐Ÿ™‚

  169. kim v Avatar
    kim v

    Wow, she’s sooooooooooooo cute!!

  170. Sandie Avatar

    Would love to give her to my grand daughters.

  171. Rachel Avatar

    We’d love this little cutie!!!

  172. Aria Avatar

    Love, love, LOVE! Fingers crossed that she can be my girl’s first doll!

  173. Erin Gardner-Jensen Avatar
    Erin Gardner-Jensen

    My little lady is a LuLu! How she would love to have a namesake bambo!

  174. Taina Avatar

    Purple is my favorite color. ๐Ÿ™‚

  175. Monique Avatar

    What a sweet girl!

  176. Mark Avatar

    My daughter would love to give her a new home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  177. Heather Rhoads Avatar

    Love her. All You dolls are amazing! I would love one so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  178. Melissa Avatar

    Merry Christmas! Love her!

  179. Renee Avatar

    Oh Christina you are soooo giving! Thank you again, for the chance at another amazing giveaway!

  180. Angela Wiser Avatar
    Angela Wiser

    OOOOOHHHHHHHH I want a baby to bring home…I dont have one!!!

  181. Michelle Avatar

    You had me at purple hair. Beautiful doll ๐Ÿ™‚

  182. Dee Avatar

    So cute!

  183. Meredith Klobucnik Avatar
    Meredith Klobucnik

    I might faint, oh my gosh this is so generous. My girls would LOVE her! Meredith K

  184. Amber Avatar

    Oh my stars!!! Yes please. Would LOVE a purple haired LB w a courtneycourtney upcycled dress. This feels like dream. Fingers crossed. This is like my ideal little buddy.

  185. Tiffany Avatar

    Oh man, oh man… I would love her for my sweet girl!

  186. Roseanne Avatar

    oh my goodness, you don’t know how happy it would make me to win this beauty! =)

  187. Hillary W Avatar
    Hillary W

    She is beautiful!!! What a wonderful gift she would be.

  188. Laura Muzinic Avatar
    Laura Muzinic

    OH EM GEE!!! Lulu would be perfect for my BooBoo! <3

  189. Melanie C. Avatar
    Melanie C.

    We would love lulu to come live with us. She is perfect. Thanks again for a chance to win in the giveaway.

  190. Amanda Pinder Avatar
    Amanda Pinder

    Wow i would love to be able to give to my little girl, Thank you for the opertunity ๐Ÿ™‚

  191. Cricket Avatar

    Love her!

  192. Lori S Avatar
    Lori S

    sqweeee….she is lovely as always my friend

  193. Angel Jeff Avatar
    Angel Jeff

    No way! An LB!!!! She is awesome! I would love her! Thank you!

  194. Shayna Avatar


  195. Abbie Avatar

    Oh my goodness! A little buddy, whoever wins her will be so very lucky

  196. Nickie Cardozo Avatar
    Nickie Cardozo

    Oh WOW!! She’s To.Die.For!!

  197. Kelly W Avatar
    Kelly W

    ๐Ÿ™‚ REALLY REALLY REALLY hope I get lucky ๐Ÿ™‚

  198. Danyelle Avatar

    She is the sweetest!!! My Layni would LOVE her!!

  199. Jennifer B Avatar
    Jennifer B

    Oh, we would love her so!

  200. blingbling Avatar

    oh how I want her!!!!! she is darling!

  201. mandy huber Avatar
    mandy huber

    OMGsh she is so beautiful my little girl would LOVE her

  202. Andrea Avatar

    Seriously? You girls (and man lol) are out of this world!!!! Purple hair is to dye for! Beyond sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

  203. Michelle B Avatar
    Michelle B

    Oh my are you kidding, a purple girl (what we’ve been dying for) and a little buddy (haven’t scored one of these yet)!

  204. Meghan Kohles Avatar
    Meghan Kohles

    There are not words for how amazing she is! :)Yes please!

  205. Heather Avatar

    please pick me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  206. Suzi C Avatar
    Suzi C

    Gorgeous girl

  207. Lashara H. Avatar
    Lashara H.

    Oh, she’s ADORABLE!!

  208. Holly H. Avatar
    Holly H.

    Aww,she is adorable.You guys spoil us!

  209. Jennifer Richard Avatar
    Jennifer Richard

    She is something else! You have outdone yourselves!!!

  210. Keisha Avatar

    Purple is awesome! Love this little rosie cheeked baby.

  211. Christina Albrigo-DAloisio Avatar
    Christina Albrigo-DAloisio

    We would love to have her! just in time for Christmas!

  212. R.Christie Avatar

    She is beautiful! I’d love for her to come live with us! ๐Ÿ™‚

  213. Rebecca Avatar


  214. Krystal Newman Avatar
    Krystal Newman

    So excited for the chance to win LuLu!!! She is fabulous!!

  215. Lolli Avatar

    I’m dreaming of a purple haired Bambo. Just like the one my daughter wants.

  216. Tam Totter Avatar
    Tam Totter

    Awesome give-away!! Thank you.

  217. Lin Avatar


  218. Grandma M Avatar
    Grandma M

    Wow, she’s stunning! Thanks!

  219. Sharon Avatar

    So cute!!!

  220. Libby cantrell Avatar
    Libby cantrell

    Pick me please! I love her. Lulu is our golden doodles name!!!!

  221. Amanda Horstman Avatar
    Amanda Horstman

    Love her hair!

  222. Katya Avatar

    Omg! Love her!!!

  223. Leah Avatar

    She’s adorable. My middle daughter’s nickname is LuLu ๐Ÿ™‚

  224. Lori Avatar

    WOW! What a giveaway—she’s stunning! Thanks so much for your continued amazing generosity! ๐Ÿ™‚

  225. Jessica Liljegren Avatar
    Jessica Liljegren

    We could really use a little Lulu around here…..

  226. Kristin M Avatar
    Kristin M

    What an adorable doll! Absolutely love the purple hair and the outfit too. Lulu would be my daughter’s instant best friend. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  227. Korey Brown Avatar
    Korey Brown

    We would LOVE to have her!

  228. stacy h Avatar
    stacy h

    just love her!

  229. Lyndsay Avatar

    Wow!!!! She is amazing! YES PLeASE!!!!

  230. angel murphy Avatar
    angel murphy

    We still don’t own a Bamboletta and would love to take her home!

  231. becky silva Avatar
    becky silva

    we would love to give her a home!!!!!!!

  232. Bonnie Avatar

    I LOVE Lulu!!!!

  233. Shannon C Avatar

    She is beautiful, what a wonderful present this would make for my daughter.

  234. Tonya Scarborough Avatar
    Tonya Scarborough

    pick me!

  235. Ally Avatar

    The little buddies have always been my favorite.

  236. Lisa W Avatar
    Lisa W

    Look at those cheeks!!!

  237. Danielle Avatar

    We would love the chance!! Thanks for all you do! <3

  238. nannnette gauchat Avatar
    nannnette gauchat

    I would love to win her for my grand daughter she is beautiful

  239. Sarah I Avatar
    Sarah I

    Hi lovely Lulu!

  240. Tessa Avatar

    What a sweet dolly! My daughters would be so pleased if we win!

  241. Casey A Avatar
    Casey A

    Awww, …sweet!

  242. megan c Avatar
    megan c

    She is SUPER cute! Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!

    megancrose at gmail dot com

  243. Adrianna Avatar

    Wow, this newbie would be one happy family!

  244. Melissa Korta Avatar
    Melissa Korta

    she is absolutely lovely!!! Would love to give here a new home!

  245. Sherry l Avatar
    Sherry l

    Love her, what a cutie:)

  246. Brenna Avatar

    Awe, she’s so cute!

  247. Richelle Avatar

    She is cute.

  248. Alex Avatar

    how lovely. your talent and that of your helpers is rare and special.

  249. Katie Avatar

    Could we be so lucky to have this beautiful doll in our home?!?

  250. kate Avatar

    dear lulu, we heart you.

  251. Addie Rose Avatar
    Addie Rose

    She is amazing. That purple hair is <3 <3 <3!

  252. tree Avatar

    Love the purple hair!! SHe is gorgeous! My daughter would adore her! Thanks for the chance!

  253. Linda Avatar

    Awesome!!!! I hope today is my day…..

  254. Susan Avatar

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  255. Jennifer Avatar

    This newbie would love lil’ miss lulu!!!! Adorable!

  256. heather Avatar

    Oh my… she’s lovely! That hair!<3

  257. Susan E.S.M. Avatar
    Susan E.S.M.

    Those cheeks!

  258. Kim Steffen Avatar
    Kim Steffen

    PLEASE US! purple hair and cc dress! GOLDEN!

  259. Denise Avatar

    Ooooh! Lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

  260. Melanie Avatar

    ahhhh, she is so adorable! would love her!

  261. Katie C. Avatar
    Katie C.

    She is beautiful!

  262. Jodi Avatar

    Yes pleeeeaaase!! We want to adore her.

  263. Laura Avatar

    Love her!

  264. Pam Avatar

    You are so great and so are your dolls!

  265. Stacey Avatar

    She’s just perfect…a little bit rock n’ roll, a little bit crunchy and a little bit girly!!! Just like my strong little girl!

  266. Karen W Avatar
    Karen W

    Love her!!

  267. Ashley L. Avatar
    Ashley L.

    Oh! How adorable is she?!?! Yes please!!

  268. Christy campbell Avatar
    Christy campbell

    She is adorable!!! Love her purple hair!!! What an amazing gift you have, every doll is precious!!

  269. Mayleen Avatar

    She is sweet! My little one would take great care of her.

  270. Melissa T Avatar
    Melissa T

    Would LOVE Lu Lu for my daughter!

  271. Annette Avatar

    Oh me please! She is to die for!

  272. NenesKids Avatar

    We’d love to give her lots of hugs!

  273. Jennifer Avatar

    She is amazing!

  274. Sarah S Avatar
    Sarah S

    She is so cute!! LOVE!

  275. Meghan Avatar

    Oh my goodness!!! What LB awesomeness. We would love her! Thanks for the chance!

  276. Amber Avatar

    OMG OMG It is a doll giveaway!! Ah!! Love her sweet little face!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  277. Andrea Halbig Avatar
    Andrea Halbig

    She is gorgeous! Would love to introduce her to our family!

  278. Laura G Avatar
    Laura G

    Wow!! This is amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

  279. Denise T. Avatar
    Denise T.

    She is gorgeous!!!

  280. Nancy Henderson Avatar
    Nancy Henderson

    She is the cutest!! LOVE HER!!

  281. Kristin w Avatar
    Kristin w


  282. Catharine Christopherson Avatar
    Catharine Christopherson

    Thanks for the great giveaway! We’d love to win and welcome a bamboletta into our home! ๐Ÿ™‚

  283. Laura Vollick Avatar
    Laura Vollick

    Fingers crossed! Pls Santa ๐Ÿ™‚

  284. wendy Avatar

    Would love to welcome her to our home!

  285. Shelly Mogensen Avatar
    Shelly Mogensen

    Yes please!! Please!!

  286. Rosalyn Avatar

    I’d love to win an LB!!!

  287. Leadon Avatar

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    karri michael

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  292. StephanieT Avatar

    Ok this is my official wish for Christmas! I love her!

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  294. Michelle Milligan Avatar
    Michelle Milligan


  295. Marie Avatar

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  296. Gloria Avatar

    Love her!!

  297. samberto Avatar

    What beautiful dolls you make! I have always wanted to be able to afford one for my daughter. Now I finally can so I’m hoping I can get my hands on one ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

  298. pete Avatar

    I would love to give my little
    Clare bear a little Lulu!!!!

  299. Sarah styles Avatar
    Sarah styles

    Love her! Perfect gift for my soon to be one year old!

  300. Shayne Avatar

    She’s beautiful !

  301. Vanessa Avatar

    Blessings to you, you are so giving at this time of year. I am blessed to have a wonderful daughter that is also very giving, I would like to return this giving by passing on your beautiful LULU – the gift of giving. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful Team. Thank you for reminding us that Christmas is about the giving not just the recieving. Smiles to you

  302. Erika Davison Avatar
    Erika Davison

    Please come live with me!

  303. Dawn S Avatar

    She is adorable!

  304. carrie Avatar

    LOVE her!!!!!!

  305. Lisa Avatar

    She’s so lovely! Thanks for the opportunity.

  306. kris Avatar

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    Oh she is sooooo cute, my 3yr. old would love her to pieces!!

  308. Madie B. Avatar
    Madie B.

    she’s a .C.U.T.I.E.!. LOVE!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  309. Kristin Avatar

    She is cute as a button!

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    Lucy Nall

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  311. Kimmy Avatar


  312. Kristin Z Avatar
    Kristin Z

    What a happy holiday she would make!

  313. Rebekah Tedder Avatar
    Rebekah Tedder

    My daughter’s favorite color is purple!! This is a fabulous giveaway!! I hope she comes to live with us!!

  314. Michelle Kinnun Avatar
    Michelle Kinnun

    Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you.

  315. Anna Lynch Avatar
    Anna Lynch

    Love it!

  316. Nicola M. Avatar
    Nicola M.

    How adorable…and how generous! I hope whomever wins her gives her lots of lovies.

  317. Carrie Avatar

    so sweet!!!

  318. Bri A Avatar
    Bri A

    She is so cute!!!

  319. Kathleen Avatar

    Love her!!!

  320. Addy Van Anne Avatar
    Addy Van Anne

    My daughter would love Lulu. I hope she is my daughters first bamboletta! I couldn’t dream of a more perfect doll for her. That sweet face. awww. Thank you the giveaway!

  321. jennifer Avatar

    hello Lovely.

  322. Cassie Avatar

    She is gorgeous, thank you for the chance!

  323. Allison Farmer Avatar
    Allison Farmer

    So stinkin cute!

  324. Whitney Avatar

    Wowza. Hope this is my lucky try.

  325. Lainey Yount Avatar
    Lainey Yount

    Swoon! We would love that sweet girl…

  326. Melissa Avatar

    Eeeek, I thought we were on day 5 so I almost didn’t enter tonight! She is lovely, I would just cry tears of joy if I won her!

  327. Mia J. Avatar
    Mia J.

    She is amazing! Thanks for the chance!

  328. Lindsey B. Avatar
    Lindsey B.

    Purple…I love it!!

  329. Jenny Rosborough Avatar
    Jenny Rosborough

    She would be perfect for my daughter Lucia (aka LuLu) who’s favorite colour is purple!!!

  330. Ina T. Avatar
    Ina T.

    She looks like my God daughter, who would be thrilled to have her!

  331. Kim C. Avatar
    Kim C.

    Can’t she please come here?

  332. Tyson Avatar

    Oh, she’s gorgeous! *crosses fingers*

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    Danielle s

    Ooooooo she is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! My daughter would LOVE her!!!!!

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    Katie Pratt

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    Hope C

    We love to give her a forever home!!!!!

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    Jane Nakadomari

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    tara trevors

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  341. Kirsten Avatar

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    OMG!!!!!! She is beautiful! Your work is amazing!!! My daughter would absolutely fall in love with her! And you are amazing for doing a giveaway like this!!!

  343. Vica Avatar

    Adorable doll for my God daughter Caia

  344. Kandi Avatar

    Blush, purple AND a LB!? Yes, please!!! She’ll match the LB Kimono I got perfectly [without even having a LB haha!]

  345. Erin Avatar

    we don’t have a little buddy!!! love her

  346. Dona Horton Avatar
    Dona Horton

    Little Buddy is adorable for my adorable Anna Belle. How she will love her!!

  347. Lorene Jones Avatar
    Lorene Jones

    Awesome! A lil buddy!!

  348. Doug Avatar

    My granddaughter would adore her

  349. Melissa W Avatar
    Melissa W

    Love her!!!

  350. elizabeth jeanne Avatar

    Holy Hannah!
    I mean LuLu!!!

  351. Paisley Avatar


  352. Haley's Mommy Avatar
    Haley’s Mommy

    She just made my heart skip a beat <3

  353. Jessica Avatar

    So cute!

  354. Molly Avatar

    Woot, woot!! She and her CC outfit are TDF! Plus, I LOVE anything with stars!! I am soo hoping to win this one…please, please, please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  355. Ina T. Avatar
    Ina T.

    My God daughter would love to have this “mini me” <3

  356. Tammy Avatar

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    Denise Clifford

    Be my girl’s little buddy

  359. Annethra Shreffler Avatar

    She is just gorgous…Love her purple hair, and little LuLu needs to come to Okla. to live….=)…Im still a newbie…=(

  360. Elaine Avatar

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  361. Vanessa C. Avatar
    Vanessa C.


  362. Suzie Avatar

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  363. Cara Avatar

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    She’s stunning. Her new family (hopefully us! lol) will be very lucky!

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    Barb Bee

    Love her lavender hair and style!!

  366. saramd Avatar

    She is super cute! I love her hair!

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    Kim G

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    Angie Buckles


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  371. Shannon Avatar


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    Christine R

    Wowzers!! She is adorable. Fingers and toes are crossed ๐Ÿ™‚

  374. Jackie Smelser Avatar
    Jackie Smelser


  375. Stacey Avatar

    She’s just perfect…A little rock n’ roll, a little crunchy and a little girly!!! Just like my strong little tomboy!

  376. Kristy Avatar

    Super cute! Thanks for the opportunity!

  377. leanne watson Avatar

    OH, I could just eat her up!

  378. Kim F Avatar
    Kim F

    Wow! She is absolutely divine.

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    Angela Simpson

    My daughters name! Say it is so!

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    Stephanie G-D

    Purple dolls are MY favorite-to heck with the kids:) LOVE her!!!

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    Mary Phelan

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    She’s a cute pie! Would be thrilled to have her!

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    Dana D.

    I love her hair! She is so beautiful!

  389. Eva C. Avatar
    Eva C.

    Oh, I know I could never be so lucky! DD wants a purple LB soooooo bad! (fingers, toes, knees, eyes all crossed) 8-/

  390. Jessica Avatar

    Such a cutie!!!!

  391. Sandy Leonard Avatar
    Sandy Leonard

    If I am ever going to win a drawing here at Bamboletta, please let it be this one!! She is adorable and her outfit could not be any cuter!! So stylish!

  392. Rachael Avatar


  393. holly v Avatar
    holly v

    Absolutely adorable!!!

  394. danielle Avatar

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    Erica Kirkland-Weeks

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    Lisa T.

    Lulu would be very loved in our household!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  397. Carlin Avatar


  398. Dawn S Avatar
    Dawn S

    She’s like a fairy! Fingers crossed and thanks.

  399. Erin Avatar

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  400. MamaM Avatar

    oh we love her! we’ve tried so long for an LB!

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    Heidi Tryon

    I love her, but I know that my little one would LOVE her even more!

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  403. Laura Avatar

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    Ang W.

    She is LB perfection!! Love her!

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  406. Bethany Avatar

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  407. kathlin Avatar

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    OMG she is AMAZINGLY CUTE… you are so generous – thanks for the chance

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    Amy G

    So adorable! We’d love to give her a home!

  410. Christina D Avatar
    Christina D

    She is perfect!

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    Tabatha Greenwood

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  413. Megan C. Avatar
    Megan C.

    So adorable!’

  414. Deanna Avatar

    A dolly from heaven!!! I’m in love xoxox

  415. Lisa W. Avatar
    Lisa W.

    she is perfect!!! love her!!

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    Krista M

    Purple, my favorite color! She is so precious:)

  417. Michelle Fox Avatar
    Michelle Fox

    I LOVE her and we have have big sister!!! That would make such a great present under the tree.

  418. Katherine Summers Avatar
    Katherine Summers

    How beautiful

  419. Christine B Avatar
    Christine B

    I got lost in the blog and almost didn’t make it in time!! lol… she’s adorable and thank you for being so generous!

  420. Shaina Avatar

    Oh My Goodness! She is sooo cute! Love the purple!!! Pleaaassee!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  421. mellissa cameron Avatar
    mellissa cameron

    I am going to cry she is so sweet and wonderful crossing my fingers and making sure I say a prayer tonight LOL hope the computer angels are going to shine on me!

  422. Adrienne Walker Avatar
    Adrienne Walker

    She’s so adorable!

  423. Michelle B. Avatar
    Michelle B.

    Oh she’s lovely!!

  424. Alison S. Avatar
    Alison S.

    Love her! She’s perfect!

  425. courtney mcmillian Avatar
    courtney mcmillian


  426. Tracy Shanahan Avatar
    Tracy Shanahan

    Pick me, Pick me !! Oh pah leeeeeeze she is adorable.

  427. Amy schillinger Avatar
    Amy schillinger

    Oooohhhh please Santa bamboletta!!!

  428. Sarah Ongiri Avatar
    Sarah Ongiri

    She was made for my daughter-I call her Lulu all the time!!! Good luck to all the contestants and merry christmas!!!

  429. Anna bagley Avatar
    Anna bagley

    I love her she must be mine

  430. Katie McLean Avatar
    Katie McLean

    So cute!

  431. Shannon Avatar

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    Oh, I am crossing my fingers!!!!!!!!!!!! She is beautiful!

  434. Trisha Avatar

    My daughters nick name is LuLu, what a lovely present she would be:)

  435. Pam Avatar

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  436. Denell Avatar

    Merry Christmas beautiful little lady!

  437. Cathy B. Avatar
    Cathy B.

    WOW!!! She is fantastic. Thank you SO much for the chance at such an awesome giveaway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  438. Sarah Avatar

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  439. Jill Avatar


  440. Lindsey Wheeler Avatar
    Lindsey Wheeler

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  442. Tracy L Avatar
    Tracy L

    Very cute

  443. Sharilee Avatar

    So sweet!

  444. Jamie Martin Avatar
    Jamie Martin

    Precious and looks like she’s ready for the weather I wish I was in right now ๐Ÿ™‚

  445. Lisa G Avatar
    Lisa G

    Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope!

  446. Tara A Avatar
    Tara A

    Lulu is so sweet, please enter me ๐Ÿ™‚

  447. Natalie Avatar

    Gorgeous! What a beautiful doll ๐Ÿ™‚

  448. Rebecca GM Avatar

    I know this is a huge long-shot, since we have been so fortunate, but she is just too cute not to try! Thanks for the chance, I know she will make some family so very happy!

  449. Amy O Avatar
    Amy O

    Never prayed for a doll before but I’m starting now! It goes like this “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE God…..she’s so cute!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  450. brooke nichols Avatar
    brooke nichols

    I would be forever in your debt if you picked our home for Lulu. She is not only “off the hook stunning” but she is a LB! my girlwould love her! <3 always have a home with us!!!!

  451. rosemary Avatar

    love her purple hair!

  452. JennyLynn Avatar

    Oh, my goodness……..she is the most precious little buddy ever!! I would love for her to be my very first LB! Thank you so much for all the generosity!

  453. Kim Avatar

    She is beautiful! Thank you for the giveaways.

  454. Monique Avatar

    Lulu IS my daughter’s name!! How she would love a little twin buddy!! What a generous giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll be crossing our fingers and toes for her.

  455. Jenelle Avatar

    What a cutie!!!

  456. Laura D Avatar
    Laura D

    So cute!

  457. Roger Avatar

    My daughter would be in love…..

  458. Bianca Avatar

    Lulu I’m adding you to my prayers onight. You’re so sweet!

  459. mominco Avatar

    Christina and co thank you for doing this,I will keep hoping for a doll!Love her hair……!

  460. Tamara Batson Avatar
    Tamara Batson

    You are beyond kind.

  461. Michelle Avatar

    Yay! A LB! She is so pretty and love her dress too!