Your New Favourite Thing … Wax Fabric

Not sure what’s happening to my video but you can see the video here on YouTube!

You know, whenever I use plastic kitchen wrap I get this feeling of guilt and sadness for using it. Environmentally it’s a catastrophe and then I hate to think of the chemicals rubbing off on the food it’s covering. I’ve found a solution that works in most cases – beeswax fabric!

So, what is Beeswax Fabric? It’s simply cotton fabric that has been treated with beeswax. I’ve been buying it from Whole Foods for years now and love it. But then I saw a post on Instagram about how to make it and I could not believe how easy it was. Seriously, so easy. I was so excited to share this info I made a video showing you how to make it – I didn’t even bother to change or put make up on. Still in my yoga clothes, yup, that stoked on the wax fabric.

Here’s what you’ll need …
Beeswax – candle or block. I used maybe a 1/2 cup worth of wax and had so much left over. You don’t need much.
Jojoba Oil – must be the natural unscented stuff.
Parchment Paper
Cookie Sheet
Fabric cut in various squares. I like to experiment here with the sizes and have a variation to fit over jars and bowls. 1/2 a yard is plenty and I just use quilting cotton but muslin would work as well.
Cheese Grater or Food Processor with the grating attachment.

Okay – so here’s the steps. SO easy you will love it! I was to much of an eager beaver to get started and didn’t cover my work area in newspaper – I would highly recommend you doing this beforehand.

1. Break down and grate your wax into small pieces. You want to break it down into pieces like you would grate mozzarella for pizza. Also, cleaning tip, the wax comes right off your stuff if you use soapy hot water. Then turn on your iron – about med hot works.

2. Cut your fabric into various size squares.

3. Line your cookie sheet with parchment paper. Then put down a square (just one at a time!). Sprinkle your fabric with the wax chips lightly – again with the food analogy – like you are covering a pizza with cheese lightly.

4. Sprinkle your jojoba oil on the fabric .. as you would olive oil on focaccia! Then cover your fabric with another layer of parchment paper.

5. Iron the fabric, pressing the wax into the fabric. Really squish it in there! Flip it and iron the other side.

6. Wait a few minutes and then peel the parchment paper back. And there you have it! Wax Fabric!

So, here’s some more advance tips. If you sew, I’d zigzag the edges of the fabric so that it doesn’t fray. Also, you can cut big pieces and fold them over to make bags to store dry goods in or sandwiches.

To clean them, we just wipe ours down with a damp cloth and some soap and leave them out to dry. I’ve had a few pieces for YEARS.

It may take a few tries to get the level of wax right for the fabric you are using. It’s really a case of not too much or too little.

And there you have it! Beeswax Fabric 🙂







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