What’s in a name?

Every Thursday morning on my drive to work, I think about a theme to use in naming our dolls.  I’m one of those people who’ll turn up the music, have a little dance, sing at the top of my lungs, and imagine what creative twist I can add to my work day.  My mind often goes to a place that’s magical to children…a place where elves and fairies go to play. I love using the themes of fairie and nature names to help the lucky children who bring these dolls home to a place of imagination.  These dolls are here to help guide our children through play to learn about life, to use them through role play and to practice how we deal with conflict, gratitude, humility, and love.  To be able to name a doll, and have that child say ‘Penolope was my life long friend’, is such an honor!

There’s lots of chatter that goes on in the studio about different theme’s we can use in naming our dolls.  Every time a new chapter in our all time favorite movie series comes up, Twilight, we love to name a handful of the dolls after our favorite characters.  I mean who wouldn’t love a little Edward or Bella in their home?!

We’ll use themes like childhood friends, fairy tale names, city names, and biblical names.  I love looking up names online from a particular era in our history.  We’ll use names from the 1700’s, early 1900’s, or use the popular names from the 60’s, 80’s and 90’s.  I think the names from the early 1800’s are some of my favorite.  Names like Florence, Elizabeth, Emma and Molly are classic!  So perfectly fitting to be able to name a doll from era’s where hand sewing a doll was one of the only ways for a child to have their very own.  There is so much history in the art of handmade dolls, it’s really neat to be able to weave the two together with ‘heritage’ names.

I love how we have a discussion on our facebook fan page where we’ve asked you customers to share with us your ideas on unique doll names.  I really enjoy scrolling through the discussion, choosing names that mean something to each and everyone of you.  All of you are such a huge part in making Bamboletta what it is.  I love having you included in on an important part of Bamboletta.  When we have our uploads, and someone posts on our wall, “There was a Mathilda in this upload, she looked just like my daughter and had her name!” I can’t help but smile because it shows how something as simple as doll hair, eyes, and their name can make someone else so happy.  I encourage all of you to continue to add to this conversation, your idea’s are precious to us!

So what is in a name?  An adventure for a child to make a new best friend, and go on incredible adventures with through imagination.  A memory of a loved one in our lives.  A memory of a story that was important in shaping our own childhood.  Or possibly the start of using a ‘best friend’ to help nurture healing in our children.  It is a complete honor to be a big part in this aspect of Bamboletta.  It is one amazing company, one full of so much love for children and their families.  Every detail of these dolls is so important to each and every one of us, and although naming a doll is just one fraction of the love that goes into these dolls, I gotta say, it’s one amazing and important fraction to be a part of.








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  1. Monica Avatar

    I get a little giddy when I see one with our dolls’ names as well. 🙂

  2. Cassandra Avatar

    Love this post! 😀
    I am always curious how the inspiration to find so many names happens. Great to find out.

  3. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    Such a lovely post Rachel! I think it is so much fun finding out the names of the dolls even if I am not trying that week. xoxo

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