Trying something new ….

If you want to skip this long drawn out saga ( I just can’t keep it short!) please just read the highlighted bits for the news πŸ™‚

Hello everyone! As many of you who’ve been following me for a few years know the technological struggles I’ve faced in trying to sell my dolls. I started off on Etsy, which was great but then felt like it was time to move to my very own website – this is when I created It was so nice on there, I could keep track of customers (great for ease in tracking orders, etc), things like figuring out sales tax was a cinch – behind the scenes stuff that makes running an online business easier. After having my own site for a few years as my ‘popularity’ (for lack of a better word) grew so did the problems I encountered. First it was the overselling issues – it was not uncommon for many people to check out with the same doll. This was such a heartache for everyone involved – those emails I had to send telling people that the doll they thought they bought was a glitch was really sad. My hands would sweat and I’d go super pale before each upload – hoping and praying that there wouldn’t be any oversells. Then something else started happening – screens would freeze up on people, pictures would just go missing, dolls wouldn’t appear and people would buy dolls before they even went live. After some investigation it turns out that ‘malicious scripts’ were used on my site that essentially wore it right down. I had the most bandwidth possible and a private server yet nothing helped this stuff from happening. A very stressful time. You see, I really believe that the dolls find their homes. I like the idea that the doll finds their way to you – but what was happening , with the programs and such, well,Β  that was not the case.

Then I moved to Big Cartel – which has been really great so far. The tech support staff has been good – trying to help out with as much as they can.Β  Recently though we’ve been noticing dolls held up in carts (so, when someone has a doll in their cart they have 30 min to check out, which btw I can not change – Big Cartel has it set to 30 min) for hours at a time – sitting there. Unavailable to buyers yet not being bought. I am so sorry it’s been so hard to buy a doll – I just haven’t been sure on how to sell them sometimes. Believe me, I’ve talked to so many people about my situation. I can’t afford the $30k that comes with building a site from the ground up and mostly I can’t hire on IT people to keep track of every program or script that has been placed on my site. With using something like Big Cartel I have back up that can help out if something is going on.

Now, we do have something in the works with Shopify but there is a bit of a glitch that we are wanting to work out before we make it live. My move to Shopify isΒ  so that I can get that ‘behind the scenes’Β  stuff I want in a shop.Β  Big Cartel just doesn’t have it. So, until we work that out we are still on Big Cartel – which brings me to my announcement …

We will now have TWO uploads per week – on Wednesdays and Fridays. We are varying up the times to be more accommodating for people. Now that I have Brooke to help out it’s easier for me to do the evening and later uploads! Love that Brooke! Dolls will still be shipped out each Tuesday like normal. Our uploads will be split in half so an upload will have 25 or so 15″ dolls, 10 (or so) LB’s and some baby and jointed dolls. The other big thing is that the carts will only be open for two hours then everything will be shut off. Dolls that are not sold or were held in carts will then be place on my Etsy shop. Randomly. If you subscribe to my Twitter or are a fan on Facebook I’ll drop a few hints. I did this as a trial thing last week and it went really well!

Also, the Frock Shop will be stocked up each Tuesday at 11am PST. It will be left open all week and orders will be shipped out each Monday (Tuesday if going with a doll). If we make a few items that we just can’t wait to show you we will put them up in the shop throughout the week. So, if you buy several items throughout the week we process them all on Monday so we ship them together and then refund you the shipping πŸ™‚

I will have the month’s uploads posted at the start of each month – you can check here for the updates.

We just hope, hope, hope that this makes it easier to buy a doll. We have noticed that there isn’t as much of a frenzy during an upload which is great – it looks as though supply is meeting up with the demand! By October my group of 35 (!) amazing sewers, stuffers, dyers, seamstresses, knitters and crafts ladies will be up to about 100 dolls per week and that’s where we are staying at. I don’t want to get any bigger. The dolls still gets lots of hugs and love in the studio passed around from mama to mama – it’s a really neat thing.

One more thing – I’m thinking of maybe taking a waiting list .. maybe. What do you think? I’ve mentioned it before but the thought of it scared me. But, now I have Brooke and she is good at organizing stuff like that. She has no idea I’m writing this – I am SO going to get it tomorrow!! Haha!

Thanks so much everyone! Seriously, I feel so much love thinking of you gals on the other end of the screen clicking away trying to get a doll. And the joy I feel when someone gets one when they’ve been trying and trying, well, it’s really unique. Seriously, I have the best job in the world and I have you all to thank for that.







35 responses to “Trying something new ….”

  1. Lea T Avatar
    Lea T

    YES on a waiting list!!! I already know I want to be on it πŸ™‚ XOXO

  2. michelle Avatar

    Love the idea of the waiting list. After 2 years of trying for an LB throught all avenues a waiting list would give me another chance. One day the LB will come to live with us. Now with 2 tries a week.. We love you Bamboletta.

  3. Kristin Z Avatar
    Kristin Z

    Please give the waitlist a try! I would be more than willing to add my name to the very top of that list. πŸ™‚

  4. jennifer Avatar

    sounds good, but me on the wait list.

  5. Morgan Nahanee Avatar
    Morgan Nahanee

    You are such a thoughtful business owner. I can’t wait to be able to buy a doll from you and take a trip to the island to pick him/her up in person!

  6. Ida Norwood Avatar
    Ida Norwood

    Will this weeks upload of dolls be at 3:00 p.m. as stated on the calendar? ( I know thurs. your have a wee ones upload, just a little confused about Friday) Thanks!

  7. Renea Pike Avatar
    Renea Pike

    Ohhh a waiting list would be amazing!!!

  8. Ann k Avatar
    Ann k

    Thank you for giving consideration to a waitlist. I have 1 or 2 seemingly impossible dolls on my ” need to have” list.

  9. Jennie Avatar

    well as always you’re so eloquent and lovely in your writing. Your love for the dolls and the homes they go to shines through your words. You’re amazing! and I’m sure like all your fans feel…Thank you for sharing and communicating the ins and outs.


  10. Tanya Avatar

    Great ideas. Thanks for trying so many things to resolve the problems. I would LOVE the waitlist idea!!!

  11. Adam Patterson Avatar

    I really like Shopify,

    I completed a site about 2 months ago and they have had great success. The support was wonderful, let me know if you need any help.

    I had to overcome a few challenging issues as well with this site but anything seems possible πŸ™‚

    Good luck!

  12. Lisa W. Avatar
    Lisa W.

    A waiting list sounds great!! You are such a sweetie, always thinking of your customers!

  13. Claire Avatar

    I think a waiting list is a great idea!

  14. Katherine G Avatar
    Katherine G

    Yes to the wait list!!!! πŸ˜‰

  15. Theresa Avatar

    amazing how much thought and consideration you dedicate to your sweet dollies finding their homes. and yes, would absolutely love to be on a waiting list for a Little Buddy girl πŸ™‚

  16. Abigail Avatar

    A waiting list sounds great, my daughter is desperate for an ‘all coloury’ (rainbow) haired doll and this may be the only way we could land one!
    I hope your new changes work out well for our business.

  17. Heather Avatar

    I agree a wait list would be wonderful idea to try.

  18. Jennifer Avatar

    Wait list? Yes please!! Everything sounds great!

  19. Barbara H Avatar
    Barbara H

    All of the proposed changes sound well thought out and fabulous solutions to some ongoing problems. Love ya guys!

  20. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    The new plan looks great, and I appreciate how you are having different upload times! So exciting. Lots of love xoxoBrenda

  21. Michelle Schneider Avatar
    Michelle Schneider

    I have yet to be able to get a doll. What is the process?
    Thx, Michelle

  22. michelle Yager-French Avatar

    A waiting list for custom? Yes please!

  23. Alma Avatar

    Hi Christina,

    A waiting list sounds great! I have been trying for a year and half for a doll with no luck. I’m not on facebook or twitter so I can never figure out upload times. It’s been stressful! Look forward to hearing more about your decision on the waitlist aspect.

    Take care!

  24. Erica Avatar

    Great idea! I’d love to be on a waiting list as well β™₯

  25. Samantha W Avatar
    Samantha W

    Thank you for trying to make it easier for us to find our perfect dolly companions. I’ve been trying for about 9 months straight to get a Little Buddy for my daughter. I still really hope to be able to get one before Christmas but they just go so fast and I guess my Internet (or me, lol) is just not fast enough. A waiting list would be a great idea! I love what you did last week putting the dolls up on etsy that were being held in carts too. You are doing a great job Christina and your thoughtfulness toward your customers, employees and business as a whole is commendable πŸ™‚

  26. NAJ Avatar

    A waitlist?? Yes, please!!!!

  27. Leah Killian Avatar

    I think a wait list is a good idea. I like that it is a bit more spread out.

    It would be nice if all the LBs went up together on one day rather than spread- simply because it is going to bring it back down to more people going for less dolls. I could never cart one until you started bigger uploads. If 100 people are all going for the same 7 dolls again- it’s impossible.

    I love random etsy shop uploads πŸ™‚

  28. Darice/Healing Gems Avatar
    Darice/Healing Gems

    A waiting list would be great.

  29. Tanya W Avatar
    Tanya W

    I always love hearing what you have to say C~ I think as a customer, we really have no idea of all the work that goes on behind the scenes in the shop!! You’ve made some great changes that I hope will make buying a doll easier on everyone (including you!). I love the idea of the frock shop being open all week too πŸ™‚

  30. jennJK Avatar

    i would LOVE to be on a waiting list!!!!! πŸ˜€

  31. Jan Winters Avatar
    Jan Winters

    I am really hooping that this works. I want a LB baby so badly.
    I keep trying but by the time I click in everyone is in a cart.
    Keeping my fingers crossed. Would really love to have one by Christmas.

  32. Jan W Avatar
    Jan W

    Oh yeah I forgot…….Pleaseeeeee do a wait list.

  33. cara Avatar

    Love the waiting list idea! Sign me up! At this point I would love any LB to live in this house! 2 years & still trying! Thanks for all that you do!

  34. Rebekah Avatar

    The changes sound like a good idea. I like the idea of a waiting list. I already have one Bamboletta for my daughter but I have 5 other children that need their companion too. We would love a to be on the waiting list if you start one.

  35. Ying Avatar

    I love, love, love the idea of a waiting list! I detest competition, so the idea of trying to pick out the doll of my dreams under time pressure and in competition with faceless others is totally off-putting. I read the blog because I love to see your dolls’ sweet faces, but I just can’t buy one under these conditions. Thanks for considering it!

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