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I know, I know I keep gripping about how much Facebook as changed for the worse. It pains me to get emails from customers saying that the don’t ‘see’ us anymore and miss certain things ,like our photo contest, because we don’t show up in Facebook feed anymore. See, Facebook has changed things for businesses. Before when I posted something on Bamboletta, everyone would see it and now, unless I pay PER post – the chance of someone seeing what I’ve posted are nil unless you change your settings to allow posts from me in your feed or you come and visit us. Anyhow, enough about that! Lol!

I’m bringing back my newsletter. This way , if you like, I can email you of contests and giveaways and all around shop news! I won’t go crazy with it – once a week max – but this way we can stay in touch a bit more. I’m also on Instagram quite a bit, it reminds me of old Facebook. You can follow me from an Instagram app or there are Instagram profile pages now. Fancy!

To sign up for my newsletter simply go to my website and put in your email address on the bottom right hand side there.

Thanks everyone!!

PS That picture is of ‘Wandering Winter’ – it’s a paper doll that was colored in by my friend’s daughter Winter. The doll is travelling around from address to address and we have to take pictures of her and send them to the real Winter. I love this idea so much that we are organizing some sort of wandering Bamboletta (but are trying to think up a different name) that we can organize amongst participating customers. Anyhow, we hope to have info about this next week. So exciting!








8 responses to “Staying Connected”

  1. Christin Taylor Avatar
    Christin Taylor

    That would be an awesome idea to have 1 bamboletta doll to go from person to petson and visit many different places and take pictures of all those places and ER could all send souvenirs back with the dolls. That would be so cool!!!! I would live to be a stop along her way!

  2. Christin Taylor Avatar
    Christin Taylor

    That ER was suppose to be a we (my phone changed it on its own)

  3. Maegan Davies Avatar
    Maegan Davies

    I love the wandering dolly idea!

  4. Sue Brayton Avatar
    Sue Brayton

    We have lots of winter in North Dakota!

  5. Skye C Avatar
    Skye C

    Okay, I adore the wandering Winter idea! That is so precious! I made a special list for Bamboletta and a couple of other pages I wanted to make sure I saw. So I can see when there are updates and just click the list. 🙂 Facebook is annoying!

  6. Annette Avatar

    I think you should call it the Hobo-Bambo. ☺ Just out lookin’ for a place to stay the night.

  7. Barbara H. Avatar
    Barbara H.

    Just signed up for the newsletter! And I’ve got you guys pinned on my list on facebook so that I don’t miss too much of your stuff that way, but will love having the newsletter as a back up!
    And the gypsy doll idea sounds fantabulous, Willow would get a kick out of that! We are participating in a “Flat Stanley” project right now and Willow is going to send one of her own along with the one we are supposed to re-mail as a hijacker of sorts… that way she will get postcards too from all of the fab stops. 🙂

  8. Laurie Avatar

    Lovely idea Christina! I can only imagine that the wandering Bambo will bring as much cheer to everyone whose life it touches as did Stella the Bambo gnome when she traveled her adventures. I was so honored to have her. And she brought a level of activity to our home that was fun and vibrant…

    Bon voyage Bambo!! See the world and share your love.

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