Shipping Rates Note

Canada Post has raised their rates. Again. Last time they did they increased rates we absorbed it but just can’t do it this time. We are a small company and don’t qualify for the rates the big companies get. I really want you to know that we aren’t making money off shipping, we are just covering our costs. We don’t inflate our prices to cover shipping costs – it’s a personal pet peeve of mine when companies do that.

Here are the new rates ..

15″ Classic, Sitting Dolls and Baby Doll
CAN – $18 (no change)
USA – $26 (up $2)
INT – $43 (up $3)

Cuddle Dolls
CAN – $16 (up $2)
USA – $20 (up $2)
INT – $36 (up $8)

Little Buddies
CAN – $14 (up $2)

USA – $18 (up $2)

INT $26 (up $2)

I’m ever so grateful that you are supporting our little company!

Thanks so much!






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