Sewer of the Week – Amanda

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time – highlight one of my sewing mama’s each week.


This is Amanda and she’s been sewing for us for four years now – with two maternity breaks in between. A major reason why I’ve organized Bamboletta like it is is because I really want to give employment to women to be able to stay at home. To take care of their children and later on in life to take care of spouses or elderly parents.

Amanda shared this story that warmed my heart.

‘So, when I started sewing I honestly found it hard to figure out how to put Liberty down and get my sewing done. As a result of that we ended up spending many, many hours with my dad. He would play with Liberty while I got some time to sew. This work gave us more of a reason to spend time together and made the bond between Liberty and my dad unbreakable.

Now I still find it hard to put the kids down to do my sewing so it’s usually done late at night. The best part of those late night sewing sessions is that I almost always think about my dad and Liberty. I think about him singing to her and teaching her sports. I got to sit back and watch and put all that love into the dolls.

Today, we went down to Transfer Beach and sat by his memorial and I did my sewing with my kids playing around me. I love what I do because it will always remind me of him.’ 


So much heart goes into making the dolls  – things you can never see but maybe feel. Thanks to all my lovely customers who can definitely feel the love.








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  1. Josette Avatar

    thanks for sharing your heart and your lovely memories of making your dolls while your dad watch Liberty.

    I think the spirit of your love for your dad and daughter definitely shines through the dolls.

    God bless,

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