Price Adjustment July 1st

I had all these pics done after our award last year – I think this one was for the Small Business BC website. This is my mom’s doll.

I put something up on Facebook last week that as of July 1st we will be increasing our prices. Although many people saw this, I wanted to make sure that this message reaches as many people as possible – hence the blog post.

So,  a price increase will happen on July 1st. With rising costs of wool, yarns (I’m finding better and better ones to use – have you seen the hair lately!) and fabrics – I’m barely making it.  Not to mention the 10 or so hours of mama love that goes into each doll. I made a mistake back in February when I changed my pricing from US to CAD without adjusting the price. I didn’t realize how much I depended on that exchange to ,well, give me an income and pay for things that come up like insurance (13k PER YEAR! – isn’t that crazy?) and the government (oh the sweet CRA always wants a big huge piece of the pie). Business is not my forte (and thankfully so because if I was I’d never be in business – this whole gig is a big, huge act of faith and devotion) and I am an optimistic – thinking once I didn’t have the studio or employee costs it would work out.  I’m not swimming in pools of gold over here, haha, we live super modestly and it’s so that I can run the business with the ethics and values that I hold near and dear. I’ve discovered what is ‘enough’ in life and my heart is full – but I have to be able to pay my suppliers and not have the CRA call me because I’m late for a payment. Again.

I  just looked on my blog and the last time I raised my prices was on March 1, 2012. Three years ago and I raised them to $250USD as the price for dolls with fairy bits (it’s now $240 CAD – $194 USD). I dislike doing this sort of thing and should have raised my prices since then but I totally get sick around this sort of thing. But now my hands are tied – I have to. Like there won’t a Bamboletta if I keep prices at this rate.

As of July 1st, 2015 my prices will increase by 15%. They will still be in CAD funds and therefore be lower then what they were back in January. The doll kits will stay the same as will the clothing – but the dolls, they will go up.

I have so much gratitude in my heart for all of you who love our dolls – thank you so much for all your support over the years. Like I mentioned earlier, I posted this on Facebook and had my heart blown open by the comments and support you all showed. Bamboletta ,to me, represents a world of business I want to happen, the one that puts so much love into it’s product and cares deeply about how it’s made and by who. This is an intrinsic quality that is hard to put a dollar value on but is definitely passed onto the receiver of the product. Thank you for valuing what we do.

Much love,







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  1. Ginger Avatar

    Hi Christina,

    I am so glad you put this information on the blog, as well as Facebook. It is important to me as a customer, that you and Bamboletta are doing well. My husband is the sole owner of an electrical business and it is critical to us, his parents (who started the business) and all of his employees, that he is being paid. Not only barely enough, but enough to be able to continue to improve, pay all the taxes, fees etc. and provide a living-wage for his employees. Throughout the years of his work, he has increased the number of employees from 2-3 to 40-50. With increase in the number and size of the jobs he bids and the service work that is accomplished, many and sizable expenses are incurred. I continue to be thankful for all he does, for not only our family, but his employees and their families.

    It is important to share work, and provide opportunities for others, if one is capable and works to provide these opportunities.

    Thank you for all the the work, time, thinking, energy and love that you provide with your dolls.

    I am glad and willing to continue to purchase these dolls. I have been gifted with the opportunity to provide these precious dolls with several different groups, in addition to my enjoyment. May you continue to provide wonderful dolls and joyful play for children for many years. God Bless.

  2. Briita Avatar

    So sweet of you to explain this, but the truth is you do whatever you have to, to keep this sweet company alive! The world needs more like you it would be an awful shame to ever lose it. We only have one of your dolls but she is get treasured, we have a two girls two years old and an 8 months old so we plan on more in the future!
    Thank you for creating something so natural and beautiful! And for running a business on the side 😉

  3. Sarah Lee Avatar
    Sarah Lee

    I totally understand Christina! We have the same issue with our playsilks. We pay our workers a fair wage, and we have to pay ourselves some too! Not much, but like you, I believe in our work and love doing it. We raised prices this year and it is hard to do. Best to you!!

  4. Caryn Avatar

    Thank you for the explanation, but those of us who love your work will continue to love and purchase it. You need to live, and to grow– money helps that happen.

    On a side note, while I was doing B-school this spring, Bamboletta was one of my companies that I focused on. Branding, ethics, customer relationships, social media– you rock it all! Thank you to being an inspiration to other small business owners. You raising your prices just gives me one more reason to look up to you. It’s not easy to charge what you’re worth, but when you do, you bring every one up with you.

    All the best!

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