My messy basket


This is my floss basket. For you who may not know what the heck I’m talking about, floss is the type of string/thread stuff I use to embroider on all the doll faces. I can’t really remember my life without my friend floss – my first recollection with it was at age 8 or so cross stitching Precious Moments patterns. I loved cross stitching.

Well, as you can see it looks like a total disaster basket but there’s kind of a cool sort of magic that happens with this basket of mine. I spend three days, sitting on a comfy chair in a room with Brandi, Rachel, Brooke and Shauna and sew the faces on. Lots of laughs, tea, and discussions on solving the woes of the world (or a latest break up) happen in these three days making for my favourite time. And then, to see the dolls slowly coming to life – it’s pretty magical and makes for amazing days. I get asked ‘don’t you get tired of doing all those faces?’ and , truthfully, the answer is no. All those elements come together to create something pretty special, something you never get tired of. It’s unique every week just like the dolls. The basket is the icing on the cake – I will first look at the doll and then just ‘know’ what eye colour it should have. I sort of rummage through the basket and the perfect floss just pops right out. The best is when it’s already cut to the length I need. Bonus!

So, another little bit into how a Bamboletta is made. I want to document more of these bits – there are so many that I could write about. I always think no one would be interested but , heck, I like to write about it, I hope you’ll find it interesting too 🙂







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  1. Barbara Houck Avatar
    Barbara Houck

    What’s the wee little fox pillow for? Love it! And seeing all of those colors of floss makes me want to see how many of them I can find among our Bambo family here! <3

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