Kinley + Susy

Do you know how hard it was to choose a winner for our Bamboletta Love contest? So hard, I ended up just choosing someone randomly! And that lucky person was Jessica H with her story of her little lady Kinley and Suzy! I will be posting other stories here on the blog from time to time, because who doesn’t love doll and child stories?  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who submitted a story – I wish I could have given each of you a doll <3
My daughters babies are more than just dolls. They are friends, secret keepers, hair dressing customers, shopping companions, bedtime snugglers. They bring out the innocence and creativity of a child.
My daughter Kinley begged me for close to a year for a sibling (she is currently almost 4). Being so little she had no idea that a request like that isn’t so easy for mommy. Mommy has PCOS and one of the top symptoms is infertility. PCOS is the leading cause for infertility in women. Every time she asked “mommy, when can we pick out my new baby at the store?” My heart both chuckled at her sweet innocence and broke because I may never be able to give her the sibling her little heart desired.
Luckily after getting referred to an amazing doctor and taking several meds including fertility meds (like I did to get pregnant with my sweet Kinley), I got pregnant! Kinley was beyond thrilled with the news. Right from the start she was determined to be a wonderful big sister. She practiced burping, swaddling, feeding, clothing, singing and shushing her Bamboletta dolls. She had the shush, swaddle and bounce all down by the time her little brother made his appearance. Lol!
She spends hours perfecting their hair dos and pretend make up. Picking out perfect outfits for birthday parties, tea parties and holidays. She was gifted a baby doll Tula carrier just like mommies and now baby wears like a pro. She will stop dead in her tracks during a walk because Suzy is crying and needs a bounce.
Every one of her dolls is named Suzy. That was the name she picked for our baby, who much to her surprise ended up being a boy. So therefore all her babies have taken over her beloved name choice. Haha
You can barely tell but the last pic (our pregnancy announcement) Kinley is reading the “I Am A Big Sister” book to her Bamboletta baby doll.






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