How a Bamboletta is Made

Oh, it’s been so long since I’ve written. I feel like we must have one of the lamest blogs, ever! Things have been just so busy – like in an every day sort of busy way. I think about blogging all the time and have all these great ideas written down for blog posts but by the time the kids are down to sleep I’m about ready to hit the sack too … the older I get the more important and vital sleep seems to be.

Anyhow, enough about that! I wanted to post this here on the blog to share with you that may not be on Facebook. I’ve been wanting this video made for about 6 years now at least – just never really got around to it. Then a few weeks back Meg from Shaw made this little segment …

I knew she was the one to make our video! She’s  also coming by in a few weeks to make a ‘What goes on for an upload’ which will be a fun video to have made. A lot happens on Thursdays and it’ll be sweet to have it documented.

It’s getting late and I have to get to bed, obvs. Hope all is well with everyone!







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  1. Britney Avatar

    I love this!!! You guys rock.

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