Funny things I find on my hard drives …


I have thousands and thousands of doll pictures. I’m fortunate enough that even though I destroyed two MacBooks via tea spillages that the hard drives were recovered. So, when going through the pics I find dolls like this guy. I think he’s 2006? And was for a religious organization of some kind as his black body also has a little white collar. The body was made with black fabrics and then his hands and feet were sewn in with doll skin fabric – so it’s a permanent suit. Where, oh where, did this doll go? Makiko likes to call him the hipster Bamboletta – lol.


PS this is my attempt to blog more. I just installed and figured out an app for my phone for blogging. This is a big deal for me because for me to sit down with my laptop and blog sometimes feels overwhelming and I don’t know what to write. Inspiration and little things hit me all the time on what I’d like to write about so this app is great!






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