Days of Giving! Skittles

*Congrats to Sandra! Email has been sent!* CONTEST CLOSED

Happy Holiday’s friends! What a year. Myself and everyone here at Bamboletta thanks all of you for the doll love this year. This community has been such a light on a very strange year.

As a thanks, we are giving away a few dolls over the next week with all winners to be chosen on New Years Day. Today, it’s Skittles – a super cute little Piccolina baby who is ready for snuggles!

So, to enter, just leave a comment at the end of this blog post. I have to manually approve posts so be patient if you don’t see yours right away. I will choose a winner on New Years Day.

Thank you so much to everyone, for everything!
Christina and Team Bamboletta






300 responses to “Days of Giving! Skittles”

  1. Robyn Groshek Avatar
    Robyn Groshek

    So thankful for the light and love that is Bamboletta. You embody all that is good and right with the world.

  2. Julie Chavez Avatar
    Julie Chavez

    Such a cutie and a lovely thing to do!

  3. Amber Avatar

    This is so sweet of you! My 3.5 year old would love this baby! She’s been wishing for a baby with rainbow hair

  4. Leona Avatar

    Ohh what a beautiful baby. Happy Christmas eve x

  5. Anne King Avatar
    Anne King

    Thank you Bamboletta for all the magic you brought us this year. It has been a year like no other and to receive a Bambo box in the mail…well it has been a saving Grace and pure joy for a lot of people. You all are so very loved. Merry Christmas team Bamboletta.

  6. Jeanette Martinez-Lewis Avatar
    Jeanette Martinez-Lewis

    Happy holidays! What a blessing to be able to share your talents with so many people.

  7. Amanda P Avatar
    Amanda P

    Thank you for doing this! We just made our first purchase and I’m so excited to give her to my daughter on her birthday. I love this rainbow baby! Happy holidays!

  8. Bekki Bielas Avatar
    Bekki Bielas

    We love Bamboletta and it has been a bright spot on this rough year!

  9. Whitney Court Avatar
    Whitney Court

    Thank you so much for being a bright spot each week…something to look forward to when the rest of our every day lives have been so out of sorts this year!! Merry Christmas and here’s to a fantastic, healthy, and prosperous 2021!

  10. Cheryl Avatar

    Skittles is adorable and would make a wonderful addition to my Bamboletta family. It’s funny one of my scouts was just telling me how his favorite candy is skittles. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  11. Jennifer Whitehead Avatar
    Jennifer Whitehead

    Thank you so much for the chance!! Skittles is adorable. Merry Christmas!

  12. Nikki Avatar

    So thankful for all the joy bamboletta dolls have brought to our lives over the past year

  13. Abby J Avatar
    Abby J

    What a cutie!! My niece would love to have this baby

  14. Jackie jefferson Avatar
    Jackie jefferson

    I am new to collecting and my nine year old wants to also start collecting and this beautiful baby would go great with the two we have

  15. Brittany Rausch Smith Avatar
    Brittany Rausch Smith

    We’ve been admiring your baby dolls from a far for a long while. The positive energy you create from your shop is amazing. Thank you all for all your hard work. Much love and positivity during this holiday season. 🙂

  16. Jessica Miller Avatar
    Jessica Miller

    Bamboletta is always such a bright spot! Can’t wait for my youngest to get some of this joy for her own.

  17. Rachelle Sanford Avatar
    Rachelle Sanford

    What a wonderfully sweet thing to do! She is so cute!

  18. Michelle Avatar

    Merry Christmas to everyone! So generous… would love this adorable rainbow baby! Thank you for the chance

  19. Jenna Waiser Avatar
    Jenna Waiser

    What a wonderful thing to do!
    Wishing you peace, joy, and all the best this holiday season has to offer. Merry Christmas!

  20. Eilidh Avatar

    I love the colourful hair on this baby!

  21. Marianne Lohnes Avatar
    Marianne Lohnes

    This is so nice. Happiest of days to you and the Bamboletta crew during the holidays!

  22. Lea Thomas Avatar
    Lea Thomas

    Oh, she is so cute!! Bamboletta is the epitome of love and joy ❤️

  23. Megan Avatar

    This is so very kind

  24. Shannon McKailey Spainhower Avatar
    Shannon McKailey Spainhower

    Happy Christmas Eve! Thanks for offering this sweet little one. It’s baby girl’s first Christmas, big sister’s last as a “kid” she’ll be 18 in July, and big brother will be 21 in April, cheers!
    Wishing you and yours a merry one!

  25. Britny sirotak Avatar
    Britny sirotak

    What a cutie! Thank you for the opportunity ❤️

  26. Kimiko Johanson Avatar
    Kimiko Johanson

    Happiest of Holidays to the Bamboletta Team!

  27. Jenifer Wheeler Avatar
    Jenifer Wheeler

    Thank you so much for having these giveaways. ❤️

  28. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    Skittles would get along great at our house!! Thank you so much for the chance to bring her home xoxo.

  29. Amy Tredway Avatar
    Amy Tredway

    Thank you for the joy you bring all year!

  30. Theresa D Avatar
    Theresa D

    We’ve been huge Bamboletta fans for years and will continue to be! My family all loves the various beauties and our collection has slowly been growing over the years! Will continue to recommend and be a fan! Much love.

  31. Tina Avatar

    Thank you for all the happiness you bring! ❤️

  32. Elizabeth Carroll Avatar
    Elizabeth Carroll

    Merry Christmas!

  33. Toni Gesler Avatar
    Toni Gesler

    Thank you so much for the chance! ♥️

  34. Christiane Savard Avatar
    Christiane Savard

    Happy holidays everyone. I wish you all peace and good health. What a cutie.

  35. Avatar

    This is adorable. I would love this doll but my 3 yo would love it even more!

  36. Christine Hacker Avatar
    Christine Hacker

    So sweet of you! We’d love to be considered! My daughter is my rainbow baby and she loves all baby dolls!

  37. Crystal Carter Avatar
    Crystal Carter

    She is so adorable! Thank you for making such wonderful dolls!

  38. Tiziana Rosvelti Avatar
    Tiziana Rosvelti

    My niece lost her pet hamster today…. it would definitely put a smile on her face.

  39. Ashleigh Aasen Avatar
    Ashleigh Aasen

    Merry Christmas Bamboletta family! ☃️❤️❤️

  40. Patti Groux Avatar
    Patti Groux

    Happy Holidays! Bamboletta is the best!

  41. Carol White Avatar
    Carol White

    Oh my! Boucle and rainbow. What a lovely gift! Thank you for another year of magic!

  42. Susan Zakanycz Avatar
    Susan Zakanycz

    Too cute, your dolls are precious!

  43. Dree Avatar

    Love you ladies at Bamboletta!!! You have been apart of our lives for ten years and just always make the world brighter with your joy, love, and gorgeous dolls.

  44. Nikki B Avatar
    Nikki B

    Thank you for the chance! Merry Christmas!

  45. Vivienne Avatar

    Dear Christina and team Bamboletta,

    Thank you for all you do to bring sweetness and joy into the world! Love the community you have created, it has been a haven especially this year. Wishing you all safe, warm, and peaceful holidays!


  46. Maryann porpora Avatar
    Maryann porpora

    Awwww soooo sweeet

  47. Colleen Avatar

    LOVE your dolls. Thanks for being so giving !

  48. Nicole Tiffin Avatar
    Nicole Tiffin

    Merry Christmas Eve! Such a cute doll

  49. Rebecca Avatar

    Skittles is delightful! I love what you create, which goes well beyond the beauty of the doll…it’s the spirit that resides within them that really blows me away.

  50. Treasa Crawford Avatar
    Treasa Crawford

    Sure could us an uplift…I’m sure we all could!! Thank you for this opportunity

  51. EmmA Avatar

    Scoring our first bamboletta for our little girl has been a dream come true. She loves to rock and cuddle and dress ans undress her doll. She is dreaming of adding to her collection and hair is the top priority!

  52. Kristi Fink Avatar
    Kristi Fink

    Merry CHristmas to Team Bamboletta!

  53. Lehla Avatar

    Oh! So sweet! I ha e a new little one who will love a special friend. So sweet of you to hold these giveaways

  54. Carrie Burns Avatar
    Carrie Burns

    After buying our first dolls in 2014, I forgot about your company and Rediscovered it this year, finding the Bamboletta Love FB group and learning of the new doll sizes has been such a highlight this year!All the love on that page inspired me to show our dolls more love and play with them and it has been a comfort for everyone in my family! This sweet little Piccolina Baby would be the perfect tag along friend for ME!

  55. Dawn Avatar

    Skittles is a perfect name for this wee one! Your company embodies all that is beautiful in this world. Thank you for your generosity. Whoever gets this one is one lucky person. ❤️

  56. Tara S Avatar
    Tara S

    Happy Holidays. I hope the entire Bambi team has an excellent Xmas.

  57. Alia McIntyre Avatar
    Alia McIntyre

    I have so enjoyed seeing all these beautiful dolls this past year and how much joy they bring to people.

  58. Pam Avatar

    Merry Christmas

  59. Melinda Franklin Avatar
    Melinda Franklin

    What a great contest! Love the happy vibes of this doll!

  60. Maureen Bailey Avatar
    Maureen Bailey

    I love love love your dolls. I can never decide which one I love more than the last. You are inspiring at a time when too many children are hooked on electronics. We need more dolls! 🙂

  61. Merrilyn Ellis Avatar
    Merrilyn Ellis

    Oh my goodness I had to enter, my gorgeous old greyhound is called skittles! Merry Christmas

  62. Daphné Dufour Avatar
    Daphné Dufour

    Beautiful! Bamboletta dolls are all so beautiful, I always admire how special each fiend is, and how they are crafted with care.

  63. Jennifer Branscome Avatar
    Jennifer Branscome

    Skittles is adorable! Thank you for the opportunity. Merry Christmas!

  64. Heather M Burke Avatar
    Heather M Burke

    Oooooo a Pico skittle baby… sooo presious

  65. Keltie Avatar

    Merry Christmas! What a lovely thing to do❤️ I have been trying for several years to snag a picco baby for my girl. How wonderful if Santa was able to bring her one!! Much love.

  66. Jess Avatar

    What a tiny sweetheart of a doll!!

  67. Melissa sherwood Avatar
    Melissa sherwood

    What a generous give away ⛄️ Skittles is adorable

  68. Amanda Hollingsworth Avatar
    Amanda Hollingsworth

    Skittles is so sweet!! We hope you have a wonderful holiday break!

  69. May Chan Avatar
    May Chan

    Happy Holidays! Cute little picco baby!

  70. Amber Kollbaum Avatar
    Amber Kollbaum

    Such a cute picco baby

  71. Cristy MacD Avatar
    Cristy MacD

    Such a cutie!! Thanks for this opportunity:)

  72. Melanie s Avatar
    Melanie s

    Happy holidays, Team Bamboletta!! Thank you for bringing joy and magic to so many!

    Side note: I used to collect Skittles packages when I was young haha I had bags from different places in the world and everything.

  73. Jennifer Lynne Avatar
    Jennifer Lynne

    Happy Holidays to you all! Thank you for bringing so much joy to so many peoples lives!

  74. Samantha Martines Avatar
    Samantha Martines

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS Bamboletta family! Thank you for this kind offer.

  75. Jay Hollingsworth Avatar
    Jay Hollingsworth

    What a perfect name! Thanks for everything all of you do!

  76. Cristy MacD Avatar
    Cristy MacD

    Such a cutie!! Thanks for the opportunity

  77. Meredith Avatar

    I was literally just reading up on freeze drying, and skittles are apperently a big things with that! Kinda cool to then see the dolls names skittles♥️

  78. Tracy Avatar

    So thankful for these beautiful dolls and the sweet ladies who make them as well as the dolly love and friendships formed. Each doll is like a warm hug!

  79. Jared Avatar

    How nice of you all

  80. Jessica Murray Avatar
    Jessica Murray

    This is so sweet! Your dolls bring us so much joy ❤️ Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  81. Sarah Avatar

    What a cutie!! And so lovely of you. Merry merry Christmas!! ♥️

  82. Alicia Avatar

    Thank you for all your hard work in such a crazy year!

  83. Michelle Cord Avatar
    Michelle Cord

    What a Precious bunch of cute!!

  84. Niki Avatar

    Happy Holidays!!✨⛄️✨Thank you for this opportunity,what a lovely gesture !Merry Christmas everyone

  85. Corinne Rogers Avatar
    Corinne Rogers

    So special! My girls would love her.

  86. Erin Wilson Avatar
    Erin Wilson

    Happy Christmas beautiful humans!

  87. Frances Platt Avatar
    Frances Platt

    Such a beautiful doll would be an honor to win

  88. Niki Avatar

    Happy holidays!Thank you for the opportunity!What a lovely gesture

  89. Kayla Avatar

    Merry Christmas!! What a cutie!

  90. Dianne Sellers Avatar
    Dianne Sellers

    Our family of 6 girls all love Bamboletta!! We adore the time and love that goes into each doll, and so grateful to have found this company.

  91. Valen Thiem Avatar
    Valen Thiem

    What a sweet little baby! Thank you for your generous heart and opportunity to win!

  92. Aimee Avatar

    How generous! What a lovely thing to do.

  93. Sara Reynolds Avatar
    Sara Reynolds

    She is amazing!!! Merry Christmas to you all!

  94. Kimi Avatar

    Bamboletta is happiness.

  95. Lola Gamez Avatar
    Lola Gamez

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a doll.

  96. Michelle Avatar

    So sweet! That hair ❤️

  97. Glenda Stimpson Avatar
    Glenda Stimpson

    Love you guys

  98. Cassie Carpenter Avatar
    Cassie Carpenter

    Skittles is beautiful! Thank you!

  99. Megan Graf Avatar
    Megan Graf

    What a thoughtful thing to do! My girls are in love with these dolls. I can’t say I blame them, so cute!!!

  100. Barbara Ann Taylor Avatar
    Barbara Ann Taylor

    She is the sweetest little rainbow haired picco, ever.
    Thank you, Bamboletta family, and Merry Christmas

  101. Amanda Gagne Avatar
    Amanda Gagne

    Thank you Christina, and Team Bamboletta, for all the magic and joy you spread throughout the year! Love to you all! ❤️❤️

  102. Cathleen Graf Avatar
    Cathleen Graf

    You are so generous! My granddaughters would love this! ❤️ Happy Holidays to all!

  103. Jill Avatar

    Super cute!

  104. Leah Mackey Avatar
    Leah Mackey

    What a cute little snuggle bug! Thank you for all the hard work and joy you all bring all year!

  105. Rebecca Avatar

    Your work is such a delight! Merry Christmas Eve!

  106. Lisa Avatar

    Oh,we’d love to add her to our family! We’ve been trying for a Picco Baby so long! Merry Christmas to the whole Bamboletta family ❤❄

  107. Celina Avatar

    Adorable! You are so sweet to be blessing others this season!!

  108. Betty Beevers Avatar

    Skittles is the cutest bebblie ever. I know that my granddaughter to be would love having her as her very first doll. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  109. Jennifer Avatar

    Merry Christmas, and hoping for a happier new year! A rainbow picco, my favorite picco of all!!!

  110. Hannah Horne Avatar
    Hannah Horne

    She is perfection. Thank you for the chance!

  111. Lynn Busby Avatar
    Lynn Busby

    What a sweety! My daughter Cleo (4) and I absolutely adore all the Bambos, but the piccos are our favourite right now! Thank you! Merry Christmas

  112. Dacey James Avatar
    Dacey James

    Such a cutie! Would love to add this to Scarletts collection!

  113. Michelle Traugutt Avatar
    Michelle Traugutt

    I discovered my love for Bamboletta when I was mentally and physically incapacitated as a result of the impact on our lives from the Corona virus/COVID. I was at the point where I could not get motivated to do anything. Thinking about a man made virus let loose without anyone knowing the true long term effects and realizing that it was “deadly serious” since the “world” basically shut down.. was beyond comprehension. Especially since my husband and I were in the “most likely to die” age group. So since a FB friend of mine was posting her Bamboletta baby and he was so cute, and after seeing how positive and delightful the BDC was, I decided to try for one at the next upload. Little did I realize that I was entering a whole new world of addiction! The fun and support and comaraderie of the Bamboletta Community is truly amazing. Every time I look at one of my Bambos I smile. It truly is a miraculous community and Christina and the entire Bamboletta Team are so totally awesome! Thank you for the gift of so many smiles! You all brighten my days and bring so much positive into our currently negative world. I hope you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Healthy and Happy New Year! Oh and I would love to give Skittles a home!

  114. Brittany mahe Avatar
    Brittany mahe

    This lovely rainbow haired baby would be perfect for my rainbow baby due in March!

  115. Brittany Miller Avatar
    Brittany Miller

    Thanks for the chance!

  116. Laura Avatar

    Thanks so much for your generosity! Here’s hoping for a positive 2021.

  117. Janet Ruel Avatar
    Janet Ruel

    What a beautiful baby. My son would love this. Merry Christmas and thank you for the chance!

  118. Andrea Bourke Avatar
    Andrea Bourke

    Bamboletta brings SO much joy! Thank you for this opportunity and Merry Christmas!

  119. Aleah Avatar


  120. Dylan Tredway Avatar
    Dylan Tredway

    This one is adorable! Thanks for doing this <3

  121. Kinley Avatar

    I am seven years old. I would be a good doll mommy for skittles. I would love her and take good care of her.

  122. Kerri Horsley Avatar
    Kerri Horsley

    Thanks so much for all you do to bring joy all year long! This sweet baby is absolutely adorable! Just love the rainbow cap hair!! Cheek pinchingly cute!!

  123. Debra Avatar

    What a kind thing to do. Merry Christmas everyone.

  124. Michelle LaFayette Avatar
    Michelle LaFayette

    Merry Christmas ☃️. She is beautiful

  125. Jaci Jahn Avatar
    Jaci Jahn

    This doll is gorgeous and so fun. My girls would love to play with her everyday!

  126. Sheila Jager Avatar
    Sheila Jager

    Thank you Christina, (the Head Bamboletta Elf), all your very talented elves and the wonderful people of the Bamboletta Club. You are all amazing and I sincerely hope you are going to enjoy your holiday season, whichever way you celebrate it. I will be up tonight, hoping to meet a new human as she enters the world to greet her parents . it’s an awesome time of the year.

  127. Lindsay Machell Avatar
    Lindsay Machell

    Happy Holidays!!! She is adorable!

  128. Stephany Brown Avatar
    Stephany Brown

    This is so sweet of you guys. I truly love this group the dolls the diversity. I truly feel like I belong.

  129. Jennifer Paige Hepple Avatar
    Jennifer Paige Hepple

    Oh we love rainbow boucle so much!! Yay! Bamboletta Love! Happy Christmas!

  130. Elizabeth howser Avatar
    Elizabeth howser

    She’s so pretty!

  131. Lindsie Bruns Avatar
    Lindsie Bruns

    She is so cute and you are so generous, Christina! Merry Christmas! ❤️

  132. Robyn Avatar

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Years!!

  133. Cassandra Avatar

    Oh she is so perfect!!!

  134. Viola Höll-Schwennen Avatar
    Viola Höll-Schwennen

    Wow, I so love her hair! We would be so glad to win a bamboletta, been trying to buy one fir so long now, even before I had kids. Now they are 1 and 3 yo already, lol.

  135. Elizabeth Avatar

    What fun hair!!! ❤️

  136. Katherine Avatar

    She is too cute!

  137. Jessica Diaz Avatar
    Jessica Diaz

    Beautiful doll! Merry Christmas!

  138. Joyce hill Avatar
    Joyce hill

    This is not for me but my dear friend Christine had a heart attack and staying in bed 2 weeks is so hard and isolating for her and her son is terminal cancer.she could so use a little bed partner. Merry christmas all!

  139. CASEY DIMEGLIO Avatar


  140. Nikki vandivrr Avatar
    Nikki vandivrr

    Ohhh we would love her!

  141. Jen Avatar

    What a little cutie!
    Best wishes for a happy holiday to the whole Bamboletta team. Thanks for all your beautiful work.

  142. Deb L Avatar
    Deb L

    Thanks for the chance!! Skittles just makes me smile! It would be great to have her come live with me. 😉

  143. Sarah Watts Avatar
    Sarah Watts

    She is so cute!

  144. Catie bingham Avatar
    Catie bingham

    What a wonderful gift.

  145. Michele Palazzo Avatar
    Michele Palazzo

    What a year 2020 has been, but through it all I’ve had the joy of my Bambolettas and the stability of watching unboxing videos every week. Thank you team Bamboletta.

  146. Amanda Gagne Avatar
    Amanda Gagne

    Thank you so much Christina, and all of Team Bamboletta for spreading such magic and joy all throughout the year! ❤️❤️

  147. Lorelei Grainger Avatar
    Lorelei Grainger

    This doll is so cute! Great company with beautiful items. My granddaughter, Lily, would love this little cutie

  148. Michelle McKay Avatar
    Michelle McKay

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!
    Wishing you love and light this holiday season!

  149. Amanda M. Avatar
    Amanda M.

    My daughters love their bambolettas! I hope everyone has a holiday season full of love and joy!

  150. Gillian Earl Avatar
    Gillian Earl

    Such a gorgeous cheerful doll! I would love to win and gift it to my children.

  151. Kayla Avatar

    SOOOOOO ADORABLE! My daughter would love this, her favourite “colour” is rainbows Merry Christmas and a Hapoy new year to you!

  152. Patti Clemons Avatar
    Patti Clemons

    I love seeing how creative you are. The dolls are so beautiful.

  153. Natalie Avatar

    I love being back to your blog. It’s like old times All the love, team Bamboletta xx

  154. Eileen cotey Avatar
    Eileen cotey

    I have two of your fools and will need to invest in a third as we had a third little girl! Gotta keep things fair.

  155. Amber Menzies Avatar
    Amber Menzies

    So kind! Thanks for the chance and all the best in 2021

  156. Lindsay Beane Avatar
    Lindsay Beane

    Bamboletta has absolutely been a bright spot amongst all of the challenges 2020 has brought to us all! Thank you so much for that! These little dolls faces bring a smile to everyone in our household! Thank you so much for the chance! ❤️

  157. Gena Avatar

    Happy holidays to everyone!

  158. Dianne Barber Avatar
    Dianne Barber

    I so love these dolls, love them all! You make us all so happy!
    Thank you!

  159. Sandra Avatar

    She’s so cute! Merry Christmas!

  160. Emily Nielsen Avatar
    Emily Nielsen

    Thank you for all you do! Love Bamboletta!

  161. Karen Short Avatar
    Karen Short

    Thank you soo very much Christina and team Bamboletta for all you do Merriest Christmas Wishes ❤

  162. Jodi Stroomer Avatar
    Jodi Stroomer

    Oh my gosh this is the sweetest baby piccolina.
    Merry Christmas and Happy holidays Bamboletta team ❤️❤️❤️

  163. Kristina Avatar

    Such a cute picco!

  164. Cat Avatar

    Thank you so much Christina and the Bamboletta team! Such a cutie patutie

  165. Alanna Avatar

    I am so happy to have discovered Bamboletta this year! My girls are getting their first dolls tomorrow morning and watching unboxing, FF dressing etc has become the highlight of our week. My eldest is turning 9 and I am so very grateful for the chance to continue the magic of childhood with her. Thank you Bamboletta!

  166. Kayleen Schnicker Avatar
    Kayleen Schnicker

    Adorable!! Merry Christmas!

  167. Jamie Moricle Avatar
    Jamie Moricle

    Thank you for such a generous and thoughtful opportunity! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  168. Megan Gans Avatar
    Megan Gans

    I love these babies and my daughter would be thrilled! This is a wonderful thing you’re doing!

  169. Hollie Schnepf Avatar
    Hollie Schnepf

    I know a little red headed girl who would love skittles! Thank you for the opportunity and merry Christmas!

  170. Tiffany Casados Avatar
    Tiffany Casados

    You have the kindest heart, I just love how generous you are. ❤️ Another beautiful doll made with so much love!

  171. Genia Luster Avatar
    Genia Luster

    Merry Christmas!! What a thoughtful idea <3

  172. Stephanie Smith Avatar
    Stephanie Smith

    We love Bamboletta!!

  173. Emily Lieberman Avatar
    Emily Lieberman

    Happy holidays to you and yours! Thank you for being a bright spot in a difficult year.

  174. Erin Essery Avatar
    Erin Essery

    Soo Precious!

  175. Lok Mei Ghee Avatar
    Lok Mei Ghee

    Love all the Bamboletta dolls. Each of them have own personalities and it’s an art.

  176. Emily Avatar

    Happy holidays!

  177. Christi Avatar

    My favorite part of Bamboletta is the opportunities given to Mom’s, the powerhouses of their families, to earn an income with littles at home! All the doll faces are so magical as they grow their personalities ! I can’t wait until my kits arrive so I can sprinkle some fairy dust myself!

  178. Jamie Avatar

    Such a beautiful little dolly. My 4 year old daughter would love her to bits.

  179. Amber Avatar

    So cute!! Love this love that rainbow hair ☃️⛄ Merry Christmas

  180. Bethany Cain Avatar
    Bethany Cain

    She’s absolutely adorable we would love to give her a great home.

  181. Lani Almaguer Avatar
    Lani Almaguer

    Merry Christmas to the whole Bamboletta team! So thankful for all you do!

  182. Amy Avatar

    Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you have a magical sleep.

  183. Barbara Hicks Avatar
    Barbara Hicks

    I love the dolls you lovingly create. I first saw your dolls when my daughter wanted one for her daughter. So I gave her the money and she picked one out for my granddaughter. When I retired from teaching, I bought one for myself. I adore her. A heartfelt thank you to you and all the hardworking women who help you in creating these special creatures. Merry Christmas!

  184. Frezette Avatar

    Thank you for this giveaway! I love the Bambo family!!!

  185. Donna Johnson Avatar
    Donna Johnson

    She is precious! Thanks for the chance!

  186. Margaret Engelbrecht Avatar
    Margaret Engelbrecht

    Merry Christmas! Our first Christmas in Canada…all the way from South Africa… we just ADORE your dolls and have not seen anything like them in SA. My almost 3-year old would LOVE to care for a Bamboletta doll. Thank you for making such special creations! ♡

  187. Michelle Eastridge Avatar
    Michelle Eastridge

    Love some rainbow babies!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas

  188. Jane Ellen Durnie Avatar
    Jane Ellen Durnie

    Lovely idea! ❤

  189. Heather harris Avatar
    Heather harris

    May your holidays be filled with joy, and thank your for giving us a chance to win this little one.

  190. Cory Robertson Avatar
    Cory Robertson

    Happy holidays everyone! So much to be grateful forward to a new year! Hugs to all

  191. Natalia Binui Avatar
    Natalia Binui

    What a beautiful gift! Merry Christmas

  192. Heather Avatar

    You bring joy to the world with each new creation, lighting the faces of children and delighting the spirit of the inner child.

  193. Anna Glenny Avatar
    Anna Glenny

    Merry Christmas, and many thanks for all your team does to brighten people’s lives:)

  194. Angela Avatar

    I love your dolls and would love the chance to get a couple for my daughters.

  195. Adrienne Pretzer Avatar
    Adrienne Pretzer

    Happy Holidays! Thank you for being a little bit of joy on the internet in a rather dim year. Loving the rainbow hair!!

  196. Alison Avatar

    What a beautiful thing to share. Skittles is just lovely! My 5 year old would eat her up she’s so sweet

  197. Carmela Avatar

    We love your brand so much. You and your team are so great.

  198. Hannibal Murray Avatar
    Hannibal Murray

    My daughter (and wife) would be thrilled to win skittles! Happy Holidays!!

  199. Heidi Vant Geloof Avatar
    Heidi Vant Geloof

    Merry Christmas Team Bamboletta!Can’t tell you how much I love watching when you dress the dolls- it is like magic! Keep spreading your own special brand of joy!

  200. Catherine smith Avatar
    Catherine smith

    Merry Christmas! Such cute chubby cheeks & perfect rainbow hair for 2020. Spotting rainbows in windows around our neighbourhood with my girls has definitely been something I’ll remember this year.

  201. Joyce Avatar

    Such a kind and generous thing to do! Thank you for the chance to win this adorable wee one.❤️

  202. Marcy Avatar

    I love her and skittles are my favorite candy!

  203. PETRA Avatar

    I love all your dolls, and I have a granddaughter who has a fourth birthday in February she would love a doll to love and care for.

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    Lori Veres

    Our dolls have brought us so much joy this past year. Thanks for all you do! Keep shining your light!

  207. Dee Crawford Avatar
    Dee Crawford

    What kindness. Thank you for the opportunity.
    I love your creations.
    May the Yuletide season bring blessings of love to you all.

  208. Rebecca Avatar

    So grateful for the comfort bamboletta has bought to me , especially this year .
    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas

  209. Ann Kilbreath Avatar
    Ann Kilbreath

    Merry Christmas Christina. What a cheerful little pick. What fun it would be to have her here in Halifax. Thanks for the chance.

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    Courtney Scaggs

    I have loved Bamboletta Dolls since the birth of my my daughter in 2012! You ladies are so talented and magical!!!

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    Laura A

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    Your dolls are amazing. Love them all.

  216. Kate J Avatar
    Kate J

    Lovely dolls! Woo. Will hope to have the chance to purchase one someday! Thanks for the chance! (Do you ever make Indigenous dolls?)

    1. admin Avatar

      Hey Kate – we make dolls with many different skin tones and hair colour combos! You just have to keep an eye out for the combo that you’d like but we do quite a few mocha and chocolate skin dolls each week!

  217. Cassandra Avatar

    I am reading this while eagerly waiting for my daughter to wake up and see the gorgeous doll Santa brought her!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  218. ROBIN RANDALL Avatar

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    Katina Hollman

    She’s adorable! Thanks for the chance!

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    Sharon J.

    I have loved these dolls from the moment I peered through the windows of your quaint little shop at Cobble Hill. This one would be perfect for my 2 year old grandson Benjamin, who is a living doll himself. Love the name “skittles” I welcome the opportunity to put my name in for the win. I pray your business is still growing strong

  221. Pat Avatar

    Her hair says her name! I have a granddaughter who would love her!

  222. Jennifer Diehl Avatar
    Jennifer Diehl

    Merry Christmas team bamboletta. Thanks for making magic!

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    Tammy Rockafellow

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    Rebecca Jennison

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    Lennon Hidell

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  228. Lisha Kern Avatar
    Lisha Kern

    I’m quite new to the Bambo world but am already so smitten with them. How on earth do you get those girls so chunky!!?? I LOVE IT! Thank you for making something real and treasured for children, something that can be passed down and bring love to a child’s life. You guys are amazing!

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    Danielle Martin

    Thank you for this chance!! My little girl would love to have one of your beautiful dolls!!

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    Jane Pollard

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    Melissa Spence

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    Kathleen Stevens

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    Jen Legon

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    This is so generous and thoughtful of you ladies! Wishing a happy and healthy New Year to all!

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    Lauren McCaughey

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    Cora Hamilton

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  243. Shannon Avatar

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    Emily K

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  245. Johnna Avatar

    We are expecting a much hoped for 3 rd child and found out two weeks ago we are having a second girl. I keep missing these babies, as they usual go up on Ballet morning so I’m driving and they sell out so fast.

  246. Jackie Avatar

    My five year old has been dreaming of a rainbow cap or golden cap Picco baby for sooo long! It’s what she asked Santa for! I would so love to be able to give this to her! What an incredibly gracious opportunity you’ve provided – thank you so much!!

  247. Christina Frederick Avatar
    Christina Frederick

    Maisie keeps ooo’ing and aaah’ing over the rainbow picco babies. They’re so cute!

  248. Daniel Avatar

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    Kristen Wood

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    Deidre Roberts

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    Heather Kinnaman

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    Leigh Baker

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  253. Lilia Avatar

    So sweet! My daughter would be so happy with her. Thanks!

  254. Lauren Avatar

    She is adorable. Thanks for your kind heart and always giving back!

  255. Heather Russell Avatar
    Heather Russell

    Skittles is adorable!

  256. Avital Kline Avatar
    Avital Kline

    My little queer heart, my love for actual skittles as well as a soft spot for Picos sure makes me really want to bring Skittles home!

  257. Monica rossi Avatar
    Monica rossi

    She is spectacular!! I love here hair!!
    This is so sweet you are giving her away!! ❤️❤️❤️

  258. Ariana Avatar

    Oh I just love her so much!!! She is such a happy little rainbow!!

  259. Candice Arnett Avatar
    Candice Arnett

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    Amanda Endsley

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  261. Reed Avatar

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  262. Sheralyn M Avatar
    Sheralyn M

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  263. Heather Blood Avatar
    Heather Blood

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    Anne Patelli

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  266. Gretchen Avatar

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    Kristen Sanderson

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    Cara Barter

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    Cindy Hansen

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  272. Jax Anderson Avatar
    Jax Anderson

    Happy New Year’s Bamboletta!!!

  273. Grace Avatar

    Eep! The little rainbow cap is love!
    Thank you team bamboletta for all that you do, bringing such joy to such a dark year. Thank you!

  274. Jennifer Stager Avatar
    Jennifer Stager

    Love the rainbow hair!

  275. Vicky Avatar

    Truly a cutie pie. What generosity, thank you for the opportunity.

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    Nicole McMillen

    She is so cute, we haven’t found our pico baby yet and would love for her to be it

  277. Brent Avatar

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  278. Jade Avatar

    Oh my gosh!!!! I love her so much!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

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    Pearl Spinharney

    Omg this cutie!!! Thanks so much for these generous gives. ❤️

  280. Jon Boldireff Avatar
    Jon Boldireff

    Hello! Trying to win for my 9 months pregnant wife!

  281. Brielle Feltaous Avatar
    Brielle Feltaous

    So adorable

  282. Kathy Gaudi Avatar
    Kathy Gaudi

    Love this doll! Hope one of the little girls in Labrador wins. Good luck to Alexandra Maggie and Bea!

  283. Aimee Avatar

    A little rainbow baby!! She’s precious!!

  284. Bridget Chaulk Avatar
    Bridget Chaulk

    Beautiful girls!!

  285. Alison Todd Avatar
    Alison Todd

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  286. Martha Bradley Avatar
    Martha Bradley

    I want my hair to be rainbow like this doll

  287. CL Dawkins Avatar
    CL Dawkins

    Love rainbow cap picco babies! Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  288. Jennifer Avatar

    I’m imagining a rainbow over 2021 and Skittles spreading all that joy!

  289. Heather Braswell-Reed Avatar
    Heather Braswell-Reed

    Love the rainbow!

  290. Sarah Avatar

    What a bright baby! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  291. Marie Fuller Avatar
    Marie Fuller

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  292. Coco Avatar

    She is the cutest thing ever!!!

  293. Deidre Avatar

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  295. sonja daley Avatar
    sonja daley

    LOVE this!

  296. Drie Avatar

    Rainbows are my favorite! Happy Holidays my lovely friends 🙂

  297. Laurel F Avatar
    Laurel F

    Would love to see a picco baby in person xoxo

  298. Jenni Avatar

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  299. Michele Avatar

    That reason haor!!! SWOOOON!!!!!

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