Days of Giving – Posey


Happy Sunday, friends! So today we have this cute little baby as our giveaway doll. Her name is Posey and she’s a cute as can be!

To enter for this doll, please leave a comment below. You may enter all the contests, you don’t have to choose just one doll. How can one choose?

We haven’t had babies for sale on the site for a while but I’m told there are some that will be on the site on Friday!

xoxo, Christina






269 responses to “Days of Giving – Posey”

  1. Cassandra Avatar

    Love those big blue eyes!

  2. Lori Avatar

    Babies are our favourite! How exciting a restock is coming

  3. Courtney Britt Avatar
    Courtney Britt

    Oh, how sweet is she?!?! Huge thanks to everyone who donated dollies! The whole Bambo family is just amazing!

    1. admin Avatar

      this little lady was hanging out here at the studio for a while keeping me company but decided it was time she found her new home!

  4. Shannon Avatar

    Oh my! She reminds me of my first daughter Lilly, she’s now 17; this little dolly would be a great first doll for baby Charlotte. Thanks for the chance!

  5. Jackie Avatar

    Oh, my, she is so beautiful! I think both of my girls would go nuts over her!!

  6. Lisa W. Avatar
    Lisa W.

    Thank you for the chance to bring this precious capped baby home!

  7. Daniel Avatar

    My youngest is DOLL crazy and would so love this sweet baby!!

  8. Joanna Avatar

    She is so adorable and precious. I’m so glad that I found this group and these dolls.

  9. Jennifer Mosher Avatar
    Jennifer Mosher

    Ready for snuggles!

  10. Michelle Avatar

    She is sweet! Thank you for the chance.

  11. Cory Robertson Avatar
    Cory Robertson

    She is precious!

  12. Shannon Avatar

    Darling! Reminds me of my first daughter, Lilly, now 17; would be a great first dolly for my little Charlotte! Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. Amanda Gagne Avatar
    Amanda Gagne

    What beautiful colouring on this baby doll! She is certainly a gem! Thank you so much for the chance to bring this precious baby home!

  14. Jessica Miller Avatar
    Jessica Miller

    What a cute baby! We are big fans of babies here!

  15. Natalie Adams Avatar
    Natalie Adams

    She is the sweetest. I have just started my journey with bamboletti and would love to give posey a home. Thankyou for the chance to enter this giveaway in the true essence of bambolettis

  16. Amanda Hollingsworth Avatar
    Amanda Hollingsworth

    Posey is so sweet! She reminds me of my Vi. Thank you for all that you do!! You are amazing.

  17. Alia mcIntyre Avatar
    Alia mcIntyre

    My daughter would absolutely love her, she’s precious ❤️

  18. Jen Pigeon Avatar
    Jen Pigeon

    What a sweetie ❤️

  19. Mandy Winningham Avatar
    Mandy Winningham

    Be still my heart! She’s absolutely precious. My little girl would love this precious baby.

  20. Lennon Avatar

    She is adorable!

  21. Melinda Franklin Avatar
    Melinda Franklin

    Sweet little baby! Love the curls!

  22. Amber Avatar

    This baby is so precious! My daughter would love her

  23. Melissa James Avatar
    Melissa James

    I adore this beautiful baby! In fact, she matches very closely with the kind of baby doll I would like to get, including her pink outfit and curly blonde hair. Her beautiful blue eyes and kind, smiley expression make me think of me and my twin sister when we were babies. I truly love this baby doll! I would be a very happy doll mama if she came to live with me.

  24. Cat Avatar

    What a sweet little face!

  25. Glenda Stimpson Avatar
    Glenda Stimpson

    I would love a capped hair baby.

  26. Amber Molby Avatar
    Amber Molby

    She is perfect. Her name is my daughters nickname from her god mother. Rosey Posey!

  27. Robyn Groshek Avatar
    Robyn Groshek

    Light hair and big, blue eyes. “What a DOLL!”

  28. Natalia Binui Avatar
    Natalia Binui

    What a cute baby doll! My daughter would love her .

  29. Christine Hacker Avatar
    Christine Hacker

    She’s adorable!! Thanks to everyone that donated! We would love to bring a baby home for my daughter

  30. Emily Lieberman Avatar
    Emily Lieberman

    She is so sweet! We only have a sleepy baby, so I’d love to add an awake baby to our collection!

  31. Lisa Avatar

    Love her ❤️ Reminds me of my blonde babies (now 18, 15, and 7!)

  32. Michelle Traugutt Avatar
    Michelle Traugutt

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE babies!!!! Would love to snuggle with Posey!

  33. Melissa James Avatar
    Melissa James

    I adore this beautiful baby! So cute with her blonde curly hair and pink outfit. She is almost exactly what I have in mind for a baby doll to add to my collection. Her big blue eyes and kind, smiley expression remind me of my twin sister and I when we were babies. I just love her! I would be a very happy doll mama if she came to live with me.

  34. Cassandra L Avatar
    Cassandra L

    Those big blue eyes are amazing!! She’s such a cutie pie.

  35. Cristy MacD Avatar
    Cristy MacD

    Gosh Posey is sweet. Thanks again for the opportunity to enter these giveaways!

  36. Mary Cobb Avatar
    Mary Cobb

    She’s sweet. ❤️

  37. Barbara Ann Taylor Avatar
    Barbara Ann Taylor

    Some of my best friends are Bambolettas.
    This little baby is darling.

  38. Jenna waiser Avatar
    Jenna waiser

    Oh she is lovely! Thanks Bamboletta!

  39. Ida Avatar

    She’s darling!! Would be a lovely doll to own!

  40. Katina Hollman Avatar
    Katina Hollman

    Thank you for the chance!

  41. Toni G. Avatar
    Toni G.

    Thank you for the chance!

  42. Lauren McCaughey Avatar
    Lauren McCaughey

    Well, she’s darling! Thank you for the opportunity to enter

  43. Anne King Avatar
    Anne King

    What an incredible baby! Super sweet! Thank you again for the chance.

  44. Tracy Avatar

    I love her big blue eyes and blond hair!

  45. Lindsie Bruns Avatar
    Lindsie Bruns

    So adorable!

  46. Whitney Court Avatar
    Whitney Court

    She’s such a cutie! Thank you for all these sweet opportunities to add to our little doll families!

  47. Nikki Avatar

    She is so cute

  48. Jessica Avatar

    She is adorable! What a seeetie!!

  49. Leona Avatar

    Awww such a cutie patootie xxx

  50. Jeanette Martinez-Lewis Avatar
    Jeanette Martinez-Lewis

    Hello sweet Posey

  51. Heidi Vant Geloof Avatar
    Heidi Vant Geloof

    Oh my- she is a sweetie!

  52. Elizabeth Avatar

    Love the name!! My nick name is Josie and my family always called
    me Josie Posey

  53. Hannah Horne Avatar
    Hannah Horne

    be still my heart. I’ve always wanted one of the babies.

  54. Jenifer Wheeler Avatar
    Jenifer Wheeler

    We’d love to have her join us in Alaska.

  55. Kyla Avatar

    I’m so excited for babies to come back!! ❤️❤️ Posey sure is a sweetheart!! Good luck to everyone and thank you for this awesome giveaway!! ❤️❤️❤️

  56. LeahMackey Avatar

    Sweet Posey!!

  57. Stephany Brown Avatar
    Stephany Brown

    Wow she’s a cutie. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

  58. Tiffany Hantelmann Avatar
    Tiffany Hantelmann

    What a sweet baby!

  59. Sherisse Lebedoff Avatar
    Sherisse Lebedoff

    So cute! I would love a bamboletta doll for my little guy!

  60. Brittany Avatar

    Love this sweet doll!

  61. Valen Thiem Avatar
    Valen Thiem

    What a little darling!

  62. Sue Avatar

    She’s a beautiful snuggle buddy!

  63. Stacy Wormell-street Avatar
    Stacy Wormell-street

    Look at that face! Thank you for doing this!

  64. Alex Avatar

    Ohhh I have a little girl who would love this little sweetie

  65. Melanie Avatar

    Oh Rosey Posey you are so sweet!
    Thanks for the chance. Fingers so crossed.

  66. Celina Avatar

    So sweet!!!

  67. Christina Frederick Avatar
    Christina Frederick

    Love those blue eyes.

  68. Cassie Avatar

    She is absolutely adorable!

  69. Paige Hepple Avatar
    Paige Hepple

    Boucle capped baby so soft and sweet!

  70. Megan Graf Avatar
    Megan Graf

    I love her!! So cute!!! Thanks again for these giveaways. So thoughtful.

  71. Sheralyn Avatar

    I love the little baby dolls they always look so cuddly

  72. Monique Avatar

    Such a sweet little one! My girl would love her!! Thanks for being so

  73. Christiane Savard Avatar
    Christiane Savard

    The babies are some of my favourites. I love how they feel when you hold them ❤️

  74. Amanda P Avatar
    Amanda P

    Oh my! What a precious baby.

  75. Trish Brown Avatar
    Trish Brown

    Such a little cutie!

  76. Kristina Avatar

    She looks so soft!

  77. Bekki Bielas Avatar
    Bekki Bielas

    Her blue eyes are stunning and the platinum blond hair is incredible! Thank you for the chance to bring her home!

  78. Brielle Feltaous Avatar
    Brielle Feltaous

    What an absolute sweetie pie. Live her name

  79. Mindy Reese Avatar
    Mindy Reese

    Ohhh I love her!!!!! You are so generous!!! My
    Daughter would love to have a baby to play with.


  80. Gillian Earl Avatar
    Gillian Earl

    Those blonde curls are adorable!

  81. Marina Avatar

    Love those babies are our favourite!

  82. Marina Avatar

    Love those babies are our favourite! ❤️❤️

  83. Jane Pollard Avatar

    Oh my goodness I truly just love these white haired dolls. Angelic perfect little charmer. I would love her

  84. Marianne Lohnes Avatar
    Marianne Lohnes

    Posey is precious.

  85. Amber Kollbaum Avatar
    Amber Kollbaum

    Oh my!! Baby!

  86. Trinity Avatar

    Aww, love Posey. She is my favorite. Love those royal blue eyes. Thank you for the chance.

  87. Melissa Spence Avatar
    Melissa Spence

    I love this baby! Her big blue eyes are precious. Thank you for the giveaway.

  88. Lindsay Beane Avatar
    Lindsay Beane

    Thank you so much for the chance! She is adorable as are all of your works of art! Love all of you lovely ladies!!

  89. Ashleigh Aasen Avatar
    Ashleigh Aasen

    Love her big blue eyes

  90. TERI SMITH Avatar

    She is just so sweet

  91. Candice Heikkinen Avatar
    Candice Heikkinen

    She’s a sweetie! Would love to bring this baby home to my little one. It would be her first baby (:

  92. Robyn Avatar

    Love her gorgeous hair!

  93. Shoshanna Brady Avatar
    Shoshanna Brady

    What a sweet baby! Look forward to seeing more soon

  94. Marie Fuller Avatar
    Marie Fuller

    Love her!

  95. Dianne Barber Avatar
    Dianne Barber

    Adorable, like all Bamboletta dolls!

  96. Jaime Hanrahan Avatar
    Jaime Hanrahan

    Love her!!!

  97. Emma Avatar

    This doll is absolutely perfection.

  98. Kathleen Stevens Avatar
    Kathleen Stevens

    What a cutie!

  99. Shenaigh Newman Avatar
    Shenaigh Newman

    Eee! This would be perfect for my toddler to have to prep for the new baby.

  100. Martha Bradley Avatar
    Martha Bradley

    She is beautiful and her eyes are just wow!!!

  101. Kayla Avatar

    We love allll the bambolettas, but the babies HAVE OUR HEARTS!!!! We are so grateful for the chance to bring this little one home. Thanks for the opportunity! <3

  102. Bertha Roginski Avatar
    Bertha Roginski

    Precious Pink Posey

  103. Jess Avatar

    So sweet!

  104. Jessica Diaz Avatar
    Jessica Diaz

    So cute!!

  105. Lori Grainger Avatar
    Lori Grainger

    This baby is a darling—so pretty!

  106. Joan Avatar

    What a beautiful doll, you have the most beautiful dolls. Thanks for being an awesome designer!!

  107. Colleen Avatar

    This one is sweet!! Love your giving spirit

  108. Michelle McKay Avatar
    Michelle McKay

    Awe! A gorgeous baby!!!

  109. Leana Avatar

    Oh my goodness, she is adorable! My littles would love this new little friend! They have been coveting a baby!

  110. Niki Avatar

    Oh what a sweet baby

  111. Deidre Roberts Avatar
    Deidre Roberts

    Such a sweetheart! I love her.

  112. Sarah Styles Avatar
    Sarah Styles

    I just love these babies!

  113. Laura Avatar

    Babies are the bestest! This one is super sweet.

  114. Rachelle Sanford Avatar
    Rachelle Sanford

    Posey is adorable!

  115. May Chan Avatar
    May Chan

    Cute little baby!

  116. Sara B Avatar
    Sara B

    I know exactly who I would give this to!

  117. Emily K Avatar
    Emily K

    Babies are the favourite in this house! Love the pale pink sleeper!

  118. Casey DiMeglio Avatar
    Casey DiMeglio

    Its the big blues for me!!

  119. Robin Randall Avatar
    Robin Randall

    My daughter loves this baby!

  120. Angela Avatar

    Another beautiful doll! It would be so nice to give this doll to my daughter.

  121. Ariana Avatar

    She is so sweet!!! Adorable!!!

  122. Janet Ruel Avatar
    Janet Ruel

    Oh, my gosh, she looks like my daughter when she was a baby!!

  123. Nina Goethals Avatar
    Nina Goethals

    Capped baby dolls are soon becoming a favorite around here!

  124. Michelle Cord Avatar
    Michelle Cord

    She is such a a sweet baby! My grandson said she’s his baby sister

  125. Alanna Avatar

    So cute! Such generousity

  126. Candice Arnett Avatar
    Candice Arnett

    Posey is so precious!

  127. Dolly mott Avatar
    Dolly mott

    Big blue eyes just like my moms! We lost her 10 years ago oh how they remind me of her thank you for the color of sky!!♥️

  128. Ann Kilbreath Avatar
    Ann Kilbreath

    Thanks for this generous giveaway of a sweet doll

  129. Jay Hollingsworth Avatar
    Jay Hollingsworth

    A mini Violet!

  130. Sue Brayton Avatar
    Sue Brayton

    Sweet little baby doll

  131. Heather Blood Avatar
    Heather Blood

    She is toooo cute!

  132. Amanda Avatar

    I just want to squish her little cheeks

  133. Kristi Fink Avatar
    Kristi Fink

    What a gorgeous baby!

  134. Roni Schornheuser Avatar
    Roni Schornheuser

    Pretty, pretty Posey with the pretty blue eyes

  135. Opal Avatar

    Ahh she’s so sweet

  136. Natalie Avatar

    Secretly love the cap babies and dolls and don’t have one. Happy happy Sunday!

  137. Nina Avatar


  138. Britny sirotak Avatar
    Britny sirotak

    What a sweet baby!!

  139. Treasa Leigh Crawford Avatar
    Treasa Leigh Crawford

    Babies are my favorite

  140. Jen Avatar

    Oh gosh, is Posey ever a cutie pie. My girl saw me coming to enter and is quite taken with her. Fingers crossed we will be the lucky ones!

  141. Donna Johnson Avatar
    Donna Johnson

    I need a sweet baby! Thanks for the chance!

  142. Adrienne Pretzer Avatar
    Adrienne Pretzer

    Babies are my absolute favorite Bamboletta dolls. There is just something so comforting about holding one.

  143. Krista M. Avatar
    Krista M.

    My partner and I swore we were done with babies but we may just have to make en exception for this cutie …

  144. Mei Ghee Avatar
    Mei Ghee

    oh!! She is so….. sweet.

  145. Elena Avatar

    In love

  146. Jaci Jahn Avatar
    Jaci Jahn

    Oh so sweet. She would make a great companion for our Buttercup baby.

  147. Gail Timmer Avatar
    Gail Timmer

    The babies are my favorite. I love the weighted bottoms

  148. Judy Lang Avatar
    Judy Lang

    Oh I love the babies!

  149. Jennifer Stager Avatar
    Jennifer Stager

    She is adorable!

  150. Gretchen Avatar

    She’s so cute!!

  151. Theresa D Avatar
    Theresa D

    Magic in every friend made by Bamboletta! Looking forward to seeing what fun is in the future!

  152. Julie Chavez Avatar
    Julie Chavez

    Seriously one of the cutest cap babies ever!!

  153. Regan Avatar

    My beautiful foster baby would love this! <3

  154. Eilidh Avatar

    How cute!!

  155. Avital Kline Avatar
    Avital Kline

    Posey is the sweetest! She’d get so many cuddles here!

  156. Arlee Greenwood Avatar

    SQUEEEEEEE!!! She’s SO freaking CUTE!!

  157. Andrea Bourke Avatar
    Andrea Bourke

    This little one is pure magic!

  158. Lizzi Avatar

    That is the cutest creation I have ever seeeen!!!!

  159. Christi Avatar

    The babies are the cutest, I just can’t stand it- little clothes and little arms and legs!!

  160. Alison Todd Avatar
    Alison Todd

    Ohh my daughter is dying for a baby bamboletta.

  161. Crystal Carter Avatar
    Crystal Carter

    She is so precious

  162. SUSAN SOUL Avatar

    Such a cutey!

  163. Cheryl Avatar

    What a cutie. Reminds me of the Valentine Cupid’s. So adorable. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  164. Katie Avatar

    Hi Posey!! Did mama Christina give you royal blue eyes too? I think it’s a current fave, and boy is it cute on you~ Katie

  165. Laura Avatar

    She is gorgeous! Look at those eyes and the pink 🙂

  166. Reed Avatar

    This little baby is beautiful and has big blue eyes like my baby – or almost toddler now I guess! Would be a great snuggle buddy for my little one. Come on home with us Posey! 🙂

  167. Sheila Jager Avatar
    Sheila Jager

    Adorable, I know exactly who I’d gift her to!!❤️❤️

  168. Johnna Avatar

    How sweet is she? It is lovely you are able to do this!

  169. Carrie Burns Avatar
    Carrie Burns

    Love the Baby! My son has a well loved worn out baby that is almost 7 years old, but Mama would love this sweet baby for herself

  170. DeAnne Brownlee Avatar
    DeAnne Brownlee

    She is so pretty

  171. Corina Fields Avatar
    Corina Fields

    I know of a wee one who would LOVE Posey in her days!

  172. Nathalie Burns Avatar
    Nathalie Burns

    This baby looks so sweet!

  173. Marian Midgley Avatar
    Marian Midgley

    Love Posey’s blue eyes and boucle hair. She’s so adorable!

  174. Elizabeth howser Avatar
    Elizabeth howser

    Oooh love her!

  175. Jennifer McKay Avatar
    Jennifer McKay

    Dear Posey, come fill the hole in my heart that losing my dad has left.

  176. Alicia Avatar

    Such a sweet snuggly chunk!

  177. Lisha Kern Avatar
    Lisha Kern

    My baby girl would love this little baby and it would be so perfect for her little hands. This doll is too precious!

  178. Gina Avatar

    Magic. Pure magic. Thanks for this chance.

  179. Melissa Avatar

    What a beautiful baby! We managed to get a baby doll from the bambo bss page and my daughter adores her!

  180. Diony Avatar

    Wonderful! She’s stunning. Mignt be too late to enter but thought I’d try!

  181. Jamie Moricle Avatar
    Jamie Moricle

    Aww Posey is so sweet! Thanks for the opportunity!

  182. Emily Avatar

    Absolutely adorable

  183. Tanya Avatar

    This doll would be perfect for my daughter who would love a new baby as her current doll named “pink baby” has limbs that are hanging on by a thread for being so loved! What a wonderful giveaway!

  184. Pam Gay Avatar
    Pam Gay


  185. Tiffany Avatar

    This is such a fun giveaway

  186. Jennifer Bouvy Avatar
    Jennifer Bouvy

    So cute!

  187. Aimee Avatar

    Oh, I love the baby dolls! So glad to hear there’s going to be more soon!

  188. Anne Patelli Avatar
    Anne Patelli

    We love the babies!

  189. Michelle LaFayette Avatar
    Michelle LaFayette

    She is adorable

  190. Carol Vetter Avatar
    Carol Vetter

    She’s adorable!

  191. Nicole Avatar

    So sweet ❤ She is like a pink pixie

  192. Shawna Smith Avatar
    Shawna Smith

    She’s so sweet!

  193. Shawna Smith Avatar
    Shawna Smith

    So Cute!

  194. Kerri Horsley Avatar
    Kerri Horsley

    Oh my goodness! Posey is my absolute favorite! She is so darling! I’d love to give her a loving home. Thank you for this special opportunity to try for her!!

  195. Amanda M Avatar
    Amanda M

    So cute! She’d have fun with our sitting friends!

  196. Jackie Clark Avatar
    Jackie Clark

    Love the baby dolls!!

  197. Kristen Sanderson Avatar
    Kristen Sanderson

    She is so cute! My daughters would love to give her a new home.

  198. Heather Avatar

    She is so precious ❤️ My 1 year old daughter would love this one!

  199. Patrice Avatar

    We love your dolls! We would love this little one for our 3 year old as I wasn’t able to do much this year because I was in hospital with preeclampsia❤️

  200. Cara Barter Avatar

    What a gorgeous little doll!

  201. Amanda Endsley Avatar
    Amanda Endsley

    What a cute little nugget!! Your dolls make me so happy–even when I am not quick enough to get one. Just beautiful!!

  202. Sarah Avatar

    She is the sweetest!! Thanks so much for the opportunity ♥️

  203. Betty roshan Avatar
    Betty roshan


  204. Dena Knox Avatar
    Dena Knox

    She is my favorite! Love her!!

  205. Elizabeth Carroll Avatar
    Elizabeth Carroll

    She is beautiful!

  206. Lani Almaguer Avatar
    Lani Almaguer

    She so cute! Thanks for the opportunity!

  207. Susan Zakanycz Avatar
    Susan Zakanycz

    She is so cute.

  208. Jessica Murray Avatar
    Jessica Murray

    Oh my goodness those eyes! She is adorable!

  209. Chris Overton Avatar
    Chris Overton

    Posey is so cute!! I would love to add a second baby to the family! I gave our first to a mama who needed one to hold after a loss….

  210. Keltie Avatar

    She is beautiful! Thank you so much for your generosity

  211. Cindy Hansen Avatar
    Cindy Hansen

    A pocket full of posies! Love this sweet Posey and her big beautiful blue eyes. What a darling!

  212. Natalie Avatar

    Would love to gift posey to my niece Rosie

  213. Lori Veres Avatar
    Lori Veres

    She is such a sweetie! Thanks so much for doing these giveaways!

  214. Kimiko Johanson Avatar
    Kimiko Johanson

    Cuuuute! Thanks for the opportunity!

  215. Meredith Avatar

    Everyone should have a bamboletta baby! My oldest got one with with birth of my youngest and it was just love

  216. Tara Avatar

    Omg… cute. Such a little bundle to bring joy.

  217. Cora Hamilton Avatar
    Cora Hamilton

    Oh how adorable

  218. Hannibal Murray Avatar
    Hannibal Murray

    Love this baby! Both my daughter and my son would love it.

  219. Dawn Avatar

    Such a sweet baby!

  220. Shay Avatar

    She’s as sweet as can be. Would love to add a baby to our collection. ❤️

  221. Lynn Busby Avatar
    Lynn Busby

    Such a sweetie!

  222. Deborah Ferguson Avatar
    Deborah Ferguson

    All the babies are So cute. Thank you for
    Bringinging joy to so many people.

  223. Pearl Spinharney Avatar
    Pearl Spinharney

    What an absolute doll, and amazing giveaway! Thanks for the opportunities ❤️

  224. Heather Russell Avatar
    Heather Russell

    My daughter would love her!

  225. Jax Anderson Avatar
    Jax Anderson

    Thankful for everyone in this group! Best wishes to all in the new year. Hopefully the year’s theme will be TOGETHERNESS

  226. Tiffany Tyskn Avatar
    Tiffany Tyskn

    What a cutie

  227. Leigh Baker Avatar
    Leigh Baker

    Oh the Bambo babies are the sweetest and so cuddly! I just love these babies!!

  228. Genia Avatar

    Love her eyes!!! ❤

  229. Grace Avatar

    Oh baby Posey, what a sweetheart! Thank you team bamboletta for creating these little cuddle buddies!!

  230. Brittany miller Avatar
    Brittany miller

    Thanks for the chance!

  231. Shannon Avatar

    I know a little who would love to squeeze this baby doll!!

  232. Vicky Avatar

    Thank you for this great opportunity. This group is amazing. I have been so pleased to join and meet everyone.

  233. Brent Avatar

    What a cutie with blue eyes!

  234. Amy Tredway Avatar
    Amy Tredway

    Such a sweetheart!

  235. Christina Avatar

    Perfect for my granddaughter! So glad I discovered your dolls!

  236. Jade Avatar

    I love this baby so much! She reminds me of my one-year-old!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  237. Jonathan Avatar

    Yay!!! Fingers crossed!

  238. Linda Avatar

    Oh my goodness! What a cutie

  239. Michelle Eastridge Avatar
    Michelle Eastridge

    So so cute!!

  240. Heather Burke Avatar
    Heather Burke

    Such a cutie pie!

  241. Anton Avatar

    I am not sure if I have to belong to a group to enter but I have occasionally looked at your website as my wife loves these dolls. She has one that we got on vacation back in 2017 and then we gave our kids one. Someday I hope to surprise her with another one. Happy New Year!

  242. Kathy Gaudi Avatar
    Kathy Gaudi

    Hope we qualify for a doll. 3 little girls in Labrador love your dolls! Thanks for all the joy you give!

  243. Aimee Avatar

    I love her sooooo much!!!!

  244. Donna Johnson Avatar
    Donna Johnson

    What a beauty! Love her eyes!

  245. Heather Stephenson Avatar
    Heather Stephenson

    Love her blue eyes. What a cutie pie

  246. Johnna Avatar

    A beautiful pink baby for our new baby girl coming in April!

  247. Cara Avatar

    Ahh so sweet! Would love love love this baby for my baby!!

  248. Jennifer Avatar

    A sweet baby is always a welcome sight!

  249. CL Dawkins Avatar
    CL Dawkins

    Love capped haired babies! Thank you for the chance!

  250. Lennon Hidell Avatar
    Lennon Hidell

    She’s precious!!

  251. Kristin Le Ross Avatar
    Kristin Le Ross

    The babies are my favorite! …. nvm, they are all my favorite!

  252. Michelle Avatar

    Such tiny sweetness!!!

  253. Robyn Bopp Avatar
    Robyn Bopp

    Just gave birth to a baby who looks like this (1/1/21 at 0256). Kismet?

  254. Deborah Ferguson Avatar
    Deborah Ferguson

    How sweet! Love her!

  255. Stephanie B. Avatar
    Stephanie B.

    My girl has short, light, curly hair and blue eyes. I know she’d love this sweet baby. Thank you for this opportunity.

  256. Coco Avatar

    This has got to be one of the prettiest baby dolls that I have ever seen!! Thank you so much for the chance to win her!

  257. Hollie Avatar

    Happy New Years. Look at this precious baby omg! As always thank you for this opportunity

  258. sonja daley Avatar
    sonja daley

    Soooo cute!

  259. Karen W Avatar
    Karen W

    Shes so pretty! My 2 year old would love this baby doll!

  260. Christina Avatar

    Love her blue eyes!

  261. Dree Avatar

    Little posey is so cute!

  262. Ann Kilbreath Avatar
    Ann Kilbreath

    Sweet, sweet Posey. I adore this baby. Thanks Christina.

  263. Laurel F Avatar
    Laurel F

    Those eyes! 🙂 Hopefully more baby clothes will be available this year.

  264. Michele Avatar

    Those eyes!!!!!

  265. Sarah Watts Avatar
    Sarah Watts


  266. Diane B Harcourt Avatar
    Diane B Harcourt

    Too cute!

  267. Diane B Harcourt Avatar
    Diane B Harcourt

    So sweet

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