Days Of Giving – Lilac


Lilac was generously gifted to us by Debra S, over on our Facebook Group, Bamboletta Dolls Club (are you a member? it’s super fun there!) . Over the year a few of our members have done this as a way to show appreciation and give thanks to the amazing and supportive group we have over there (I’m looking at you Lisa!).

So, next in our Days of Giving giveaway is the gorgeous Sitting Friend, Lilac. That handspun! (thanks Leola) That cute little dress! (thanks Joy!)

To enter, please leave a comment below. It may take time to show because I have to manually approve them. Anyhow, good luck and I’ll choose someone as a winner on New Years Day!

Hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday! xo






326 responses to “Days Of Giving – Lilac”

  1. Corinne Rogers Avatar
    Corinne Rogers


  2. Deidre Roberts Avatar
    Deidre Roberts

    She’s beautiful! What a fun way to end the year!

  3. Nikki Avatar

    This girl is pink and purple perfection

  4. Jennifer Mosher Avatar
    Jennifer Mosher

    Hi Lilac! That handspun is absolutely gorgeous! Our daughters would have so much fun playing house while singing with you! Well, wherever you end up traveling, we know it will be the perfect place for you!

  5. Emily Lieberman Avatar
    Emily Lieberman

    She is beautiful! Thank you for giving us the chance to bring her home.

  6. Leah Mackey Avatar
    Leah Mackey

    What a perfect little girl to brighten up someone’s winter!

  7. Cory Robertson Avatar
    Cory Robertson

    Thank you Debra for donating this doll! Lilac is beautiful and makes me look forward to spring!

  8. Susan Zakanycz Avatar
    Susan Zakanycz

    This doll is so cute, colorful and wonderful!

  9. Kerri Horsley Avatar
    Kerri Horsley

    Thanks Debra for your generosity and bringing cheer to others! Lilac is so sweet! Those lilac eyes are the loveliest!!

  10. Lisa Avatar

    Lilacs are my favourite, and this little girl is perfectly named. Thanks for the generous donation!

  11. Celina Avatar

    She is pretty!! I love lilac/purple! Those eyes!!!

  12. Michelle Avatar

    Thank you Debra.. so generous! She is beautiful! Thank you for the chance.

  13. Courtney Britt Avatar
    Courtney Britt

    Oh she is so gorgeous!!!! That handspun…swoon!!! Today is a hard day – it would be my sweet Jobe’s 5th birthday so winning this beauty would definitely lift my spirits. But whoever wins will be one lucky dolly momma (or papa). Thank you for the awesome opportunity!!!

  14. Genia Avatar

    Love those eyes!!! Thanks Debra for your generosity ❤

  15. Lauren McCaughey Avatar
    Lauren McCaughey

    Oh she’s so lovely! Thank you Debra for donating this sweetie ♥️

  16. Jessica Avatar

    Love her!

  17. Marie Fuller Avatar
    Marie Fuller

    Love her
    Thank you

  18. Melinda Franklin Avatar
    Melinda Franklin

    What a beautiful doll! I love the colour lilac!

  19. Tina Avatar

    What a sweet little face! ❤️

  20. Kim Lavender-Kitchen Avatar
    Kim Lavender-Kitchen

    Merry Christmas and thank you for your generosity!!!! Such a sweetie with such a perfect name!

  21. Gillian Earl Avatar
    Gillian Earl

    Lilac is a beautiful doll. You are all such talented women!

  22. Michelle Cord Avatar
    Michelle Cord

    What a lovely thing for Deb to do❤️❤️❤️

  23. Amber Kollbaum Avatar
    Amber Kollbaum

    Such gorgeous eyes!

  24. Leana Avatar

    What a beautiful gesture and a gorgeous doll! My littles would love to be considered for her!

  25. Sheralyn MacRae Avatar
    Sheralyn MacRae

    What a beautiful and generous gift

  26. Cassie Avatar

    Merry Christmas!!!
    Her handspun is amazing!

  27. Whitney Court Avatar
    Whitney Court

    Thank you, Debra! What a kind gesture! She’s adorable!!

  28. Megan Graf Avatar
    Megan Graf

    What a cutie, thanks for the opportunity!

  29. Trish Brown Avatar
    Trish Brown

    Such a beautiful doll! My favorite color is purple…we painted my daughters nursery with lilac purple!

  30. Ann Kilbreath Avatar
    Ann Kilbreath

    Thanks again Christina for your generous spirit. The dollies are as sweet as ever.

  31. Rebecca Seelund Avatar
    Rebecca Seelund

    What a beautiful idea and beautiful doll!

  32. Angela Avatar

    She looks like pure happiness!

  33. Paulette Avatar

    I always fall for the blondes with hand spun. Makes me think of my little girl,who just happens to love purple and Bamboletta dolls!

  34. Ana Avatar

    Such a sweet doll! Love the name and the colors!

  35. Dacey Avatar

    Very cute!

  36. Arlee Greenwood Avatar
    Arlee Greenwood

    Hello, wee Lilac girl! Did you know our ECE (Small Potatoes) kids have a little play garden under our lilac tree? Wouldn’t it be fun for you to play under the purple blossoms in the Spring?

  37. Megan Avatar

    Your dolls are so exquisite, and the community you cutivate around them in support is lovelier still.

  38. Julie Chavez Avatar
    Julie Chavez

    Love her sweet face and lilac eyes! This is a such a kind and fun tradition.

  39. Amanda Gagne Avatar
    Amanda Gagne

    What a lovely gift! Thank you so much to Debra for her generosity!

  40. Lindsay Beane Avatar
    Lindsay Beane

    The generosity and caring of this community is so heartwarming! I love being a part of this group and I have so much admiration for everyone that puts their love into the bamboletta company!!

  41. Jane Pollard Avatar

    These giveaways are so kind, these dolls are so cherished. What a privilege to be a part of this.

  42. Marianne Lohnes Avatar
    Marianne Lohnes

    Lilac is simply gorgeous. Thank you so much Deb S. ❤️

  43. Shannon Avatar

    This group of amazing women never cease to amaze me with their goodness and generosity!

  44. Cora Hamilton Avatar
    Cora Hamilton

    Oh she’s adorable!

  45. Opal Avatar

    Ahh she is adorable thank you ! This is just so wonderful

  46. Elena Avatar

    I love it!

  47. Amanda Hollingsworth Avatar
    Amanda Hollingsworth

    She is so lovely! How generous!

  48. Christiane Savard Avatar
    Christiane Savard

    Happy New Year everyone

  49. Erin Avatar

    Such a beautiful doll & generous donation! Thank you!

  50. Brittany Avatar

    Cutie! My daughter would love this

  51. Kayla Avatar

    Such a fun and generous opportunity!!! Thank you! ❤️ Enjoy the hike!

  52. Doc Morrell Avatar
    Doc Morrell

    Your dolls are so beautiful. Thank you for being an amazing company!

  53. Meela Avatar

    Thank you Debra for your incredible generosity! The Bamboletta family is such a bright light at this time. Thank you Christina!

  54. Melanie Avatar

    Ohhhh so generous!! She’s beautiful

  55. Barbara Ann Taylor Avatar
    Barbara Ann Taylor

    Lilac is awesomely beautiful. Here purple hair is wonderful

  56. Jackie jefferson Avatar
    Jackie jefferson

    Absolutely beautiful! Still hoping to get mine and my daughters collection going! So far we own two beauties! We are from northern Cali

  57. Kristie Avatar

    Thank you, that so generous. What a sweet littile face.

  58. Kristina Avatar

    She’s so beautiful.

  59. Kimi Avatar


  60. Marie Wesenfeld Avatar
    Marie Wesenfeld

    I love her eyes!

  61. Lennon Hidell Avatar
    Lennon Hidell

    Lilac is absolutely beautiful!! I just love the detail to her hair!!

  62. Amber Avatar

    This is so kind! She’s beautiful!

  63. Debra Avatar

    She’s lovely. Thank you for the opportunity

  64. Cristy MacD Avatar
    Cristy MacD

    Thank you Debra for this opportunity. She’s amazing!!

  65. Jane Ellen Durnie8 Avatar
    Jane Ellen Durnie8

    Thank you to Debra S and Bamboletta for continuing the gift of giving and receiving! This has been a long and strange year, one where physical hugs are frowned on if the giver is not in your immediate family. Thank you for creating a doll that becomes family and allows the child to still hug and giggle like nothing else matters ❤

  66. Abby J Avatar
    Abby J

    Lilac is beautiful! My mom has lilac bushes in her yard. So many memories of lilac bunches in the house all the time. Would love to pass that memory to my niece with this doll!

  67. Cheryl Avatar

    Oh, Thank you so much Debra. I love sweet little Lilac and remember the smell of of those sweet flowers from my childhood. Thank you for the opportunity.

  68. Judy Lang Avatar
    Judy Lang

    Oh I love her! Her sweet little face

  69. Jenna waiser Avatar
    Jenna waiser

    Hope all who were celebrating had a lovely Christmas!
    (Thank you Bamboletta)

  70. Erin Avatar

    She’s beautiful! My daughter would looove her!

  71. Emily K Avatar
    Emily K

    So generous! We love the colour purple in this house, so she’d be well loved here.

  72. Dolly Mott Avatar
    Dolly Mott

    How nice it would be to have such a beautiful doll for my little girl to enjoy! This would be heavily!

  73. Jamie Avatar

    She’s so beautiful, my favourite colour is purple too.

  74. Bonnie Avatar

    So gorgeous. I have loved your dolls for years. I would love to gift one to my daughters!

  75. Michelle Avatar

    Lilac is beautiful! What an amazing gift.

  76. Eilidh Avatar

    She’s beautiful!

  77. Theresa D Avatar
    Theresa D

    The love and support all Bamboletta fans pour out is absolutely amazing. Such a fabulous company. Happy we found Bamboletta a handful of years ago and continue to enjoy the magic they bring into our home!

  78. Cassandra Avatar

    So pretty

  79. Iris Avatar

    What a sweet gesture, hope I win this for my daughter

  80. Angie S. Avatar
    Angie S.

    What a beautiful doll ❤️
    I would love to be considered, thank you!

  81. Johnna Avatar

    This is so generous and a wonderful way to share these gorgeous creations. I hope I am in a position to pay it forward in this way in the future.

  82. Sara Reynolds Avatar
    Sara Reynolds

    What a beautiful girl!! Thank you for everything you do Bamboletta!

  83. Amanda P. Avatar
    Amanda P.

    What a beautiful doll, love her eyes!

  84. Robyn Groshek Avatar
    Robyn Groshek

    What a beauty!

    Thank you for the chance. ❤️

  85. Rachelle Sanford Avatar
    Rachelle Sanford

    Debra is such a blessing to the group! I Love how so many share their Bambo love with everyone.

  86. Mindy reese Avatar
    Mindy reese

    Thank you!!!!!! Merry Christmas to you alllll!!! ❤️

  87. Cindy Linklater Avatar
    Cindy Linklater

    She’s beautiful and will make the most special gift!

  88. Christine Hacker Avatar
    Christine Hacker

    Would love to be considered! This doll is beautiful!

  89. Crystal Carter Avatar
    Crystal Carter

    She’s so beautiful!!

  90. Marian Midgley Avatar
    Marian Midgley

    Lilac is so lovely. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  91. Sue Brayton Avatar
    Sue Brayton

    Happy Boxing Day!

  92. Tammy Nicholson Avatar
    Tammy Nicholson

    Oh your dolls are so lovely.
    My daughter would truly love her.

  93. Jay Hollingsworth Avatar
    Jay Hollingsworth

    The handspun hair is unique!

  94. Sheila Jager Avatar
    Sheila Jager

    Beautiful! Love the lilac and purple dolls. Happy Boxing Day!!

  95. Jessica Avatar

    Oh, she is the sweetest! I haven’t been able to buy a doll in forever and she would be so loved here!

  96. Katherine H Avatar
    Katherine H

    Thanks for the chance! She is lovely.

  97. Michelle McKay Avatar
    Michelle McKay

    What a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays. Thank you!

  98. Britny Sirotak Avatar
    Britny Sirotak

    Oh my goodness! What a sweetie. Thank you for the chance and thank you Debra for such a wonderful donation.

  99. Michelle Traugutt Avatar
    Michelle Traugutt

    Lilac is amazing! Debra S. is so generous to be sharing the love of Bamboletta with us! So much fun! I’d love to give Lilac a home!

  100. Elizabeth Avatar

    Such a beautiful doll!!

  101. Natalie Avatar

    So thoughtful of you, Debra. She makes me think of Lilac Masters!

  102. Krista M. Avatar
    Krista M.

    Paying it forward is one of my favourite things to do over the holidays – it’s what Christmas is all about! If my girls and I were lucky enough to bring Lilac home (purple is their favourite colour), we would find a way to pay it forward as well. I love making the world a better place and the end of 2020 could use some extra smiles ☺️ Xx

  103. Bekki Bielas Avatar
    Bekki Bielas

    What an amazing opportunity to bring this gorgeous girl home, thank you Debra for donating her. Lilacs are my absolute favorite and this beautiful girl is perfection!

  104. Nicole D Avatar
    Nicole D

    Such a sweet little face!

  105. Trinity Avatar

    She is a cutie. Thank you for the chance.

  106. Tracy Avatar

    What a beauty! Lilac eyes are my favorite!

  107. Nicole D Avatar
    Nicole D

    Such a sweet face!

  108. Jeanette Martinez-Lewis Avatar
    Jeanette Martinez-Lewis

    Lilac is beautiful and so is our group.

  109. Amanda Endsley Avatar
    Amanda Endsley

    I don’t have any children of my own, but love giving the dolls to my nieces and nephews. Well, I love collecting a few for myself too. Beautiful dolls! My 8 year old nephew still cuddles his baby bamboletta!

    Happy New Year!

  110. Lani Almaguer Avatar
    Lani Almaguer

    What a kind and generous thing to do. Thank you for the opportunity.

  111. Toni G. Avatar
    Toni G.

    Thanks again for this generous opportunity!

  112. Alanna Avatar

    Those eyes tho!

  113. Treasa Leigh Crawford Avatar
    Treasa Leigh Crawford

    SHES perfect, We’re on a no buy for 6mo so I’d say this be a light for Melody (Her first SF)

  114. Annie Avatar

    She’s adorable! My girls would love her.

  115. Keltie Avatar

    Thank you for your kindness and generosity!! Merry Christmas to a wonderful community ❤️

  116. Gina Avatar

    Magical dolls that bring utter joy to children and their adults all around the world.
    I would be thrilled to share this beauty with my children. Thank you for this chance.

  117. Jessica Miller Avatar
    Jessica Miller

    Wow the colors on this girl are gorgeous

  118. Kimiko Johanson Avatar
    Kimiko Johanson

    Purple is my daughter’s favourite colour! What a generous gift, thank you!

  119. Alicia Avatar

    She’s absolutely beautiful! Love all the pink and purple!

  120. Grace Avatar

    Love these magic fairy dolls!!!

  121. Olivia PJ Avatar
    Olivia PJ

    She is just gorgeous!

  122. Colleen Avatar

    Beautiful. What a generous gift.

  123. Ashley Kureluk Avatar
    Ashley Kureluk

    We love bamboletta dolls and Lilac is no exception!! She’s amazing❤️

  124. Aimée Avatar

    She is beautiful !!!

  125. Lindsie Bruns Avatar
    Lindsie Bruns

    She is so sweet! Thanks for the chance.

  126. Hannah Horne Avatar
    Hannah Horne

    She is so beautiful!!!

  127. Christina Frederick Avatar
    Christina Frederick

    Aaahhh, you know I’m a sucker for the lilac eyes. What a sweetheart!

  128. Andrea Bourke Avatar
    Andrea Bourke

    Such a sweet face!

  129. Bonnie L Avatar
    Bonnie L

    Omg this would be the best end of the year for 2020! It’s been a trying year and whoever wins this would give it a happy end to 2020.

  130. Janet Ruel Avatar
    Janet Ruel

    She’s beautiful! We would love her at our house.

  131. Shannon Coyle Avatar
    Shannon Coyle

    Beautiful doll ❤ my daughter would treasure her

  132. Alia mcIntyre Avatar
    Alia mcIntyre

    Her eyes are so lovely, I’m such a fan of brown and hazel eyes on Bambolettas.

  133. Karen Lohmann Avatar
    Karen Lohmann

    She is soo beautiful. I especially love the colour of her hair. Merry Christmas and thank you for the chance to win her.

  134. Katie Avatar

    Thank you Bamboletta and Debra S. for your generosity!! Lilac is so sweet. Happy Holidays and joyful new year!Katie

  135. Emily Avatar

    What a beautiful ray of sunshine! So special

  136. Ginger Avatar

    So in love with these dolls . She is a beauty.

  137. Susan Soul Avatar
    Susan Soul

    She is absolutely gorgeous. I love your dolls and hoping to one day buy for both of my granddaughters.
    Stay Safe, wishing you all the best and continued health for the new year.

  138. Brittany Avatar

    Gorgeous! I Have a little niece who would be your best friend Lilac!

  139. Kim Hester Avatar
    Kim Hester

    She is beautiful! My daughter would love her! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  140. Stacy Wormell-Street Avatar
    Stacy Wormell-Street

    Ohhhh an opportunity to give my little girl one of your dolls!! Such an incredibly thoughtful thing to do!! ❤️❤️

  141. Breaha Wininger Avatar
    Breaha Wininger

    I know an amazing little girl that lives on the mountainside and would love to take Lilac on her outdoor adventures!! Thank you for this opportunity to gift it to her.

  142. Pam Avatar

    What a little beauty. ❤️

  143. Rebecca (Beckie) Higeons Avatar
    Rebecca (Beckie) Higeons

    Your dolls are all so cute! I love the different colors in their hair too.

  144. Amy Tredway Avatar
    Amy Tredway

    Lilac is lovely!

  145. Kristen Wood Avatar
    Kristen Wood

    When I was little, I always dreamed that I had purple eyes she is what my inner child looks like!

  146. Gail Timmer Avatar
    Gail Timmer

    Wow! She is a beautiful doll.

  147. Jessica Murray Avatar
    Jessica Murray

    She is gorgeous and how sweet!!

  148. Drie Avatar

    Happy Boxing Day! So lovely of Debra, such a kind soul!

  149. Angela Hamm Avatar
    Angela Hamm

    Wow! What a beautiful doll. This giveaway is so generous!

  150. Jackie Avatar

    My oldest will be ten next month and she is obsessed with purple!! This would be the perfect gift for her!! Thank you, again, for allowing us the opportunity to receive these cuties in such a generous way!!

  151. Daniel Avatar

    This doll would be so perfect for my almost 10 year old!! She loves your dolls so much and purple is her favorite color!

  152. Jennifer Paige Hepple Avatar
    Jennifer Paige Hepple

    What a purple beauty! Happy Boxing Day!

  153. Humairaa Avatar

    Omg she is so pretty
    We hope to win her my little one will be over the moon ❤️

  154. Nancy Luna Avatar
    Nancy Luna

    Lilac is adorable!!! Love all the colors, but the purple it’s my favorite one! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enter to bring her home to our beautiful girl.

  155. Nathalie Dore Avatar
    Nathalie Dore

    What a beauty!

  156. Sarah Ashley Avatar
    Sarah Ashley

    Thank you, Debra!! She’s absolutely gorgeous and we’d be over the moon to make her a part of our family.

  157. Amy Locke Avatar
    Amy Locke

    I wanted to purchase her! She is a cutie pie!

  158. Adrienne Pretzer Avatar
    Adrienne Pretzer

    She is just lovely my daughter would adore her!!

  159. Cassandra Avatar

    She’s absolutely stunning!!! That handspun is magic.

  160. Dena Knox Avatar
    Dena Knox

    She is pastel perfection!

  161. Natalie Junker Avatar
    Natalie Junker

    She’s so cute!

  162. Robin Randall Avatar
    Robin Randall

    She is lovely!

  163. Nina Avatar

    Oh my goodness!!!! I adore this doll…. desperately wanting one of your dolls!
    So gorgeous, the attention to detail is unreal!!
    Great job guys!!!

  164. Tiffany Hantelmann Avatar
    Tiffany Hantelmann

    She is beautiful and such a generous give away!

  165. Kristi Fink Avatar
    Kristi Fink

    shei is beautiful!

  166. Desirae Bradbury Avatar
    Desirae Bradbury

    She’s beautiful!

  167. Jess Avatar

    She is absolutely adorable!!!
    Such a sweet giveaway and I love that FB group!!!

  168. Emily Avatar

    I’m just starting to get into these dolls and it would be so cool to get one! I have some bambolettas clothes and a dragonfly hollow doll!

  169. Melissa Avatar

    She’s so lovely!

  170. Grace Avatar

    Feeling so blessed to be a part of this community this holiday season! Thank you, Debra for your giving heart, and thank you bamboletta team for the kindness and opportunity!

  171. Colleen Avatar

    Thanks for your generosity Love your handcrafted dolls

  172. Robyn Avatar

    There are some amazingly generous people in this community – love it!

  173. Melissa sherwood Avatar
    Melissa sherwood

    Beautiful! Such a generous give away ❤️

  174. Heather Burke Avatar
    Heather Burke

    Oooooo she’s soooo presious!!! Good luck to everyone

  175. Heather Avatar

    What a blessing you all are!!!

  176. Lisha Avatar

    This doll is so beautiful! This is so generous. Thank you for the chance to get this cutie!

  177. Amber molby Avatar
    Amber molby

    She is so adorable. You are an amazing soul.

  178. Amanda M Avatar
    Amanda M

    I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

  179. Alison Todd Avatar
    Alison Todd

    She is soo sweet!

  180. Katina Hollman Avatar
    Katina Hollman

    She’s beautiful! Thanks for the chance!!

  181. Ariana Avatar

    She is a dream!!!! She is so lovely!!!

  182. Shawna Smith Avatar
    Shawna Smith

    She’s lovely

  183. Jody Spease Avatar
    Jody Spease

    Early Spring when you look at this girl

  184. Shay V Avatar
    Shay V

    Such a sweet and generous gift. And another beautiful Bamboletta creation.

  185. Vannessa Avatar

    She’s beautiful!! Thank you for sharing her Debra!

  186. Anne King Avatar
    Anne King

    Thank you all for the chance at these beautiful dolls. Hugs and love to the entire Bamboletta team!

  187. Dree Atwood Avatar
    Dree Atwood

    Thanks Debra!!! You are so special! And Lilac is gorgeous!

  188. Christi Avatar

    I am an artist but work mostly in clay, I love learning about color through the wonderful combinations that are both unexpected and dreamy- these complex combinations are enhanced by the gorgeous textures of the hand spun yarn used in the hair!

  189. Sita Mulder Avatar
    Sita Mulder

    Gorgeous babies!! They remind me a little of my “my child” from the mid eighties! I loved mine to pieces

  190. Stormi Steele Avatar
    Stormi Steele

    So cute! My daughter would love her for her newly begun Bambolleta collection!

  191. Stormi Steele Avatar
    Stormi Steele

    So cute! My daughter would love this for her newly begun Bamboletta collection!

  192. Diane Dressler Avatar

    Beautiful and my favorite color. Would love to give Lilac to my granddaughter. Thank you for this giveaway, and Happy New Year

  193. Jennifer Pounds Avatar
    Jennifer Pounds

    Merry Christmas!

  194. Katie Avatar

    What a gorgeous doll!

  195. Michele Palazzo Avatar
    Michele Palazzo

    This is a beautiful gesture by loving women to offer others the chance at joy these beautiful bambolettas bring. I know many of us at times can be in very dark, lonely places and these dolls give us the support and love we need.

  196. Wendy Martin Avatar
    Wendy Martin

    Have never been in a group that has the generosity that this one does! Everyone is so kind, supporting and truly care about each other❤️
    Another beauty which I think would really like to come visit me! (And stay).

  197. Cindy Avatar

    Such a darling doll.

  198. Kim Summers-Kelley Avatar
    Kim Summers-Kelley

    Lilac is beautiful I’ve always wanted to own a Debbie doll and could never afford it. Thank you so much for this New Year’s opportunity.

  199. Jamie Moricle Avatar
    Jamie Moricle

    Oh wow! Lilac is just stunning! Thanks to Debra S and to the Bamboletta team for enriching us every week with their talents! ♡

  200. Megan Avatar

    How sweet!

  201. Heidi Vant Geloof Avatar
    Heidi Vant Geloof

    She brings to mind springtime! Beautiful girl!

  202. Karen Short Avatar
    Karen Short

    I Absolutely Adore her Thank you soo much for this opportunity ❤

  203. Ashleigh Aasen Avatar
    Ashleigh Aasen

    She looks so happy

  204. Natalia Binui Avatar
    Natalia Binui

    What a generous gift! Happy Holiday!

  205. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    I would love to bring this sweet girl home!! Purple is my favorite color and Lilacs are outside my windows and I love when the bloom!!!

  206. T Tyson Avatar
    T Tyson


  207. Kim Avatar

    Beautiful! Would love her for my daughter! She is trying to collect one of each size.

  208. Kirsten Avatar

    Gorgeous love the hair ❤️

  209. Jade Mathias Avatar
    Jade Mathias

    She is so beautiful her clothes are so adorable

  210. Shannon Dourson Avatar
    Shannon Dourson

    I’d love to win this little gem and gift it to my niece

  211. Ashley gough Avatar
    Ashley gough

    A beautiful Keepsake for a lifetime for a little girl. I know my little girl, Felicity, will definitely have a few of these beautiful dolls to grow up with, hopefully lilac will be her first little doll to grow up with. These dolls are so beautiful and what you do to support moms is beyond amazing. Thank you, and merry Christmas

  212. Jennifer Landman Avatar
    Jennifer Landman

    Wow!! What a gorgeous girl! Thank you Bamboletta team and Debra S for the chance at winning her!

  213. Aimee Avatar

    Oh, she’s so lovely. And so is the community of dolly lovers!

  214. Heather Blood Avatar
    Heather Blood

    She is SOOOO CUTE and would look so good on my doll shelf

  215. Glenda Stimpson Avatar
    Glenda Stimpson

    These dolls remind me of my girls.

  216. Chris Avatar

    Such a beautiful thing to do!!! Shebis beautiful with a beautiful name to match!!

  217. Jaime Hanrahan Avatar
    Jaime Hanrahan

    Thank you for the chance!!!!

  218. Robin Savona Avatar
    Robin Savona

    My dreams come true. This little lilac lady reminds me of holly hobby. What a beautiful twist on a classic she is and I would love to gift her to my Emily Lillian.

  219. Sarah Avatar

    I love her purple eyes!! So sweet

  220. Valen Thiem Avatar
    Valen Thiem

    Wow, Lilac is a true beauty! My girls both love purple!

  221. Chrissie Avatar

    SO CUTE!

  222. Robyn Avatar

    I’ve always admired Bamboletta since first seeing them at Granville Island years ago. I’ve never been able to buy one though. My 4 year old would absolutely adore this little one!

  223. Lindsay Avatar

    Gorgeous as always! Happy Holidays!

  224. Niki Avatar

    She is a beauty .Thank you for the chance ❤️

  225. Hannibal Murray Avatar
    Hannibal Murray

    Reminds me of my daughter! Pretty.

  226. Mei Ghee Avatar
    Mei Ghee

    Lilac is pretty. Bamboletta team never fail to surprise us with beautiful doll.

  227. Stephany Brown Avatar
    Stephany Brown

    She’s a cutie. I just love this group.

  228. Jessika oreilly Avatar
    Jessika oreilly

    She’s a cutie would b well loved in my family of Three little darlings thanks

  229. Elizabeth Carroll Avatar
    Elizabeth Carroll

    She is just beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  230. Lori Veres Avatar
    Lori Veres

    She is a beauty! Thank you for your generosity Debra!!

  231. Christine O Avatar
    Christine O

    She’s so cute! We would love to give this girl a home!

  232. Heather Kinnaman Avatar
    Heather Kinnaman

    I love her so much. I hope she is meant to live here! Thank you for the chance to give her a home.

  233. Natalie Adams Avatar
    Natalie Adams

    I joined the bamboletti group fairly recently and love it. I can goon it knowing i will escape the sometimes ugly reality of the world and be with lovely people sharing a lovely interest. I have made some great friends and when my new to me doll arrived i was in love. Beautifully made with love…thankyou. This is a typically beautiful thing that you are doing !

  234. Kathy Capps Avatar

    She is beautiful!

  235. Leigh Baker Avatar
    Leigh Baker

    Lilac was one of the flowers that my grandma grew in her yard…I just love the smell in the spring here in Alberta. She’s a beautiful doll with a beautiful name.

  236. Katherine Avatar

    What a sweet face! I have an almost 9 year old who would so enjoy reading to this sweet girl.

  237. Reed Osler Avatar
    Reed Osler

    Oh my we would love to welcome this little cutie into our home! Thanks for doing this.

  238. Laura Wilson Avatar
    Laura Wilson

    Beautiful! My daughters would LOVE this! ❤️

  239. Jennifer McKay Avatar
    Jennifer McKay

    Lovely Lilac would be a dream come true for me.

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    Laura A

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    Roni Schornheuser

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    She is beautiful! I might just know of a little girl who doesn’t have a larger Bambo who would love her. Thanks for the chance

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    Love the hand spun!

  248. Casey Avatar

    She is absolutely adorable… my little girl would love her. Her only baby was bought second hand… gow special to get new

  249. Tara S Avatar
    Tara S

    She looks like she has a sweet personality with those little rosy cheeks.

  250. Kathleen Stevens Avatar
    Kathleen Stevens

    She’s so lovely!

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    Love her name

  252. Heather Russell Avatar
    Heather Russell

    ooh purple is my favourite colour. She’s gorgeous and I love her purple eyes!

  253. Martha Bradley Avatar
    Martha Bradley

    She is lovely. How generous all the ladies who love Bamboletta are.

  254. Shannon Lilly Charlotte Avatar
    Shannon Lilly Charlotte

    Goodness, she’s amazing! Good luck to all of us. Thank you Bamboletta for this kind offering.

  255. Alexis Avatar

    She’s beautiful A beautiful community in the group

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    Gorgeous! What a sweet lil one.

  257. Avital Kline Avatar
    Avital Kline

    What a sweetie! I’m sure she’d love to come live with me!

  258. Georgina Pilborough Avatar
    Georgina Pilborough

    Would love to give to my friend to make her smile. Beautiful x

  259. Laura Avatar

    She’s so lovely! Thanks Debra!

  260. Jennifer Stager Avatar
    Jennifer Stager

    So beautiful!!

  261. Sara Kendrick Avatar
    Sara Kendrick

    So generous of Debra S, love the community so much ❤️

  262. Theresa Le Blanc-Bridge Avatar
    Theresa Le Blanc-Bridge

    Such sweetness!

  263. Elizabeth C Avatar
    Elizabeth C

    Lilac is so pretty… like a breath of fresh air at the end of 2020.

  264. Andrea K Avatar
    Andrea K

    What a lovely gesture!

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    Donna Johnson

    She is beautiful! Thank you Debra S.

  266. Isabelle Beaumont Laberge Avatar
    Isabelle Beaumont Laberge

    I love your dollars, especially the handmade dolls, I love your models because they are adorable and unique! My son and my niece would love to have one!!!!
    Thank you for this great giveaway!! ❤️

  267. Beth Luchies Avatar
    Beth Luchies

    Beautiful and generous!

  268. Indi Avatar

    We absolutely live her. She is precious! ♥️ Greetings to everyone!

  269. Candice Arnett Avatar
    Candice Arnett

    What a beauty, thank you so much for your generosity Debra! I know a 3 yr old girl who would love Ms. Lilac as a sitting friend forever! Good luck everyone and Happy Nee Year!

  270. Cat Avatar

    She is a gem! Thank you for your generous spirit, Debra! I’m sure she’ll make someone extremely happy

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    What a beauty!

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    Melissa Spence

    I love her! Thanks for the giveaway!

  274. Jen Avatar

    Oh! Lilac is pink and purple perfection!!! My daughter would be on cloud-9 to have this little darling (who just happens to be her two favourite colours). Maybe I’ll be the lucky winner and able to gift it to her for her birthday. Fingers crossed!!

  275. Gretchen Avatar

    So pretty!

  276. Jody Avatar

    Love this little face – I think the colours are fantastic! My daughters would be in heaven to share Lilac with me.

  277. DeAnne Brownlee Avatar
    DeAnne Brownlee

    There is a sweet little girl that goes to our local school. She asks me to bring my Bamboletta dolls so she can see them. Her parents have been sick with covid over Christmas. I would love to be able to give her this one! Fingers crossed for Josie!

  278. Diony Avatar

    She is beyond adorable! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  279. Jennifer Bouvy Avatar
    Jennifer Bouvy


  280. Anne Patelli Avatar
    Anne Patelli

    What a fun way to keep the celebration of Christmas going!

  281. Nicole McMillen Avatar
    Nicole McMillen

    Love the lovely purple, she is a Spring girl

  282. Kristen Sanderson Avatar
    Kristen Sanderson

    Love the colours of her hair!

  283. Mandy Winningham Avatar
    Mandy Winningham

    Those eye’s

  284. Cara Barter Avatar
    Cara Barter

    Lilac is super cool!

  285. Meredith Avatar

    How kind! Love her purpled eyes♥️

  286. Dawn Avatar

    The handspun is beautiful as always.

  287. Lynn Busby Avatar
    Lynn Busby

    Such beautiful hand spun and the sweetest smile

  288. May Chan Avatar
    May Chan

    Thanks Debra for donating Lilac. She is lovely.

  289. Cindy Hansen Avatar
    Cindy Hansen

    Oh the matchy matchy is amazing on Lilac! What a sweet face and all that handspun has me swooning. Such kindness – thank you Debra!

  290. Jax Anderson Avatar
    Jax Anderson

    So excited about the new year!!! Wishing everyone good health, happiness, and many blessings

  291. Jenifer Wheeler Avatar
    Jenifer Wheeler

    Another beauty. Thank you again for having these giveaways. <3

  292. Tiffany Avatar

    so cute!!!

  293. Brittany miller Avatar
    Brittany miller

    Love her! Thanks for doing this!

  294. Vicky Avatar

    Now this girl is out of this world, her hair is gorgeous, lush, superduper and dreamy! Thank you for the opportunity.

  295. Brielle Feltaous Avatar
    Brielle Feltaous

    She looks like she has lots of adventures planned and can not wait to share her ideas

  296. Brent Avatar

    Beautiful doll! My daughters would love her!

  297. Joanna Johnson Avatar

    What a relief I don’t have to choose just one! They are truly darling, I love knitting for dolls and would love to do some storybook knits for this one!

  298. Jade Avatar

    What a gorgeous doll!! Fingers crossed super hard!!!

  299. Pearl Spinharney Avatar
    Pearl Spinharney

    She is a treasure! ✨❤️

  300. Jon Boldireff Avatar
    Jon Boldireff

    My wife loves your dolls!

  301. Michelle Eastridge Avatar
    Michelle Eastridge

    I love all the purple!

  302. Kathy Avatar

    There are 3 little girls in Labrador who would love this doll. Hope they win!

  303. Anton Avatar

    Happy New Year! Would love to win this doll for my wife – she loves these dolls and our kids have a baby one.

  304. Aimee Avatar

    She’s soooo pretty!

  305. Heather Stephenson Avatar
    Heather Stephenson

    OMGosh!!! She is lovely.

  306. Cara Avatar

    Obsessed with her hair!! It would be so so lovely to win this for my daughter! Very generous of you guys!

  307. Melinda Avatar

    She’s so pretty!

  308. Carrie Burns Avatar
    Carrie Burns

    Such a sweet bright ray of sunshine!

  309. Jennifer Avatar

    Those lilac eyes…Such a beauty! Come home to us, Lilac!

  310. Kristin Le Ross Avatar
    Kristin Le Ross

    She is so cute! The purple is so sweet!

  311. Michelle Avatar

    She’s gorgeous!! Thanks for the chance.

  312. Michelle Avatar

    She’s gorgeous!! Thanks you!

  313. Heather Braswell-Reed Avatar
    Heather Braswell-Reed

    So pretty!

  314. Stephanie B. Avatar
    Stephanie B.

    I recently discovered Bamboletta and am floored at the creativity and beauty of these little friends. I especially love Lilac’s soft pastel tones that feel so calming. My girls would welcome her into our home with open arms.

  315. Coco Avatar

    What a pretty doll!! Fingers crossed!

  316. Stacey Mitchell Avatar
    Stacey Mitchell

    That handspun is devine! Thank you for the chance!

  317. Nina Avatar

    I just love how every piece of the doll comes together. The hair, the eyes, the outfit, even the dolls themselves are so perfectly unique.

  318. Hollie Avatar

    Thank you for this opportunity! You ladies are amazing. Happy 2021

  319. Karen Avatar

    I love her hair!

  320. Sabrina Walsh Avatar
    Sabrina Walsh

    Oh my goodness! I just love her hair!!

  321. Christina Avatar


  322. Laurel F Avatar
    Laurel F


  323. Jenni Avatar

    So sweet!

  324. Michele Avatar

    She is too darn cute!!!

  325. Sarah Watts Avatar
    Sarah Watts

    Sooooo sweet!

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