Days Of Giving – Kiki


Hey friends! Today’s doll is this super cute little Piccolina named Kiki!

To enter, leave a comment below and I’ll choose a winner on the 1st. If you don’t see your comment right away it’s because I have to manually approve them first and I’m not always on my laptop!

Thanks so much! This has been so fun!







172 responses to “Days Of Giving – Kiki”

  1. Jenifer Wheeler Avatar
    Jenifer Wheeler

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  2. Amber Molby Avatar
    Amber Molby

    She is a purple wonder! I love her.

  3. Anne King Avatar
    Anne King

    Absolutely love her hair color! Thank you all again for your extreme kindness!

  4. Krystin Charter Avatar
    Krystin Charter

    She’s so cute! Love her purple hair

  5. Martha Bradley Avatar
    Martha Bradley

    Her hair is beautiful. And she has the perfect name.

  6. Marietta Reimer Avatar
    Marietta Reimer

    So beautiful! Love her!!

  7. Amanda Hollingsworth Avatar
    Amanda Hollingsworth

    She’s adorable! Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Cindy Hansen Avatar
    Cindy Hansen

    Such purple cuteness! I love this sweet little gal and her super cute name!

  9. Christine Hacker Avatar
    Christine Hacker

    Beautiful!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Christi Avatar

    The purples in this hair are bedazzling!!

  11. Amber Avatar

    Oh my stars she’s precious! My little would love the purple hair

  12. Crystal Carter Avatar
    Crystal Carter

    She’s so pretty and thank you for doing all of these giveaways.

  13. Rachelle Sanford Avatar
    Rachelle Sanford

    Her blue eyes are so perfect with that hair!

  14. Leah Mackey Avatar
    Leah Mackey

    The piccos are just the cutest and her hair is amazing!! What a special girl!

  15. Natalia Binui Avatar
    Natalia Binui

    What a cutie! Thank you for the opportunity

  16. Lindsay Beane Avatar
    Lindsay Beane

    Thank you so much for the chance! She is beautiful as are all of your dolls! I am so thankful for Bamboletta! I wish all of you a very happy New Year! ❤️

  17. Jessica Halliwell Avatar
    Jessica Halliwell

    She is perfect! A dream come true! Whoever gets to bring her home is very lucky!

  18. Kristen Sanderson Avatar
    Kristen Sanderson

    She is adorable? Love the purple hair!

  19. Genia Avatar

    Love the purple, thanks for the chance!!

  20. Lani Almaguer Avatar
    Lani Almaguer

    Happy Holidays! Thank you for this opportunity.

  21. Karen Short Avatar
    Karen Short

    Ohhh Gosh she is absolutely adorable Thank you for the opportunity

  22. Ashleigh Aasen Avatar
    Ashleigh Aasen

    Amazing! She has some gorgeous locks

  23. Janet Avatar

    My absolute favorite colour of hair!

  24. Kerri Horsley Avatar
    Kerri Horsley

    Kiki is darling! Thank you for another chance for another sweet doll!!

  25. May Chan Avatar
    May Chan

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enter.

  26. Shannon Avatar


  27. Pam Avatar

    Pretty Purple!

  28. Natalie Adams Avatar
    Natalie Adams

    Oh kiki is the sweetest with her vibrant hair to match her eyes !!!
    I am loving being part of this bamboletti world…thankyou !

  29. Joanna Johnson Avatar

    She is such a darling! I have adored these dolls for years, ever since Brandy and Allegra at Petite Purls told me all about them! Thank you for the opportunity and Happy New Year!

  30. Cassandra L Avatar
    Cassandra L

    Oh my, she is just perfection. Thank you so much for these give aways. So much fun!!

  31. Lindsie Bruns Avatar
    Lindsie Bruns

    Awww, my kid’s nickname is Kiki!

  32. Candice Arnett Avatar
    Candice Arnett

    Kiki is gorgeous with her purple power, love her!

  33. Sheila Jager Avatar
    Sheila Jager

    Adorable! My favourite colour, purple!!!❤️❤️

  34. Tiffany Avatar

    Thanks for the chance!!

  35. Jeanette Martinez-Lewis Avatar
    Jeanette Martinez-Lewis


  36. Donna Johnson Avatar
    Donna Johnson

    What a sweet face, and those eyes and hair!

  37. Grace Avatar

    Gorgeous purple girl! Thank you for the opportunity, team bamboletta!

  38. Bekki Bielas Avatar
    Bekki Bielas

    I love sweet Kiki! She reminds me of a little blueberry!!!!

  39. Laura Avatar

    Kiki is such a cutie! Thanks for the opportunity.

  40. Lisha Kern Avatar
    Lisha Kern

    She is a purple explosion of brilliance ! I love her so much. Thank you for the chance.

  41. Treasa Avatar


  42. Kimiko Johanson Avatar
    Kimiko Johanson

    Eeek, look at her beautiful purple hair!

  43. Roni Schornheuser Avatar
    Roni Schornheuser

    Purple perfection!

  44. Katie Avatar

    I would love to bring home sweet Kiki~ Thank you for your generosity, and for making life and quarantine not only bearable- but beautiful -and an everlasting reminder of all the love, hope and sweetness there is in the world

  45. Wendy Avatar

    She is such a cutie. Thank you for the chance to bring here home!

  46. Avital Kline Avatar
    Avital Kline

    Kiki! Is! The! Cutest! Doll! EVER!

  47. Mel Avatar

    Kiki!!! We have an Auntie Kiki! My eldest couldn’t say Kerri at the time, now everyone calls her Kiki. Thanks for the chance. She’s darling!

  48. Barbara Ann Taylor Avatar
    Barbara Ann Taylor

    Little Buddy, Miss Blue-eyes. My girls think she is a perfect addition to our LB collection

  49. Robyn Groshek Avatar
    Robyn Groshek

    She is precious. Thank you for the chance.

  50. Brittany miller Avatar
    Brittany miller

    So cute! Thanks for the chance.

  51. Toni G. Avatar
    Toni G.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  52. Mary E Rosa Avatar
    Mary E Rosa

    Would love this baby for my Granddaughter

  53. Michelle Avatar

    Thank you for the chance! She is super sweet!

  54. Jamie Moricle Avatar
    Jamie Moricle

    Awww sweet purple princess! Kiki is so cute with those bright blue eyes ♡

  55. Jennifer Stager Avatar
    Jennifer Stager

    Love her

  56. Jennifer Stager Avatar
    Jennifer Stager

    So adorable!

  57. Jessica Miller Avatar
    Jessica Miller

    Wow, all that purple-y goodness!

  58. Cheryl Avatar

    I love the cuteness. And the bright colors. What a wonderful girl to welcome in the new year. Thank you for this opportunity.

  59. Natalie Avatar

    Love mohair on the dolls

  60. Nikki Avatar

    She’s absolutely beautiful

  61. Paige Hepple Avatar
    Paige Hepple

    Awww, cuteness! Kiki is what we called duckie when we were just wee 😉

  62. Marianne Lohnes Avatar
    Marianne Lohnes

    Kiki is beautiful. Bamboletta is awesome.

  63. Trinity Avatar

    Kiki is adorable! Thank you for the chance.

  64. Celina Hutchins Avatar
    Celina Hutchins

    She is adorable!!! Thank you for being so sweet!!!

  65. Jennifer Bouvy Avatar
    Jennifer Bouvy

    So sweet!

  66. Christina Frederick Avatar
    Christina Frederick

    Again with the purple, one of my faves! Love her! She’s absolutely adorable.

  67. Britny Sirotak Avatar
    Britny Sirotak

    Oh my! What a sweetheart. Thank you for the chance!

  68. Lisa Avatar

    Awe, we’d love to have little Kiki join our family 🙂

  69. Amanda M Avatar
    Amanda M

    Beautiful! Thanks for these exciting giveaways!

  70. Glenda Stimpson Avatar
    Glenda Stimpson

    I just love her purple hair. It’s my daughter’s favorite color.

  71. Mullen Avatar

    Little Kiki is so adorable..thank you for the opportunity.

  72. Cassandra Avatar

    Oh she reminds me of Kiki the traveling doll!!!!

  73. Shannon Avatar

    Such a little cutie! Days of giving warms my heart!!

  74. Amanda Gagne Avatar
    Amanda Gagne

    Her hair and eyes match perfectly! Such a sweetie! Thank you for your generosity!

  75. Jenna Waiser Avatar
    Jenna Waiser

    She is super cute! Thanks so much!

  76. Corinne Rogers Avatar
    Corinne Rogers

    So cute!

  77. Marian Midgley Avatar
    Marian Midgley

    So adorable and all the purple is gorgeous! Thank you for the opportunity!

  78. Laura A Avatar
    Laura A

    She is just the cutest!

  79. Theresa D Avatar
    Theresa D

    What a perfectly purple friend! She’s adorable and especially cute, although all Bamboletta friends are cute and adorable!

  80. Abby Avatar

    My niece’s favorite color is purple!! Would love to win this for her!!

  81. Michelle LaFayette Avatar
    Michelle LaFayette

    She is adorable!!!

  82. Katie Avatar

    Soooo CUTE!!!

  83. Michelle Cord Avatar
    Michelle Cord

    She is adorable!!

  84. Megan Graf Avatar
    Megan Graf

    How cute!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  85. Stephany Brown Avatar
    Stephany Brown

    What a cutie. Hope everyone is healthy and safe.

  86. Emma Avatar

    I just LOVE all the names you can think up!!
    You should really write a baby name book!

  87. Kayla Avatar

    Thank you for the chance! She is so bright and vibrant and fun!!

  88. Chris Overton Avatar
    Chris Overton

    Oh my goodness! Kiki is cute!!

  89. Robin Randall Avatar
    Robin Randall

    She is adorable

  90. Cory Robertson Avatar
    Cory Robertson

    She’s beautiful! Thank you for doing the days of giving!

  91. Jennifer Landman Avatar
    Jennifer Landman

    She’s adorable!! Thank you for the chance at bringing her home! Happy Holidays!

  92. Vicky Avatar

    What a marvellous idea, I’m so pleased to be a part of this group. Thank you for your generosity.

  93. Brielle Feltaous Avatar
    Brielle Feltaous

    Shes gorgeous. Thank you for this opportunity

  94. Nicole McMillen Avatar
    Nicole McMillen

    That you for this chance, she is purple magic

  95. Whitney Court Avatar
    Whitney Court

    She’s just a little ray of sunshine! Love this so much!!

  96. Jessica Murray Avatar
    Jessica Murray

    She has the sweetest little face!!! I just love her! I know everyone needs a little extra joy right now so thank you so much for this opportunity to bring her home. ❤️

  97. Emily Avatar

    Periwinkle perfection!

  98. Susan Zakanycz Avatar
    Susan Zakanycz

    She is so cute! I would love to sew up this doll for someone special!

  99. Cora Hamilton Avatar
    Cora Hamilton

    Oh these are all so wonderful

  100. Courtney Nichols Avatar
    Courtney Nichols

    She’s so cute, we love her Thank you for doing these

  101. Niki Avatar

    love kiki

  102. Amanda Endsley Avatar
    Amanda Endsley

    Such a sweetie, that little Kiki! Christina, thanks for being so wonderful! Thanks to the donors for making this possible.

  103. Ariana Avatar

    She is so so cute!!!! Love her hair!!!!

  104. Brent Avatar

    What a beautiful doll!

  105. Kristina Avatar

    That hair.

  106. Ann Kilbreath Avatar
    Ann Kilbreath

    Sweet purple power. Thanks for the chance.

  107. Michelle McKay Avatar
    Michelle McKay

    What a beauty!

  108. Angela Avatar

    Oh, I love her! You make the most beautiful dolls. I would love to be able to give one to my daughter.

  109. Eilidh Avatar

    Love the purple hair!!

  110. Courtney Avatar

    Not sure I hit post previously. Kiki is so cute (& a fav movie of ours), we love her! Thanks for doing this!!!

  111. Kim Avatar

    Haven’t tried my kit yet! She’s so sweet and perfectly wonderful.

  112. Marci Avatar

    Love that bright purple hair!

  113. Marci hatcher Avatar
    Marci hatcher

    Love that bright purple (the other comment isnt showing up)

  114. Tiffany Hantelmann Avatar
    Tiffany Hantelmann

    What a cutie, and I just love her name!

  115. Amy Tredway Avatar
    Amy Tredway

    Kiki is a cutie!

  116. Adrienne Pretzer Avatar
    Adrienne Pretzer

    I think she may be my most favorite of the bunch! Happy New Year!!

  117. Tiffany Tyson Avatar
    Tiffany Tyson

    She looks so cheery!

  118. Deidre Roberts Avatar
    Deidre Roberts

    So sweet!

  119. Melissa sherwood Avatar
    Melissa sherwood

    Oh the purple is lovely

  120. Cindy Linklater Avatar
    Cindy Linklater

    Purple cutie!❤️

  121. Reed Osler Avatar
    Reed Osler

    We would love to welcome this pretty purple piccolina into our home! You’re a cutie Kiki! Thanks for doing this team Bamboletta!

  122. Jade Avatar

    I love her hair!! Super pretty! Thank you for the chance to win her!!

  123. Christiane Savard Avatar
    Christiane Savard

    She is a sweetie pie

  124. Tiffany Avatar

    She looks so cheery!

  125. Pearl Avatar

    Gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity

  126. Hannibal Murray Avatar
    Hannibal Murray

    She is great! Perfect size for the baby!

  127. Kimi Avatar

    Picco’s are the most adorable!

  128. Chris Avatar

    Oh she’s a cutie pie!!

  129. Kathy Gaudi Avatar
    Kathy Gaudi

    I think my grandkids in Labrador are big fans of these dolls. Hope we win one !

  130. Aimee Avatar

    I love her, too!!!

  131. Bridget Chaulk Avatar
    Bridget Chaulk

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  132. Katina Hollman Avatar
    Katina Hollman

    Thank you for the chance!

  133. Can Vam Santen Avatar
    Can Vam Santen

    She’s a precious little gal! Thank you for all of your hard work

  134. Heather Blood Avatar
    Heather Blood

    She belongs at home with meeeee

  135. Alison Todd Avatar
    Alison Todd

    She is all the sweetness.

  136. Lauren McCaughey Avatar
    Lauren McCaughey

    Oh her sweet face

  137. Cara Avatar

    Woah my daughters nickname is Kiki!!! Crazy! It would be so fun and special to give her this lil cutie!

  138. Keltie Avatar

    I love her!!! She is precious! Thank you to this amazing community. Much love to you all.

  139. Carrie Burns Avatar
    Carrie Burns

    She would be such a fun little bright purple sprite to have hang around!

  140. Melinda Avatar

    Kiki is the name of my service dog!

  141. Heather Russell Avatar
    Heather Russell

    Love the purple and blues! Thank you for all of these giveaways!

  142. Jennifer Avatar

    Kiki, you are a ray of sunshine!

  143. Jay Hollingsworth Avatar
    Jay Hollingsworth

    She’s perfect with all the purples and flowers for our daughter!

  144. CL Dawkins Avatar
    CL Dawkins

    She’s a cutie! Thank you for the giveaways!

  145. Kristin Le Ross Avatar
    Kristin Le Ross

    I have always admired the giving spirit behind Bamoletta. I hope the whole team has had a wonderful Christmas.

  146. Kathleen Stevens Avatar
    Kathleen Stevens

    What a cutie!

  147. Jane pollard Avatar

    She is a bright ray of sunshine, cute as a button.

  148. Heather Braswell-Reed Avatar
    Heather Braswell-Reed

    Love her!

  149. Jax Anderson Avatar
    Jax Anderson

    The purple haired ones are my favorites Happy
    New Year Team Bamboletta & friends

  150. Kristen Wood Avatar
    Kristen Wood

    Kiki wants to come live in my purse and go on adventures!

  151. Amanda Avatar

    This gal looks like my 5 year old dreamed her up

  152. Emily Lieberman Avatar
    Emily Lieberman

    I love her purple hair!

  153. Marie Fuller Avatar
    Marie Fuller

    Love her ❤️

  154. Coco Avatar

    She’s super cute! Her purple hair really makes the doll!

  155. Leona Avatar

    Thankyou for the opportunity this has been so fun happy new yearxx

  156. Nina Avatar

    She is just a small bundle of joy!

  157. Hollie Avatar

    Happy new year. She is precious

  158. Drie Avatar

    Happy Holidays! Thank you for bringing so much joy 🙂

  159. sonja daley Avatar
    sonja daley

    Awww love her!

  160. sonja daley Avatar
    sonja daley

    LOVE love love

  161. Dawn Avatar

    Omgoodness! These piccos are always special bundles of love!

  162. Sabrina Walsh Avatar
    Sabrina Walsh

    Kiki is so sweet! Thank you for the chance to enter!

  163. Cassie Avatar

    She is purple perfection!!!

  164. Christina Avatar

    Love those blue eyes!

  165. Dree Avatar

    She is adorable!

  166. Jen Avatar

    What a little cutie pie!

  167. Jenni Avatar

    My daughter’s nickname is Kiki!

  168. Michele Avatar

    I love her!!!! So cute!!!

  169. Sarah Watts Avatar
    Sarah Watts


  170. Diane Harcourt Avatar
    Diane Harcourt


  171. Luke Avatar

    This one has such a fun fabric on the dress!

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