Breathe In, Breathe Out .. Happenings at Bamboletta!

Yes, there are 4 mason jars full o smoothies on our table – we love smoothies in the morning! And Brooke looks so lonely over there in the corner answering emails .. she regularly pipes in with good one liners and funny remarks, she’s seriously one of the funniest people ever.

I am really loving 2013 so far – it feels like I’m getting right back to the heart of what I love about creating the dolls. 2012 felt like it a whirlwind of sorts and we were trying hard to fulfill the demand for the dolls. As autumn approached things felt like they were levelling off a bit, uploads weren’t quite so frantic and the reselling of dolls had calmed right down. By winter there were dolls available in the shop – it’s what I’ve been wanting to happen for years! For the past few years I’ve been wanting that someone could go online and there would be a few dolls available, it feels , I don’t know, peaceful to me. Because I feel like the online demand is calmer I’ve now got the opportunity to build up some stock and hold on to some inventory. So, now we have our wee shop in Cowichan Bay so our local Island peeps can get a doll and I *just* found out that I’ve been accepted to vend at a few of the Trout Lake Farmer’s Market in Vancouver in the summer. Gals, you have no idea how happy this makes me. Craft fairs and markets were my ‘fuel’ to start Bamboletta – seeing kids and the dolls, them choosing and finding ‘their’ doll and then a few years later having their sibling come and choose ‘their’ doll – oh man, it’s kinda the best thing ever. It feels like magic to get to be a part of something as special as a child’s relationship with their doll. I think this is why I TOTALLY love and understand my online customers as well – I *know* what it’s all about because I’ve been a part of it for years ‘in real life’ and this translates over onto online. Because even if I haven’t met you in real life , I feel like I have – it’s hard and weird to explain – but it’s how I feel.  So, that I get to do markets again ,well,  it’s heaven!

I just feel SO excited about Bamboletta! I’ve cut the amount of 15″ dolls available online back so now I can put them together for sewing mamas, do their hair and dress them and do all those fun bits with them. Of course I love the Little Buddies too but the 15″ dolls are where my heart lies. It’s been great to now have so many LB’s available, their size and price point really works for so many people – and they are just so dang cute and wee. But there is something about those 15″ that allows us to do a bit ‘more’ – with clothing and hair , they are just bigger and easier to add in details with. I’m going to be more involved again with clothing – taking it back to what I love most. Those cardigans, kimono’s, classic dresses, leggings with boots, jeans and maryjanes are pretty cute and my favorite. Of course we will still have Thamar’s fab designs but more of the ‘classic’ stuff in there too.

Even our physical studio space has changed. 2012 saw us expand TWICE into more rooms and by the autumn we were pretty separated within the studio.. Thamar and Nic where in the cavernous sewing room, then there was a shipping room and then a long hallway sort of room that lead to the space where myself, Brandi, Sarah and Rach would sew. Poor Brooke would be way on the other side in the office. It felt right at the time – this feeling of having to get bigger to meet demands but to be honest, we felt separated. I could go all day sewing faces and not see Thamar aside from our lunch break. I would make up things to do just so I could hang out with Brooke in the office .. haha, we totally love each other and were sad to be so apart! On Fridays all of us could come together for stuffing day and the studio was just filled with happiness .. you could feel it in the air. Late December I realized that the space was NOT right – just too much of it. A few weeks back I closed off almost half the studio and moved us all in closer together. Most of our stock is back at my house and we’ve had to put up lots of shelving and it’s ‘cozy’  but we love it.  I now get to see and visit with all the sewing mama’s that come in and out on Monday’s – it’s been so nice! We’ve had the best couple of weeks at work and the cohesiveness between the different ‘parts’ of Bamboletta is fantastic – just like the ‘old’ days.

I remember in Ben’s Waldorf kindergarten class that his teacher ,Ms Ruth, would talk about expansion and contraction being a natural state of being, starting with our breath. She would start the children in the morning outside to ‘expand’ and then inside to ‘contract’ and the day’s rhythm would be based around this natural movement. I feel like I’ve done this with Bamboletta too, with 2010- 2012 being my expansion and now in 2013 I’m entering into a contraction – to where the heart of Bamboletta  is and to where the joy lies.

Lots of love to all of you my sweet customers! I thank you all so much for being on this journey with me! I feel all weepy thinking about how much love is out there and how much we care about you and your little ones.


And I will end this with our rendition of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ .. I posted this on our Facebook wall but want it on the blog too for future reference for myself. This just sums so much up. <3 It has been SO nice blogging tonight!









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  1. Rosemary Avatar

    I really enjoy reading through these updates. And I really like your 15″ dolls the best– please don’t cut production back by too much. Especially the 15″ boy dolls, you need more of them!!

    1. admin Avatar

      Oh don’t you worry Rosemary – there will still be many 15″ available – just not the 50 – 60 I used to put up. Maybe like 20 – 30? 🙂 -C-

  2. Monique L. Avatar
    Monique L.

    Great blog Christina and excited that you will be at the Farmers Market!

  3. Claudia Avatar

    It’s great reading your blog, I feel like I know you and would so love to pop over to Canada to visit! I just love dolls and always have done. I was a kid of the seventies so cabbage patch kids were my obsession then too so I could really relate when I saw the picture of you and your Eliza Elisa! Mine was called Phil Arthur then I was lucky enough to get a girl, Violet Karleen! Funny how you remember those things! I hope my daughter has the same passion for dolls, she is only one at the moment but loves looking at bamboletta dolls on line and kisses the screen! When I’m lucky enough to get her one just like her I’ll take a picture. I have already bought Miracle from 2 weeks ago as temptation just took over and I’m so excited to have a play with her when she arrives! Thankyou for these beautiful dolls, you are so talented, all of you, keep up the great work xxxx p.s sorry to rabbit on, it’s only 6am and I’ve been woken up extra early by my 4 munchkins who are now quietly watching some tv, satisfied that mummy is awake!!

  4. Julie Kay Avatar
    Julie Kay

    Christina you and your gals are so AWESOME!!! You have come so far and yet still close to home and all from the heart with integrity and always so much love! Make sure to post when you will be over at Trout Lake and I will most definitely be coming to see you! So proud to say that once a ‘Bamboletta Gal’ always a Bamboletta Gal! Happy New Year and a wonderful bog Miss Christina!

  5. Danielle Avatar

    Awesome blog C! It’s so great to read and I can definitely see more of you in the 15” dolls in the past few weeks. <3 Keep on keeping on. It's such a journey and it's wonderful how you are responding to your customers. We sincerely hope to one day come to the Bamboletta shop and let our children choose their own dolls. I've already mentioned it to them!! Xx

  6. Aimee C Avatar
    Aimee C

    The 15″ dolls are definitely my favourites too. I just love them so darn much! They definitely have a special spark of personality. I love that you’re going to be doing farmers’ markets again, that’s really awesome (I love doing it for my own work)! But it’s too bad I’m all the way on the east coast of the country so I can’t visit your booth! lol.

  7. Be Avatar

    I am still hoping that one day you do an all dark tan/brown upload. It is so impossible to get those (I’ve never been successful). I’ve seen my “unicorn” dream dolls in the uploads and shortly thereafter on the resale market but that is not a financial feasibility for me. And if speedy Internet never cooperates, I love the idea of traveling to your shop and letting her pick out her first Bamboletta. Thank you for creating beautiful dolls.

  8. Rosalyn Avatar

    This is awesome, thanks for sharing! I love hearing more behind the scenes, it makes me love the dolls that much more. I agree, the LBs are cute and a good price point and size, but I too love the 15″ dolls the most. It’s nice to see your learning process and watch you grow and adjust and end up right where you need to be. I’m so glad you are able to do what you love and be with such a great group of women!

  9. Jill Cruz Avatar
    Jill Cruz

    What a wonderful update!! So nice to hear how close you ladies are and love working together. You have a wonderful little business here and I am always happy to support it 🙂

  10. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    Such a joy to read and glad that you are going back to where it matters and that is the happiness your dolls bring to new families all the time. Love to hear that you all get along wonderfully and have tons of fun when you are all in a group! Thanks for always making my girls smile xoxo

  11. Kim G. Avatar

    Outstanding. I love your blog and have been so inspired by your support and creativity – through all of the ladies at Bamboletta. AND to know that John supports you and loves what you do is sooo cool too! It gives all of “us” small, home-based tinker-ers that “light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel” that if you keep your vision and hold onto it, good things will come through hard work and determination (oh, and a crazy bit of chance). I can’t wait to see what happens for the future of Bamboletta – you know we’ll be cheering you on!

  12. Barbara H. Avatar
    Barbara H.

    Great blog C, I love to hear the glee come through in your words. <3

  13. Leah Killian Avatar

    Beautiful. I love the concept of expansion and contraction 🙂

    And, to be totally honest, the 15 inches have my heart as well. Especially the 2 you made special for me waaaay back in the day. I see people re-selling dolls, and I just could never imagine re-selling my Christina-made Bambos. I love my new ones too, but those are just too special. Glad you are able to slow down and get back to the heart of what you love.

  14. Cassandra Avatar

    I am thrilled for you on many levels and so happy that Bamboletta is coming to the point for you to do the little things you have missed and loved. Love that people can see a doll in your shop and have a chance to pick and choose.
    Congrats and enjoy this year.

  15. Morgan Nahanee Avatar
    Morgan Nahanee

    Yahoo! Congratulations on being accepted into the farmers market. I’ve been trying to squeeze in a visit to the island but the farmers market will beer so easy and fun!

  16. Jennifer B Avatar
    Jennifer B

    I am truly, truly happy for you!! You seem lighter in this post and very fulfilled, and that is terrific. I wish you all the best, always…

  17. Shelly Gudmunsen Avatar
    Shelly Gudmunsen

    I just love you, Christina and Team Bambo <3
    It was such a treat to read this and feel like part of the conversation. Your company is amazing, your heart is true. Here's to many more years of creating forever friends for little ones (and big ones, too)!

  18. Jennifer P Avatar
    Jennifer P

    I felt your joy and lightness reading your post…so happy that you are doing what feels best in your heart/soul…
    It has been a crazy ride for you with the expanding so rapidly, but it seems that you are finding your groove – that is really fantastic…
    All the best during the ‘contraction’ phase…

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