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I received some very sad news today. One of Benjamin’s classmates, Zoe, was diagnosed with Acute myeloid leukemia (AML), also known as acute myelogenous leukemia. I am crying just thinking about this sweet and sassy girl and the journey she is about to go on. Jody, her mom, is an amazing lady – she’s a single mom who loves her little girl more than everything. Jody is a massage therapist and I often went to her for treatments and we would talk and talk about our kids – I just can’t imagine what she is going through. It’s all so much to take in. One day everything is ‘normal’ and then this. I’ve learned over the past few years how incredibly fortunate we are when things are ‘normal’.

So, Bamboletta community, I’m asking for some help here. I want to put a fundraiser together for Zoe and her mom while they go to Vancouver for treatments.  If you make stuff and especially if you make dolls stuff could you please donate an item or two for me to put into a fundraiser to benefit the Palfy’s? If you have anything you’d like to donate please email me at and I’ll give instructions on where to send items. Time is of the essence here though so I’d need them by Sept 15th. I’d like to get this up by the end of the September.

In the meantime, a family friend has set up this page for donations. If you can help, please do. So many of us can do something to help this mom out during this time – money is the last thing this lady needs to worry about right now.

In gratitude and love,








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  1. Jo Caller Avatar
    Jo Caller

    Christina I know exactly how you are feeling! I am a preschool teacher in Australia and recently one of my little munchkins was also diagnosed with Leukemia :(. It is extremely sad by he is being very brave. We are also in the process of organizing a fundraiser to support him and his family. Good luck with your efforts I know there are many generous people out there.

    Many Blessings


  2. Kate Avatar

    This is so kind and thoughtful of you. My father passed away from AML last year. It was awful and this family will need and appreciate all the love and support possible.

  3. Jennifer Avatar

    Tell my what you would like Christina (The stuff you make is better but i would be happy to help you.)…I will ship you some items for your fundraiser. Please email shipping info. Sending love and prayers for you, your son, and his friend and family.
    – Jennie

  4. Mama2Hope Avatar

    I make cute little doll necklaces, I’ll send you some!

  5. Leah Killian Avatar

    That poor family. I’m e-mailing you Christina.

  6. Darice/Healing Gems Avatar
    Darice/Healing Gems

    This is just awful. Since I am in the US and can’t be sure something would get to you in time to auction I just sent a donation through PP.
    My heart and thoughts are with this family.

  7. Lisa W. Avatar
    Lisa W.

    Hugs, so sorry for the sad news. A parents worst nightmare for sure. Praying for strength, healing and comfort for all involved.

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