2012 Year in Review


I think this is John’s favorite time of year .. that man loves year-in-review sport montages. Clips of goals set to fast paced music punctuated with a  commentator screaming ‘Goooaaaall’ makes his heart swoon. Feeling inspired by his Year in Review love I thought I’d do a ‘Year in Review’. Studio pics, some of my favorite doll pics and lots of random pics – but all from this year. This was so nice to put together – what a walk down memory lane!!

This time of year makes me feel incredibly thankful for all of you out there. Your friendship and support means so much to us! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2013!

Christina and everyone at Bamboletta







2 responses to “2012 Year in Review”

  1. Linda JT Avatar
    Linda JT

    Oh I enjoyed watching that slideshow! I loved the beautiful picture of Rachel with the peacock feather earring, the one of C with her superhero x-ray glasses, Brandi and Sarah’s yarn dance, the MJ dress shot (I wanna be in that one!) and *all* the Ryan photos. 😉

  2. Cassandra Avatar

    Very cool and thrilled I could catch up on a blog I love to read! Great year in review!
    Wonderful giveaways I missed too……very cool what you do!

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