Friday Snapshots

I’m sort of loving the short videos right now! In case you didn’t know, we have a channel over on YouTube with a bunch of bits and pieces on it, like this video made yesterday….

We’ve also got a bunch of tutorials and little dolly videos we’ve made over the past couple of years. Is there anything that you’d like to see made ‘in film’? We are open to ideas and suggestions!

As a side note, I am heading over to Vancouver this Thursday for my Granville Island Vending orientation. As soon as I have all my dates firmed up I will post them here and on our calendar. (and I am SUPER excited about going over to Vancouver this time because I’m going to take a float plane! They fly out really close to where I live and land right downtown .. in 15 MINUTES! )

Have a great rest of the weekend!









2 responses to “Friday Snapshots”

  1. Cassandra Avatar

    What fun! How fast that will be taking a float plane and how exciting. Never been in one. Very cool that you are going to be out old school wise meeting and seeing so many.
    Well….my DD would love more Choco videos and even my son loves seeing the dolls do some fun things.
    Maybe videos of all the boxes after everything is packed up to be sent off or maybe a video of a special message for someone once in awhile. Kind of like a send your picture in and then you have a shout out for that person. 🙂 Hope I make sense!

    Keep posting.

  2. Jennifer Avatar

    I’d love a video tutorial of how to make the hair on the doll – a wig (instead of a crochet cap). I love your freckle tutorial and especially the sweet videos of the dolls becoming alive. They’re awesome!

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