Staff Pick!

Hello Friends! It’s Friday again (where did the week go?!) so that means it’s time for our weekly staff pick, eep! This week it was Shauna’s turn, and after much capitulation, she has chosen Angel! The white-haired, bright-eyed beauty!

Shauna with her pick of the week Angel…two sweet-faced beauties!

Clothing by: Thamar

Hair styled by: Shauna

Likes: Picking flowers at dusk.

Dislikes: Rainy days when it should be summer!

Bff: Calvin

This photo makes me want to pinch their cheeks!

What Shauna says: “When I was doing Angel’s hair, I actually thought to myself, ‘She looks like an angel’. I wasn’t surprised when I discovered that Rachel had named her Angel! And Calvin…so darn cute! Of course he would be her best friend, can’t you just see them picking flowers together?

Happy upload day today everyone!!! Good luck!



Shauna and Brooke






2 responses to “Staff Pick!”

  1. Melissa Peters Avatar
    Melissa Peters

    The doll on the right in the striped shirt looks like Matilda Jane’s Mia top.

    Your dolls are adorable.

  2. Tanya Wellburn Avatar
    Tanya Wellburn

    Fantastic pic! I loved her and her LB sister~ such gorgeous hair!! And I’m completely in agreement with her dislike!! Felt like a spring morning today….where’s our summer??!

    She has the most beautiful eye colour 🙂

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