Serendipity Dolls – Tabitha

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This is Tabitha. She has fair skin, long hair made with mohair and wool yarns in a light brown color with multi-colored fairy bits and teal eyes. She is wearing the pictured outfit, underpants and wool felt shoes.

This is a very special dollie package. Cost includes 15″ doll, extra clothing shown here and a little wee pocket doll.

For a chance to buy Tabitha and the clothing please comment at the end of this blog post. One entry per household please. She costs $300 plus shipping. I will chose a winner on Sunday night around 8pm PST.







168 responses to “Serendipity Dolls – Tabitha”

  1. Amy Fisher Avatar
    Amy Fisher

    Please oh please oh please!

  2. Audrey scalzo Avatar
    Audrey scalzo


  3. Keiran Shield Avatar
    Keiran Shield

    Oh Miss Tabitha – please make that 40 mins of clicking worthwhile…

  4. Amber Hill Avatar
    Amber Hill

    I would love this doll!

  5. Erin Avatar

    So excited to see Tabitha here!!!!

  6. Audrey scalzo Avatar
    Audrey scalzo

    The colors are perfect

  7. Claire Avatar

    Love! You are the best C!!

  8. Stacey Avatar

    Count me in! She is beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Brenda Fransisco Avatar
    Brenda Fransisco

    I would love this doll for my granddaughter! I am a newbie to bamboletta and would love this beauty!

  10. Jamie Avatar

    Oh! Tabitha would be so welcome at our home. We would love to have her! <3

  11. Carol F. Avatar
    Carol F.

    Loved her! Maybe… if I’m incredibly lucky!

  12. Cassie Avatar

    Love her!!

  13. Hurley Avatar

    Love this!

  14. Kimmy Avatar

    ohhhh me please!!

  15. Katherine Avatar

    she is a beauty!

  16. Hannah Avatar

    she is gorgeous!!

  17. Yuliya Avatar

    PICK ME! I pay cash… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Britta Avatar

    All fingers and toes are crossed for some lucky on friday the 13th… please come live with us Tabitha, we will love you forever:)

  19. dana adzich Avatar

    oh my goodness! i knoww a little girl who would gice miss tabitha an amzing home. and we are local, we live in duncan. perhaps if we won we could bring her by for

  20. Carey Provost Avatar
    Carey Provost

    We kept trying for you Tabitha- my daughter is obsessed with you and your rainbow sweater!!

  21. chloe Marshall Avatar
    chloe Marshall

    So adorable would abousloutley love her

  22. Ceinwen W Avatar
    Ceinwen W

    Love her !!

  23. angelica Avatar

    oh me please please please!! :))

  24. Karen Avatar

    Love her hair!

  25. Traci Avatar

    Love the purple!

  26. jenna powell Avatar
    jenna powell

    wow what a doll!

  27. Holly Hicks Avatar
    Holly Hicks

    Another beauty! We would love if she could be ours.

  28. Michelle Parker-Liddy Avatar
    Michelle Parker-Liddy

    Tabitha was my very 1st pet, a cat who I got when I was 5 and she used to have tea parties, dressed up alongside my dolls and I. I had her for 20 years. Come and live with me please Little Miss Tabitha -xx-

  29. Tash Avatar

    Would love this gorgeous doll to come live with us!

  30. Angie D Avatar
    Angie D

    I would love a chance to give tabitha a home. I had a friend whose sick,little girl needs acsnuggle buddy!

  31. Vanessa Do Avatar
    Vanessa Do

    Nice! I want her ;-))

  32. Danyel Avatar

    my daughter and I would love her

  33. Mary Yuhas Avatar
    Mary Yuhas

    She is so lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Kathy Terteli Avatar
    Kathy Terteli

    Oh Tabitha – you are very wanted at this house – I have a sore hand to prove it

  35. tiffany O Avatar
    tiffany O


  36. patsy Avatar

    What a wardrobe!!

  37. Wendy Avatar

    love the colours on dear tabitha!

  38. Jennifer Avatar

    LOVE this and love Tabitha!!

  39. Stephanie Avatar

    She is amazing! We would love to give this sweet little lady a forever home.

  40. Aleta Wills Avatar
    Aleta Wills

    Oh I would absolutely love her! And so would all of my four daughters!!!

  41. Amy H Avatar
    Amy H

    I think she is simply divine!!!

  42. Elizabeth Avatar

    Me please!

  43. Jessica M. Avatar
    Jessica M.

    Tabs I clicked & reclicked forever. Fly home babe!

  44. Jennifer B Avatar
    Jennifer B

    Love her!

  45. Nicole M Avatar
    Nicole M

    She is amazing!

  46. Traci Avatar


  47. Arielle Avatar

    Oh, I know one little girl who would love Tabitha!

  48. Josefine Avatar

    LOve her and her wardrobe!

  49. Trish Avatar

    Helloooooooo Ms. Tabitha! Would love to meet you and bring you home. <3

  50. TheresaS Avatar

    I wanted her badly๎„๎„… but rng is not my friend.thanks for the awesome chance!

  51. Abby Avatar

    love Tabitha~

  52. Natalie Avatar

    Love her hair and her pretty eyes.

  53. Hillary Avatar

    A very pretty little thing. Good luck to everyone!

  54. Melanie Morrison Avatar
    Melanie Morrison

    Would love to have this beauty!!

  55. PJ Palmer Avatar
    PJ Palmer

    We would love love love to give her a wonderful loving home!

  56. Libby Cantrell Avatar
    Libby Cantrell

    Love her!

  57. Dawn Avatar

    Pretty baby

  58. Jaime Thomas Avatar
    Jaime Thomas

    Please let us be picked for her!

  59. Jill hill Avatar
    Jill hill

    My neice would love her for her first birthday.

  60. Mehgan Perez Avatar
    Mehgan Perez

    Love her!!!! She’s gorgeous!!!

  61. Cheryl ch Avatar
    Cheryl ch

    Yes plllllease!!!

  62. Dee Avatar

    I stayed up WAAAAAY past my bedtime trying to get her. Let this be our day : )

  63. Danielle s Avatar
    Danielle s

    We would LOVE her! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  64. Christina Schoeppner Avatar
    Christina Schoeppner

    I tried till midnight for this girl!

  65. Jessica Avatar

    She is gorgeous!!!!

  66. Mandy Conly Avatar
    Mandy Conly

    Love her!!

  67. Aubrey Avatar

    Oh I just love her!

  68. Jennie B Avatar
    Jennie B

    She is amazing!! <3

  69. Kevin C. Avatar
    Kevin C.

    Would love a chance to get her for my daughter. Thank you!!

  70. Sarah Hunsaker Avatar
    Sarah Hunsaker

    Ohh tabitha I love you!:)

  71. Elaine Avatar


  72. Amanda H Avatar
    Amanda H

    She is amazing! We would looooove her <3

  73. Theresa S. Avatar
    Theresa S.

    Wow, I really wanted her! She is so pretty! RNG, please be nice to me, I am needing some good luck lately!

  74. Leslie Avatar

    Oh. I tried for her all night and was so sad when she “sold” — so glad to see her here now. One more chance… ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. Karalisa Avatar

    Love her!!

  76. Denise Avatar

    Love her hair!!!

  77. Whitney P Avatar
    Whitney P

    Love her.

  78. Vanessa Avatar

    Stunning gal!!!! WE would lover her ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. Deidra Jones Avatar
    Deidra Jones

    So sweet!

  80. Melba Avatar

    I would love to have you as present to my Matildes second b-day. We will see.

  81. Lynda Avatar

    I have a grandbaby that would love this dolly!

  82. Stephan Avatar

    Do father’s have any chance at winning one of these dolls? I sure hope so because my little princess would surely love this one!

  83. Sue LaFleur Avatar
    Sue LaFleur

    She is divine!!!!!

  84. Jennifer L. Avatar
    Jennifer L.

    She is adorable! Hope to get lucky! ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. Brenda Seider Avatar
    Brenda Seider

    Oh my, she is perfect! This newbie family would adore her!

  86. Erin A. Avatar
    Erin A.

    i LOVE Tabitha! Her Hair and outfits rock!

  87. Kristin Sawyer Avatar
    Kristin Sawyer

    Would love to give her a home!! She’s precious!!

  88. Jena Avatar

    Man alive! I want her sooooooo bad.

  89. Kate Avatar

    She is beautiful-would love her!!

  90. Lori Avatar

    I’m trying now to get a doll for my daughter’s 5th birthday in August. I figure it might take me that long.

  91. Angel Avatar

    GORGEOUS baby girl!!! would love to see her in my daughter’s arms! Thanks for the chance!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. Kathy Avatar


  93. PanosBaby Avatar


  94. Jen Chesla Avatar
    Jen Chesla

    I love Tabitha!

  95. Beatriz Avatar

    Oh! A second chance for Tabitha! Please, lottery gods…

  96. Angela Simpson Avatar
    Angela Simpson

    Loved her! Amazing we get another chance!

  97. Adria Avatar

    We’d love to have a chance at this one!

  98. Michelle Avatar

    OH shes so lovely!!!

  99. Megan Beckham Avatar

    I tried for her to try to keep my mind off of things yesterday. This newbie family would love her!

  100. Anna Avatar


  101. Shana Avatar

    I adore this gal!! We would love to have her! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. Michelle C. Avatar
    Michelle C.


  103. linda jones Avatar
    linda jones

    Love her!

  104. Mary Avatar

    My daughter would absolutely love her!

  105. Lesley wheeler Avatar
    Lesley wheeler

    Would love her!

  106. Sarah F Avatar
    Sarah F

    Yes please !!

  107. Dani Welton Avatar
    Dani Welton

    She is beautiful!

  108. Roseanne bunger Avatar
    Roseanne bunger

    Dream come true ๐Ÿ™‚

  109. Heidi Tryon Avatar
    Heidi Tryon

    What a pretty color combo!

  110. kara smith Avatar
    kara smith


  111. Rebecca Avatar


  112. RH Avatar

    LOVE her!!

  113. Mai J Avatar
    Mai J

    I love her!!!!!

  114. Ashley Avatar

    me please!!

  115. Robyn Avatar

    Oh, we would love her!

  116. Holly Avatar

    I love her

  117. Nat & Em Avatar
    Nat & Em

    We had fun staying up until midnight to try for this sweet girl. Em loved her smile, the position of her arms, and colorful spirit. We are hoping she’s our girl. Still, it was great fun trying to stay awake and trying to cart her for 40 minutes. Nice mum and daughter memory ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. Nat & Em Avatar
    Nat & Em

    We had so much fun trying to stay awake to try for this sweet spirited doll. We love her sweet smile, her arm position, and colorful spirit. Even though we did not cart her after trying for 40 mins. we went to bed with a smile. Hope she’s our girl, but will remember our late mum and daughter Bamboletta magic!

  119. Nat & Em Avatar
    Nat & Em

    What fun we had staying awake until midnight together just for Miss Tabitha. Went to bed with a smile. Hope she’s our girl!

  120. Lara Kisich Avatar
    Lara Kisich

    Love love her!!!

  121. Rebecca Avatar


  122. Sara Avatar

    What squishy cuteness!

  123. Nat & Em Avatar
    Nat & Em

    Even though we were not successful in getting Tabitha after 40 minutes of trying, we had so much fun trying to stay awake until midnight our time and we still went to bed with a smile having enjoyed the excitement of trying to get a doll we’d love to have. We were drawn to Tabitha’s happy smile, the position of her arms, and her overall colourful spirt – a match in spirit for Emily. Hoping she will be our girl. If not, it will be a fun memory for us ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. Nat & Em Avatar
    Nat & Em

    We had so much fun trying to stay awake for upload time, and after 40 mins of trying, we still went to bed at 1 am with a smile. We are still hoping for Tabitha – we love her smile, her colourful spirit, and open arms to the front!

  125. Natalie Avatar

    Emily was drawn to Tabitha’s happy smile, open arms, and colourful spirit and had so much fun staying awake until midnight together to try for the doll that matches her special spirit. After 40 mins of trying we still went to bed with a smile on our faces after a nice time of Bamboletta excitement together. Still hoping she’s meant to be our girl, our girl must not be made yet ๐Ÿ™‚

  126. Michelle Helfrich Avatar
    Michelle Helfrich

    I love this doll. She has the sweetest face. I really like the idea of putting the doll and doll clothes together as one big package. I hope that you have more uploads like this. I tried for 35 minutes and figured someone else must have bought her. How awesome that she is up for Serendipity! Great job Team Bamboletta!

  127. Alexandra Avatar

    Love her!

  128. Marge Gray Avatar
    Marge Gray

    What a cutie pie and clothes too…awesome!

  129. Cora Avatar

    I would love her.

  130. Rickiann Avatar

    I would love her

  131. Jennifer Vivolo Avatar
    Jennifer Vivolo

    An adorable girl who would have a fabulous home with my daughter! I love her hair, expression, and those super fabulous clothes. Crossing my fingers…

  132. Alma Avatar

    Please come home to us!

  133. Suzi Avatar

    She is adorable!

  134. Belinda Avatar

    Gorgeous hair!

  135. Michelle swann Avatar
    Michelle swann

    Fingers crossed!!

  136. Laura Avatar

    I’d love a chance to buy her!

  137. JenniferB Avatar

    I keep coming back to look at her and just had to try! She is so adorable and would love to have her come live with us!!

  138. cara Z. Avatar
    cara Z.

    Oh my, she’s beautiful! Would love the chance! Thanks.

  139. Jenn B Avatar
    Jenn B

    Tabitha will have a good home with us should our number be drawn!

  140. Claire Avatar

    She is my dream doll!

  141. MaryRuth Avatar

    love her!

  142. Kim C Avatar
    Kim C

    She is wonderful! And the clothes, ca-ute!

  143. Emmeline Duong Avatar
    Emmeline Duong

    too cute :)!

  144. Aliema A Avatar
    Aliema A

    Wow her hair is amazing! Would love to have her for my grandaughter!

  145. Rachel G Avatar
    Rachel G

    Such a cutie!

  146. Stephanie Kager Avatar
    Stephanie Kager

    We would love her!

  147. Shannon Avatar

    I would love the opportunity to purchase this dolly. I tried for her at the stocking, but couldn’t get her to jump into my cart.

  148. Thomasina Avatar

    She is so pretty

  149. Heather Truelove Avatar
    Heather Truelove

    Love her!!!

  150. Donn Avatar

    She rocks!

  151. Donna Avatar

    Oops that should say Donna

  152. Melissa Avatar

    She is really pretty! Happy for the 2nd chance!

  153. Kara Jane heiner Avatar
    Kara Jane heiner

    I would be so thrilled if she could come live with me!

  154. Lori G. Avatar
    Lori G.

    Would be over the moon and beyond happy to give Tabitha a forever home! Thanks for the chance, C! ๐Ÿ™‚

  155. Jacqueline Avatar

    I had a doll I named Tabitha when I was little. Hopefully I’ll get another Tabitha!

  156. Kinda Avatar

    She is such a sweetie!

  157. Stacy Avatar


  158. Carole Helton Avatar
    Carole Helton

    I would love to win her for my granddaughter’s birthday. My daughter told me about your dolls and they are every bit as adorable as she said.

  159. mary collier Avatar

    adorbs! would love.

  160. chrystel Avatar

    So precious

  161. Kenzie Simpson Avatar
    Kenzie Simpson

    Love her!

  162. Doug Avatar


  163. Beth Avatar

    Would love a second chance at Tabitha, I had her carted, went to check out and lost it, I guess that it how she ended up here ๐Ÿ™

  164. Roxy Schow Avatar

    Wow! Your dolls are so beautiful and to have sets of clothes with the babe – how wonderful! So love her hair and eyes!!

  165. Kelly w Avatar
    Kelly w


  166. Steph W. Avatar
    Steph W.

    ohhh is she ever a sweet doll!

  167. Jennifer I. Avatar
    Jennifer I.

    What a fantastic package and a gorgeous doll!

  168. Brandee P Avatar
    Brandee P

    Oh Tabitha!…You are such a little Beauty!…I love your hair!