Serendipity Doll – Zinnia

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This is Zinnia and she is up for Serendipity this weekend. This doll is available for sale via a raffle type of draw. so, if you are interested in her please leave a comment at the end of this post (not on the picture).

One comment per household please. If you see ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ it just means I have to manually approve it, which can take a few hours.

Zinnia costsΒ  $200 plus shipping. I will chose a winner randomly tomorrow evening at 8pm PDT.







91 responses to “Serendipity Doll – Zinnia”

  1. Barb Bee Avatar
    Barb Bee

    am I first??? She is adorable!! PLEASE??

  2. Robin Savona Avatar
    Robin Savona

    This doll is melting my heart… My daughter is in love, love, LOVE!!! She is the absolute perfect baby doll and would be a great addition to our home. My daughter would take her everywhere! I am already making clothes and bedding to welcome a new addition to our family. Please please make her 11th birthday a special one!!! This kid needs a 15″ bamboletta no other dolly will do! Rachel loves Zinnia.

  3. Meredith Avatar

    Would love the chance. πŸ™‚

  4. Angela E Avatar
    Angela E

    ME ME ME ME ME Pretty please with sugar on top πŸ˜‰ <3 her !!

  5. RH Avatar

    She is awesome!

  6. joan colekady Avatar
    joan colekady

    zinna looks like me as a little girl same color of hair wouldnt it be neat for my daughter to be mommy to a doll that looks like her mommy

  7. Amy Fisher Avatar
    Amy Fisher

    Love the auburn hair! πŸ™‚

  8. Sarah C Avatar
    Sarah C

    She’s just beautiful! LOVE her freckles! πŸ™‚

  9. Allison S Avatar
    Allison S

    Love her!

  10. Melanie Avatar


  11. Kate Avatar

    Gah! She is perfect… The face, the dress, the boots. Love.

  12. Ashley L. Avatar
    Ashley L.

    LOVE those freckles! =)

  13. Shannon Avatar

    Zinnia is so spunky just the way my daughter is. She would make a great addition to my daughter’s dolly collection. And the perfect birthday present for her.

  14. Kristineh Avatar


  15. Poppy Avatar

    A gorgeous girl for my gorgeous girl, I hope!

  16. Holly B Avatar
    Holly B

    Love her, the boots, the freckles, the hair and the cutey pie dress!

  17. Andrea G Avatar
    Andrea G

    fingers crossed!!!! Yaaay for Serendipity dolls!!!!

  18. Christine H Avatar
    Christine H

    eeeeek! Love her!

  19. susie Avatar

    OMG, I tried for her…I do not have a dark haired girl to match my sweet Kellee’s hair and eyes:)

  20. Michelle Avatar

    What a cute dress!

  21. Stacie Avatar

    She is really a cutie!!

  22. Rachelle Avatar

    Newbie here!!! And I have 2 little girls who would love to have beautiful Zinnia join our Canadian family in Texas!! <3<3

  23. Alexandra Avatar

    My favorite!

  24. Andrea Cohn Avatar
    Andrea Cohn


  25. Erica Eley Avatar
    Erica Eley

    I would love to bring her home! Thank you! πŸ˜€

  26. Jodi A Avatar
    Jodi A

    would love to have her be a part of our family!

  27. Suzy Whitten Avatar
    Suzy Whitten

    Freckles !!!

  28. Anne Avatar

    What a pretty girl! Pick me!!!

  29. Tabatha Boyes Avatar
    Tabatha Boyes

    so cute! hope us

  30. Joyce Locke Avatar
    Joyce Locke

    We would love those freckles right off of her! (:

  31. Sherry L Avatar
    Sherry L

    Love! Please come home Zinnia!

  32. Carrie Avatar

    Love her!!!!!

  33. Trish Avatar

    Super cute!

  34. Hanna Avatar

    We would love her. She’s perfect!

  35. Lisa G Avatar
    Lisa G

    So cute!!

  36. Mel Avatar

    How adorable!!

  37. Nicole Eppes Merryman Avatar
    Nicole Eppes Merryman

    Wow she is rockin those boots. How adorable!!!

  38. Sabrina Avatar

    Love Serendipity! Please come to London for our new baby girl x

  39. Whitney Wilson Avatar
    Whitney Wilson

    brown eyed brunette!

  40. Christine B Avatar
    Christine B

    oh sweetie…sweetie πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed!

  41. Claire B Avatar
    Claire B

    Yes please

  42. Josefine Avatar

    We would love her!

  43. Marie-Claude Avatar

    Zinnia, we would like to have you with us!

  44. Mandy F Avatar
    Mandy F

    Fingers crossed! Would love for her to come live with us!

  45. Fiona Avatar

    Love her dress

  46. Nicole Avatar

    We would love to give Zinnia a forever home πŸ™‚

  47. Lynn Avatar

    Tried oh so hard for her…would be great to have another chance at her…thanks!

  48. Rhonda F Avatar
    Rhonda F

    Oooh, yes please.

  49. Rebecca Avatar

    So sweet! I’d love to bring her home!

  50. amelia smith Avatar
    amelia smith

    i can tell she has some personality!

  51. Sinead Licari Avatar
    Sinead Licari

    This looks like me!

  52. Kimberly Y Avatar

    she is a super cutie!!

  53. Jen Avatar

    Yes Please!

  54. Danielle Avatar

    I would LOVE to make Zinnia part of our family!

  55. Allison Avatar

    Brown hair and freckles, how sweet! Zinnia come play with us…

  56. Dana Avatar

    Love her name!

  57. Wendie Avatar

    <3 her!

  58. Leilani Kesaulij - Serra Avatar
    Leilani Kesaulij – Serra

    Zinnia, zinnia you are adorable!

  59. Sherri Adams Avatar
    Sherri Adams

    Zinnia is perfect! We would love her as part of our family!!

  60. Grady Avatar

    Lillian would love this one.

  61. Juli Avatar

    I love this doll!! And so would my girls!!

  62. Kristin M Avatar
    Kristin M

    She is adorable and love the freckles πŸ™‚ Please come to North Carolina. My daughter would love playing with you!

  63. Melissa Avatar

    Would love to win her!

  64. PattiB Avatar

    Fingers crossed this little cutie comes home to me! I was trying so hard for her!

  65. Geenie Avatar

    Gorgeous – as always!

  66. Laura Avatar

    cutie! she’d be right at home here.

  67. Lara Avatar

    Oh Zinnia we love you, please come to Scotland to live with us.

  68. Maranda Benckendorf Avatar
    Maranda Benckendorf

    Love her freckles!

  69. Carrie Mc Wright Avatar
    Carrie Mc Wright

    Freckles and a cute top!

  70. priya Avatar

    Zinnia….you are gorgeous. Love the freckles!

  71. Amy Avatar

    Love her!

  72. Rachel G Avatar
    Rachel G

    Her freckles are so cute!

  73. DAVE Avatar

    shes lovely

  74. Angela Avatar

    Zinnia is so gorgeous! Would love a chance to have her come here and live with us! She would be smothered in kisses!

  75. Sarah M. Avatar
    Sarah M.

    Would love the chance to have her:)

  76. Tamara Giles Avatar
    Tamara Giles

    What a cutie.

  77. Monique Avatar

    What a sweet face!

  78. Stephanie I.. Avatar
    Stephanie I..

    Love her!

  79. Karen Robohm Avatar
    Karen Robohm

    the dress… too cute on her….

  80. Brenda Carpenter Avatar
    Brenda Carpenter

    She is adorable

  81. Jennifer Chesla Avatar
    Jennifer Chesla

    what a cutie πŸ™‚

  82. Mandy Conly Avatar
    Mandy Conly

    one of my favs!

  83. Denell Avatar

    Love her name and her little boots!

  84. Suzanne Middleton Avatar
    Suzanne Middleton

    Love the freckles!

  85. Cat Avatar

    What a cutie!!! Lovin the shirt.

  86. Katheen V. Avatar
    Katheen V.

    Really pretty. We love the brown eyed, natural beauties!

  87. Marilyn Avatar


  88. Jaime Thomas Avatar
    Jaime Thomas

    She is sweet!

  89. jenna powell Avatar
    jenna powell

    pretty girl Zinnia~!

  90. Kim Giovannini Avatar

    Those boots were meant for walking! (to my home for my dd Almea!) LOL

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