Serendipity Doll Rosalie


Miss Rosalie is up for Serendipity this weekend!

To enter for a chance to buy her please leave a comment at the end of this blog post (not on the picture). I’ll draw a name at 8pm PST on Sunday night. She costs $205 plus shipping. One entry per household please!

Thanks everyone, Christina






45 responses to “Serendipity Doll Rosalie”

  1. Jerri F Avatar
    Jerri F

    So pretty!

  2. anar Avatar

    Lovely doll!

  3. Amanda H. Avatar

    she’s gorgeous!

  4. Sandy Avatar

    Oh I love Miss Rosalie! My daughter has red-hair and her middle name is Rose! She is beautiful!

  5. Cary Emery Avatar
    Cary Emery

    I think she is a real cutie

  6. Jim Avatar

    Come stay with us!

  7. Nicole M Avatar
    Nicole M

    What a sweet beauty! I love her dress

  8. Amy Varnon Avatar
    Amy Varnon

    Beautiful doll!

  9. Mandy M. Avatar
    Mandy M.

    She is adorable!!!!

  10. Juliet L. Avatar
    Juliet L.

    Kellen would love to meet Rosalie!

  11. Gail K Avatar
    Gail K

    love, love, love her…….

  12. Christina Schoeppner Avatar
    Christina Schoeppner

    Adorable and sweet

  13. Theresa Avatar

    Hi Miss Rosalie!
    Would love to give you a new home with us!

  14. Lauren Davis Avatar
    Lauren Davis

    I love her!

  15. Belinda Avatar

    Shes a sweetie!

  16. jenna powell Avatar
    jenna powell

    sweet a little ninga!

  17. Kristina Busenitz Avatar
    Kristina Busenitz

    Hope she finds our home with us. My DD is still is wishing.

  18. Agata Avatar

    She’a beautiful! and she’s got the same name that my daughter!!

  19. kara smith Avatar
    kara smith

    love her!

  20. MaryRuth Nich Avatar
    MaryRuth Nich


  21. Barb Bee Avatar
    Barb Bee

    she looks so cute!

  22. Angie D Avatar
    Angie D

    She is the perfect combination! Redhead with green eyes and freckles!

  23. Kathryn korotky Avatar
    Kathryn korotky

    Please come live with us in Alabama!

  24. Tiffany O'Connor Avatar
    Tiffany O’Connor

    Pick us! love the gingers!!

  25. Tamar Avatar

    It will be my honor to have her in our family!

  26. darcie lee Avatar
    darcie lee

    beautiful….we love her

  27. Judith Newman Avatar
    Judith Newman

    Love the freckles!

  28. Kim Avatar

    So dang cute!

  29. Tami-Lyn Stephen Avatar
    Tami-Lyn Stephen

    love love love her!!!!

  30. Kate Avatar

    I wish I had her outfit in my size! She’s lovely

  31. RH Avatar


  32. Heather Hall Avatar
    Heather Hall

    So beautiful! I would love to have this doll for my daughter!

  33. Roxy Schow Avatar

    I love her freckles! She would love our house! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Katina Hollman Avatar
    Katina Hollman

    Love her!!

  35. Jaime Thomas Avatar
    Jaime Thomas

    Pretty gal

  36. Sarah Avatar

    Yes Please !!!

  37. Janet Avatar

    I LOVE THIS Dolly’s hair color!!!

  38. Kate Avatar

    Love everything about her!

  39. Brad Avatar

    I know my wife would love her.

  40. Suzanne Robinson Avatar
    Suzanne Robinson

    love her!

  41. Jen Boschman Avatar
    Jen Boschman

    Love her!

  42. Tamara Avatar

    Sweet Red Head.

  43. Mag Hughes Avatar

    Looks just like my daughter when she was little!

  44. Stacy Forsyth Avatar
    Stacy Forsyth

    She is my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚ Would LOVE to have her

  45. mary collier Avatar

    newbie here and would LOVE her ๐Ÿ™‚