Serendipity Doll Petal


This is  Petal  and she is available this week for a Serendipity. What is a Serendipity? It’s a doll that is available for sale via a raffle. So, tomorrow at 8pm PDT I will randomly draw a name as the buyer. She costs $110  plus shipping.

One entry per household please.

Good luck!

PS. If you see your comment ‘Awaiting Moderation’ don’t worry – it just means I have to manually approve the comment, which can take a few hours if I’m out and about.






230 responses to “Serendipity Doll Petal”

  1. ClaireAnna Banana Avatar
    ClaireAnna Banana

    I love her little dress

  2. Denell Avatar

    Love her!

  3. dawn dangelo Avatar
    dawn dangelo


  4. Amy Fisher Avatar
    Amy Fisher

    She’s adorable!

  5. Nicole M Avatar
    Nicole M

    She would be a dream come true for my niece <3

  6. Jaime Thomas Avatar
    Jaime Thomas

    We would love her!!!!

  7. Kathy P Avatar
    Kathy P

    so pretty!

  8. Jen Boschman Avatar
    Jen Boschman

    Such a sweetheart!

  9. irina williams Avatar
    irina williams

    She is so pretty , would love a chance

  10. Carla Hiestand Avatar
    Carla Hiestand

    REALLY need her to make 2 little girls VERY happy

  11. Jaclyn Avatar

    She is Adorable!

  12. Danyel Avatar


  13. Diane StPierre Avatar
    Diane StPierre

    She is so Cute I love her colors

  14. Keiran Avatar

    Please, please, please oh please Petal please…

  15. Jennifer B Avatar
    Jennifer B

    She is a dream!

  16. Kate N Avatar
    Kate N

    We would love her!

  17. Kinda Avatar

    Eeeep! So sweet!

  18. PJ Avatar

    Oh my! She is just a dream come true! I hope serendipity is on my side!

  19. Khris E. Avatar
    Khris E.

    So sweet! What an awesome gift she would be.

  20. Monique Avatar

    Very sweet little lady!

  21. kara smith Avatar
    kara smith

    Oh, please:)

  22. Angie M Avatar
    Angie M

    Please oh please…she is so sweet

  23. Jen Russell Avatar
    Jen Russell

    would love to give this precious angel a home!

  24. Aimee Avatar

    My niece would love her

  25. Denise Avatar

    She is darling! Thanks for this chance!

  26. Linsay Avatar

    Oh how I would love to have a LB for my daughters for under the tree!

  27. Tamara Avatar

    What a sweet little gal.

  28. Cheryl S Avatar
    Cheryl S

    She would be a perfect gift for my grandbaby

  29. Diane StPierre Avatar
    Diane StPierre

    She is so sweet!! Love her

  30. Stephanie T Avatar
    Stephanie T

    Please pick us! We love her.

  31. Lindsey B. Avatar
    Lindsey B.

    Pretty Petal! Please!

  32. Molly Avatar

    LOVE her!!! 🙂

  33. Jimmy Avatar

    My little girl would love this beauty for Christmas! Thanks for the chance.

  34. Billy Avatar

    She’s perfect

  35. Serena Avatar

    Love Petal and her pink hair!

  36. Candice Avatar

    I know a pretty little girl who would have the BEST christmas if Petal was under the tree!

  37. Nicole M. Nelson Avatar
    Nicole M. Nelson

    Petal is so precious. My 4 year old would love her forever.

  38. Talisha Avatar

    Too cute!!! Love her.

  39. Doug Avatar

    Hoping for my granddaughter

  40. Abbi Avatar

    We would love to have Petal! 🙂

  41. Kara Avatar

    Little sweetie!

  42. Jennifer K Avatar
    Jennifer K

    Would be a perfect little sister doll!!!

  43. Stacie Avatar

    Please send Petal to our house to stay. She’s little and perfect in every way. And when she’s had her fill of love and smiles (and likely a few toddler misadventures), we’ll tuck her in bed at the end of the day!

  44. Rachel K Avatar
    Rachel K

    I have a such a soft spot for pink haired dolls, good luck to everyone else as well.

  45. Josefine Avatar

    I just adore her! She would make my little girl so happy on her first Chrsitmas!

  46. Sarah Avatar

    She’s beautiful.

  47. susie Avatar

    Please let this me my week for one of these LB:)!!

  48. Becky Avatar

    Perfect sibling doll. Pink-a-licious!!

  49. Angelika Avatar

    She was the one I went for! Love her!

  50. Patti Avatar

    Oh, my goodness! What a wonderful Christmas gift she would be for my daughter!!

  51. Troy Avatar

    We would love her dearly!

  52. Nicole Pittman Avatar
    Nicole Pittman

    We would love to have her!!!

  53. Marie Avatar

    she is so loveable!!

  54. Jason Weeks Avatar
    Jason Weeks

    The perfect Christmas present

  55. Mandy E. Avatar
    Mandy E.

    She’s lovely!!

  56. Janet Avatar



    She would be a dream come true

  58. Carrie Avatar

    She’s beautiful! Me please! 🙂

  59. Kylie c Avatar
    Kylie c

    Miss Petal, I tired so hard for you! Please pick our family for your new home.

  60. Lori Avatar

    yes please

  61. Wendy Avatar

    please and thank you!

  62. Kim Avatar

    Petal’s pink hair and blue eyes are great!

  63. K Bart Avatar
    K Bart

    very cute!!!

  64. Shelly Mogensen Avatar
    Shelly Mogensen

    Yes please! We would love her as our first Bamboletta doll! I need a LB for my daughter since she is only 1 1/2.

  65. Ali Avatar

    Very cute!

  66. kara s. Avatar
    kara s.

    shes so pretty!!! 🙂 we would love a chance

  67. Cassandra Avatar

    She looks so unique.

  68. Tam Totter Avatar
    Tam Totter

    We would love to have her.

  69. Erin Avatar

    Petal would be a Christmas miracle to our little one this Christmas. Welcoming her into our home this holiday season would bring a bright spot of warmth into the cold winter!

  70. Stephanie Kager Avatar
    Stephanie Kager

    Love her!

  71. cari Avatar

    My little girl would flip for all that pink! 🙂

  72. Lisa M. Avatar
    Lisa M.

    We love her!

  73. shareena Avatar

    My Lily Rose’s dream doll is pink hair and blue eyes so how perfect would it be if santa brought her this beautiful girl named after a flower just like her 🙂

  74. kris Avatar

    oh please, oh please 🙂

  75. Jean Avatar

    Thank you for the opportunity and good luck everyone! 🙂

  76. Liz Avatar

    Would love her!!!!

  77. Robyn Avatar

    We would love her!

  78. Shane Riley Avatar
    Shane Riley

    Would love to give this pink beauty to my daughter!

  79. Amy Drissel Avatar
    Amy Drissel

    What a pink beauty!

  80. Sara Avatar

    She’s so pretty! We would love to give Petal a forever home!

  81. Kira Avatar

    Please come live with us Petal!! So pretty and pink! Hannah would love you to bits!

  82. Heather Derksen Avatar
    Heather Derksen

    I would love a chance to bring Petal home. Thank you for the opportunity!

  83. Stacy Avatar

    Love Her!

  84. Krista M Avatar
    Krista M

    Lorna, you are so cute:)

  85. Katie Avatar

    eeeeep she is total cuteness and my little Eva would love for you to be her little friend

  86. Amy Brooke Avatar
    Amy Brooke

    It’s love! We are all about pink here, so Petal would fit perfectly into our family!

  87. Mary Yuhas Avatar
    Mary Yuhas


  88. Bella M Avatar
    Bella M

    Shes adorable!!!

  89. Libbi Avatar

    We would LOVE her!! Fingers crossed 🙂

  90. Jenn Hayley Melanie Avatar
    Jenn Hayley Melanie

    My DD would love a pink girl for Xmas :). Thank you for the opportunity to buy her :).

  91. Jennifer Avatar

    I would LOVE to have Petal come live here!!! Hoping for tiny pink cuteness…

  92. Aribbe Burch Avatar
    Aribbe Burch

    Love this little pink girl.

  93. Michelle Fox Avatar
    Michelle Fox

    We would LOVE to give her a home!!!

  94. Shannon Avatar

    The perfect dolly for a pink lover. My daughter’s birthday is upcoming and she would love a pink dolly. She’s my girly girl.

  95. Sarah C Avatar

    Shes adorable!!!

  96. jenna Avatar

    oh a little pink buddy oh how fantastic!

  97. Atarah Avatar

    Yummy, yummy, yummy! She’s so wonderful!

  98. Jo T Avatar
    Jo T

    She is just beautiful…please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

  99. Cindy Avatar

    a little buddy serendipity? Squee!

  100. Wendy Avatar

    Sooo cute

  101. Karen Avatar

    She’s pinkalicious!

  102. Tracy Avatar

    pinkie pie 🙂

  103. Angela Simpson Avatar
    Angela Simpson

    Love her!

  104. Eve Adkins Avatar
    Eve Adkins

    SO CUTE!!

  105. Lori Grootwassink Avatar
    Lori Grootwassink

    <3 her!!! Thanks for the chance, C! 🙂

  106. Amy Avatar

    Everything is crossed for this one!!!

  107. Sharyl Avatar

    I absolutely love her, she is precious!

  108. tara ess Avatar
    tara ess

    xoxoxo. super cute., love the pink hair and dying for a LB

  109. Paula Avatar

    What a cutie!!! We would lI’ve a pink here 🙂

  110. Melanie Avatar

    Love her pink hair!

  111. Lacy Avatar

    Um….she needs to live here! Perfect!!!!

  112. Hanna J Avatar
    Hanna J

    Love her so much!!!! She would be perfect for my two year old DD. 🙂

  113. Danielle B Avatar
    Danielle B

    Yes please!!!

  114. Lisa briones Avatar
    Lisa briones

    So precious!

  115. Rachel Avatar

    My daughter would LOVE her!!!

  116. A adams Avatar
    A adams

    Be still my beating <3

  117. Cristina Avatar

    me please!

  118. cara Z. Avatar
    cara Z.

    I tried for 12 mins. for this girl! Dream gal!

  119. Kelly e Avatar
    Kelly e

    Really, is it possible to get any cuter? Love!

  120. Tina Avatar

    Eek again! I think I tried for 21 min. It was complete chaos here. But hoping maybe this time…

  121. Pam Avatar

    I love these litte babies. She would be the perfect little sister!

  122. Melissa Avatar


  123. Rachel Avatar

    We have been dreaming of you riding down the rainbow bridge into our hearts! Giving thanks and love everyday.

  124. Jennifer Taylor Avatar
    Jennifer Taylor

    oooh.. a pink lb would complete our little family…

  125. Christina D Avatar
    Christina D

    She is just perfect!

  126. Holly Dolly Avatar
    Holly Dolly

    Petite and pink a great combination. One thing still on my list for xmas to do a pink doll, please come home to us little one 🙂

  127. linda jt Avatar
    linda jt

    She’s pinkstacular! I love the LBs so so much.

  128. Amy Bradford Avatar

    I really want a LB to love on!!! Well for Rye to love on!!! She is.beautiful!

  129. Anne B Avatar

    Pinkalicious! We would LOVE to have her as a part if our family!

  130. Amy H. Avatar
    Amy H.

    Soooooo pretty in pink!! <3!!!

  131. MamaM Avatar

    would love the chance to buy her!

  132. Tara A Avatar
    Tara A

    Pink LB perfection!!! Please please draw our name 🙂

  133. Carrie Avatar

    Love the pink LB!!!!

  134. Lisa Avatar

    Would love to bring Petal home, thanks!

  135. Becca Avatar

    We would love to have her here. 🙂 She is gorgeous!

  136. Karyn Avatar

    Me please! Cutie patootie!

  137. Kaitlin Avatar

    I love this one soooo much!! So would Paisley!! Your work is AMAZING!!

  138. Kate Avatar

    Love, love, love…..

  139. Sabrina Avatar

    Caauutte! How did she possibly get stuck???

  140. Isabel Avatar

    It would be amazing absolutely amazing to have this girl to come to our house!! 😀

  141. Katheen V. Avatar
    Katheen V.

    Lovely pink girl!

  142. Diane Avatar

    Adorable LB–hoping 🙂

  143. Traci Avatar

    My little girl would love her!

  144. Jennifer Avatar

    Love her!

  145. Heather K. Avatar
    Heather K.

    She’s cute! I love having a second chance at LBs. 🙂

  146. Rei Tsou Avatar
    Rei Tsou

    we would love to be able to welcome our first ever LB home!!! 🙂

  147. Fatmah Benkaram Avatar
    Fatmah Benkaram

    Lovely <3

  148. Patsy Avatar

    A pink LB…how perfect!

  149. Christine B Avatar
    Christine B

    a pretty pink LB!!!

  150. Doug Abshire Avatar
    Doug Abshire

    Would love to win for my daughter for Christmas.

  151. Kathryn G Avatar
    Kathryn G

    <3 her! Me Please!

  152. Lauren W Avatar
    Lauren W

    Pretty Petal!

  153. Trinity Dawn Maura Avatar
    Trinity Dawn Maura

    Love her!

  154. andra Avatar

    My daughter would love a pink haired girl!

  155. Amanda B Avatar
    Amanda B

    My little girl would love her for Valentine’s Day!!! 🙂 Is it pathetic I will try any holiday to give her a sweet, handmade dolly? I think not!!

  156. Sarah Avatar

    Fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!

  157. Melinda Avatar

    She is adorable!!! Please pick me 🙂

  158. Shane Avatar

    I love this little pink girl. Maybe I can finally get a little buddy! 🙂 Good luck to all!!

  159. kathy Avatar

    We would love to have a little pink girl at our house 🙂 Thanks!

  160. Amanda Avatar

    Love her!

  161. Angela Avatar

    Love her!!!!

  162. Kelly Avatar

    Would be a loved addition to our family!

  163. Katie G. Avatar
    Katie G.


  164. Stacey P Avatar
    Stacey P

    So Cute!!

  165. Danielle and Honour Avatar
    Danielle and Honour

    Dear Santa,
    Please let us bring home a little buddy to complete our beautiful bamboletta family! 🙂 xo

  166. James Branch Avatar
    James Branch

    My daughter likes this one because of her “pajamas”

  167. Shana Avatar

    love, love, love!!!

  168. randall Avatar

    We would love a LB in our family!

  169. Alaina Avatar

    My sister would love this cutie!

  170. Sophie Avatar

    Oh please, please, please!!!! 🙂

  171. Dianne Avatar

    Petal is precious……….would love to be her proud owner !!!

  172. Elaine Avatar

    So sweet!

  173. Megan W. Avatar
    Megan W.

    Petal is gorgeous! What a sweetie. My daughter’s favorite color is pink & she has blue eyes so Petal would be a dream come true for us.

  174. Austin Avatar

    My sister would love her first Bambo, and this one would be perfect for her!

  175. Mandy Conly Avatar
    Mandy Conly

    My baby needs a pink LB!

  176. Laura W Avatar
    Laura W

    So sweet, hope to have Petal under our Christmas tree this year!

  177. Diana Avatar

    Me please

  178. Lala Arenas Avatar
    Lala Arenas

    My daughter will LOVE LOVE LOVE her!

  179. genia Avatar

    EEEEKKKKKK exactly what we want in an lB 🙂

  180. Catherine Avatar

    So sweet. We would love to have her as part of our family!

  181. Hannah Avatar

    LB Perfection!!!

  182. Meghan Avatar

    We would love a pinkie!

  183. Lani Avatar

    She would be perfect for my granddaughter’s first Bamboletta!!

  184. Heather Avatar

    She’s gorgeous!

  185. Melissa Avatar

    I’d love to win Petal!

  186. Lisamichelle Avatar

    A lovely Flower girl! We would love petal!

  187. Kim Avatar

    C’mon random generator!! LOL! We’d love to be a forever-home for Petal!

  188. Reece Avatar

    I LOVE pink!!!!!!

  189. Maia Avatar

    She’s a darling doll.

  190. Allie Rae Avatar
    Allie Rae

    **PINK**!!!!! Oh my! My Allie would so love to get this doll for xmas :)Please let us be oh so lucky to get this precious one!

  191. Suzanne Avatar

    A pink LB? Yes please!!!! 🙂

  192. Barbara Avatar

    We love pink!

  193. Cheryl C Avatar
    Cheryl C

    Petal is so cute! We would love her!

  194. ANGELA Avatar

    love her hair and dress!

  195. Melissa Elliott Avatar
    Melissa Elliott

    wow, would love a pink LB!

  196. Jennifer Thibodeaux Avatar
    Jennifer Thibodeaux


  197. Pamela Avatar

    oh she is so pretty!!!

  198. Natalie Avatar

    Crossing fingers for the little Petal to drop our way.

  199. tracy l Avatar
    tracy l

    Figure crossed

  200. Jessica Peterson Avatar

    L.O.V.E. *Petal Serendipity + Me = Meant to be!! <3her.

  201. Sarah F Avatar
    Sarah F

    Would love to have!!!

  202. Cathy O Avatar
    Cathy O

    PINK AND TINY!! 🙂 🙂

  203. Annette Avatar

    So cute!

  204. Sheila Avatar

    We would love her!

  205. Cheryl R. Avatar
    Cheryl R.

    Just what my grand-daughter is hoping to find under the tree this year. I will cross my fingers that some wonderful might happen.

  206. Jason Avatar

    My daughter has been asking for a pink LB! Fingers crossed!

  207. Cathy B. Avatar
    Cathy B.

    She is SO sweet!! 🙂

  208. Sadie O'Dell Avatar
    Sadie O’Dell

    I am keeping my fingers crossed ! She is so cute!

  209. Katie E Avatar
    Katie E

    Such a cutie!

  210. Delyse Mason Avatar
    Delyse Mason

    My pretty in Pink daughter would love this pink beauty!

  211. Amy B Avatar
    Amy B


  212. Doug Abshire Avatar
    Doug Abshire

    She is adorable, my daughter would love for Santa to leave under the tree for christmas

  213. Alexandra Avatar


  214. Courtney Avatar

    Very sweet.

  215. Margaret Avatar

    Oh, please! She is SO gorgeous!

  216. Melina Avatar

    She’s adorable, my little blue-eyed girl would love her i’m sure 🙂

  217. Tammy Brooks Avatar
    Tammy Brooks

    Asha says yes please!

  218. bella Avatar

    A perfectly pink sweety! Wow! Makes me smile…

  219. Mel Avatar

    my three daughters would love a pink beauty 🙂

  220. Deborah Johnston Avatar
    Deborah Johnston

    I would love her.

  221. danielle Avatar

    Me please, we would love her

  222. Amanda Avatar

    Sweet! Your dolls are lovely 🙂

  223. Allison Farmer Avatar
    Allison Farmer

    Love it!

  224. Heather Avatar

    Oh we want one of your dolls so badly! Thank you for an extra chance here.

  225. Eileen P. Avatar
    Eileen P.

    loving her!

  226. Mary Avatar

    Amazing !!!

  227. Valerie Avatar

    Sigh, still a newbie, would live sweet Petsl!

  228. Brandee P Avatar
    Brandee P

    Petal is Precious! Love this girl!

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