Serendipity Doll – Nicole


Nicole is up for Serendipity this week! If you are interested in buying her, please leave a comment at the end of this blog post (not on the picture). She costs $220 plus shipping.

Winner will be chose on Sunday night at 8pm. ONE comment per household please! Winner will be chosen randomly and contacted via email.

Good Luck!






81 responses to “Serendipity Doll – Nicole”

  1. Andrea G Avatar
    Andrea G

    Love her freckles! Awesome work Team Bamboletta πŸ™‚

  2. Tamara Avatar

    So pretty.

  3. Cris Avatar

    very sweet

  4. Sarah-Dawn Avatar

    So cute! Love her freckles

  5. Rene G Avatar
    Rene G

    So cute! Love the shoes!!!!

  6. Jen Boschman Avatar
    Jen Boschman

    love her!

  7. Holly Dolly Avatar
    Holly Dolly

    She looks like a little rocker and that sweet smile tells me she knows how to have fun! Come have fun at our house!

  8. Shelly Mogensen Avatar
    Shelly Mogensen

    Would love her to come live with us in Idaho!

  9. Missy Locklear Avatar
    Missy Locklear

    Oh please come and live at our house!! She is a twin to my older daughter’s doll. Younger daughter needs one now!

  10. Amy Fisher Avatar
    Amy Fisher

    So cute!

  11. Jennifer B Avatar
    Jennifer B

    We would love her!

  12. Sabrina Avatar

    So many serendipities this week! She looks ready to go out dancing πŸ™‚

  13. Christine B Avatar
    Christine B

    Love her little fairy bits!!!!

  14. Rebecca Avatar

    Too cute! We’d love to give her a home!

  15. Sarah M. Avatar
    Sarah M.

    We would love her!

  16. Angela Avatar

    OH MY what a sweetie!!! Would love her to join our crazy family! πŸ™‚ thanks!

  17. Lisa Avatar

    This dollie is a heart stealer! Wow! Love her to pieces!

  18. Amy Drissel Avatar
    Amy Drissel

    Love this one too!

  19. Jennifer Avatar

    We would love the chance for her!!!

  20. Katie E Avatar
    Katie E

    Very pretty!

  21. Angela H Avatar
    Angela H

    She is precious, would love to bring her home to my sweet Abigail!

  22. Angela H Avatar
    Angela H

    So sweet, she would be great for my Abigail!

  23. Carrie Avatar

    Love her freckles – she would be perfect for my freckled face daugther!!!!

  24. Janet Avatar

    She is darling!

  25. Marie-Claude Avatar

    Love the freckles!

  26. Kathleen Avatar

    Love the coloring on this doll. She’s gorgeous. Perfect for my DD!

  27. Melissa Avatar

    I’d like to enter, please!

  28. Laura W Avatar
    Laura W

    Love all those freckles!!

  29. Rebecca Avatar


  30. Barbara Avatar

    My daughter loves her shoes!

  31. Hope Avatar

    We would love our first Bamboletta

  32. Amanda C Avatar
    Amanda C

    She’s a cutie!

  33. Joanne Avatar

    Loving her hair and freckles, my daughter would love her very much

  34. Leslie Avatar

    Girlies looking over my shoulders and hoping for our first!

  35. Vanessa V Avatar
    Vanessa V

    Very stylish! Love this doll.

  36. RH Avatar


  37. Kimberly Avatar

    Would love her for Christmas…:)

  38. Hanna C Avatar
    Hanna C

    So cute! We would love her.

  39. Andrea Cohn Avatar
    Andrea Cohn


  40. Brandi Avatar

    I am down to the wire for Christmas and she is my Tinley’s favorite from the week. I wasn’t able to make the upload but here she is again. I am hoping for Christmas magic!!!! Not to mention Nicole is my middle name so hopefully it is meant to be!!!!

  41. Meghan Avatar

    Oh, Nicole, you are so very, very beautiful! We would welcome you into our family with open arms and open hearts!

  42. Ashley Avatar

    Very sweet and loving. We can give her a good home.

  43. Anne Avatar

    Gasp! She is our dream doll! Please pick me! Christmas gifts will be done if she’s under the tree for my girls!

  44. Brooke Nichols Avatar
    Brooke Nichols

    CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE! She looks like my daughters Isabella! Please pick us so our other daughter can have a doll and they wont have to fight over one; ) pleasse! =D

  45. Leslie Avatar

    Love her!

  46. Theresa Avatar

    What a cute girl! Hope my girls will be given the chance to meet this beautiful little lady on christmas!

  47. Sinead Licari Avatar
    Sinead Licari

    Me please

  48. jan Avatar

    I would like a chance at this cutie!

  49. Iris Avatar

    Her freckles are so cute!

  50. regan Avatar


  51. Carrie Avatar

    Nicole is beautiful and is wanting to make Oklahoma her forever home! πŸ™‚

  52. Rachel G Avatar
    Rachel G

    Nicole is precious!

  53. darcie Avatar

    sweet freckles

  54. Sheila Avatar

    What a beauty!

  55. Amy Brooke Avatar
    Amy Brooke

    The freckles remind me of my Mom! Love her!

  56. karri michael Avatar
    karri michael

    Love her!

  57. Dawn u Avatar
    Dawn u

    She is a cutie

  58. Katie C. Avatar
    Katie C.


  59. tara ess Avatar
    tara ess

    she’s a sweetie!

  60. Carrie Mc W Avatar
    Carrie Mc W


  61. Lisa Watson Avatar
    Lisa Watson

    another cutie, love those freckles!

  62. Alicia S. Avatar
    Alicia S.

    She is so adorable! Love those freckles!

  63. johanna michael Avatar
    johanna michael

    Love her clothes : )

  64. Rowan Johnson Avatar
    Rowan Johnson

    My niece would love this sweetie.

  65. Cary Emery Avatar
    Cary Emery

    too cute love the freckles

  66. Abbey Hudson Avatar
    Abbey Hudson

    I adore her!

  67. Amanda W Avatar
    Amanda W

    She looks like my princess Dylan…light hair and brown eyes…I love her <3

  68. Melissa Avatar

    I’m such a sucker for freckles

  69. Mandy Fulton Avatar
    Mandy Fulton

    Would love an opportunity to have her come live with us. Thanks!

  70. Sara White Avatar
    Sara White

    Love the freckles and long hair!

  71. linda Avatar


  72. kris Avatar


  73. Amy Avatar

    She’s a beauty! Cutest shoes ever lol

  74. Kara Avatar

    Love her!

  75. Kelly Evans Avatar
    Kelly Evans

    She just looks fun!! Love the spunk in her!

  76. Nicole W Avatar
    Nicole W

    A couple weeks ago my 4 year old daughter asked me what her middle name was. She was all smiles when she asked because she thought she’d figured it out (her older brother’s middle name is the same as their dad’s). She was close to tears when she realized it wasn’t Nicole (my name). I think she would be tickled to receive such a lovely doll with the same name as her mama.

  77. Connie Jackson Avatar
    Connie Jackson

    My middle name and my spelling and we don’t have a bamboletta that lives here and 2 precious girls to love her!

  78. Jennifer Avatar

    Lover her!!!

  79. Carol-Ann Beckett Avatar

    Awesome cutie for little Lilah.
    Both are so huggable
    Love them both..Xo Xo

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