Serendipity Doll Meghan


Miss Meghan is up for Serendipity this weekend!

To enter for a chance to buy her please leave a comment at the end of this blog post (not on the picture). I’ll draw a name at 8pm PST on Sunday night. She costs $215 plus shipping. One entry per household please!

Thanks everyone, Christina






46 responses to “Serendipity Doll Meghan”

  1. Christina Schoeppner Avatar
    Christina Schoeppner

    Love her outfit

  2. Andrea Avatar

    Love her hair!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Shelly Mogensen Avatar
    Shelly Mogensen

    Me! Me! Thanks!

  4. Jerri F Avatar
    Jerri F


  5. Melissa Tanner Avatar
    Melissa Tanner

    oh i tried so hard for Meghan please please

  6. Marquita Avatar

    She is who I was after!!! Thanks!!!

  7. Kathy Terteli Avatar
    Kathy Terteli

    Oh, my my GrandDaughter would LOOOOOVVVVVEEE her <3

  8. Amanda H. Avatar

    Pretty please!

  9. Lelah Avatar

    I would love to win her for my daughter!!

  10. Yuliya Avatar

    She’s sweet

  11. Juliet L. Avatar
    Juliet L.

    My little Kellen would love to meet Meghan!

  12. Candy Avatar

    she’s so sweet!

  13. angelica Avatar

    very sweet!

  14. Theresa Avatar

    Hi sweetie!

  15. Michelle Parker-Liddy Avatar
    Michelle Parker-Liddy

    Hello pretty princess. Tell them you just have to come live with me ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Lisa G Avatar
    Lisa G

    So cute!

  17. Belinda Avatar

    Cant hurt to dream!!!!!!

  18. jenna powell Avatar
    jenna powell

    she’s a classic! Love to home her here

  19. Vanessa Do Avatar
    Vanessa Do

    I got her in my cart, paid with Paypal but don’t know what happen :-(((

  20. Stacie Avatar

    She is a sweet little package! Love her.

  21. MaryRuth Avatar


  22. Barb Bee Avatar
    Barb Bee

    she looks like my grand baby!

  23. Angie D Avatar
    Angie D

    Love her!

  24. Tiffany O'Connor Avatar
    Tiffany O’Connor


  25. Andrea Cohn Avatar
    Andrea Cohn

    super cute!

  26. Judith Newman Avatar
    Judith Newman

    What a nice addition to a collection!

  27. lesley miller Avatar
    lesley miller

    me please my granddaughters name is megan and she loves your dolls

  28. Sara Avatar


  29. Tracy Avatar

    love her. Still trying to get one for my little one!

  30. lesley miller Avatar
    lesley miller

    meghan is so lovely

  31. RH Avatar

    So cute!

  32. Katina Hollman Avatar
    Katina Hollman

    She’s so cute!

  33. Vanessa Avatar

    Ohhhhhhhhhh she is too cute <3. Good luck everybody x

  34. Carrie Avatar

    Feeling lucky…

  35. Jaime Thomas Avatar
    Jaime Thomas

    Pretty classic look ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. Sarah Avatar

    Love her !

  37. Kate Avatar

    My daughter would be a great mama for her.

  38. Megan Avatar

    Oh I would love her! Perfect mama dollie!

  39. Claire Avatar

    Can’t beat a girl with classic good looks!

  40. Denise Avatar

    So pretty!!!

  41. Shelly Gudmunsen Avatar
    Shelly Gudmunsen

    She’s lovely!

  42. Tamara Avatar

    Super Cutey.

  43. Paula Avatar

    She’s so cute! I’d love to win her for my girl!

  44. Stacy Forsyth Avatar
    Stacy Forsyth

    I would LOVE a chance ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. cara Z. Avatar
    cara Z.

    Beautiful eyes!

  46. mary collier Avatar

    cute cute cute! WOULD REALLY LOVE.