Serendipity Doll – Marlee

This is Marlee. She has sunkissed skin, long hair made with mohair and wool yarns in an orange, red and purple color with orange and red dreadlocks and green eyes. She is wearing the pictured outfit, underpants and wool felt shoes.
These dolls measure approximately 15″ in height.  They are hand made with wool, cotton, and lots of love.  Skin tones and color of clothing may vary slightly because of circumstances beyond our control due to lighting and various computer monitor settings.  Made by team Bamboletta in Canada.


This is Marlee. She has sunkissed skin, long hair made with mohair and wool yarns in an orange, red and purple color with orange and red dreadlocks and green eyes. She is wearing the pictured outfit, underpants and wool felt shoes.

These dolls measure approximately 15″ in height.  They are hand made with wool, cotton, and lots of love.  Skin tones and color of clothing may vary slightly because of circumstances beyond our control due to lighting and various computer monitor settings.  Made by team Bamboletta in Canada.

If you are interested in buying Marlee please leave a comment at the end of the blog. One comment per household. I will randomly draw a winner on Sunday night around 8pm PST. She costs $210 plus shipping.






168 responses to “Serendipity Doll – Marlee”

  1. Jen Boschman Avatar
    Jen Boschman


  2. Melissa Avatar

    We LOVE her!!!

  3. Cassandra Avatar

    Me and the kids PLEASE! YAY for a second chance and I will pee my pants if we get picked! 😀

  4. Stacey Womack Avatar
    Stacey Womack

    Oh Marlee, come home to us!! I have two little girls who would adore you!

  5. Megan Avatar

    Well, it looks like I’m the first to comment, so I know I won’t be the winner, but someone has to start these things off, right? she’s a beauty! I tried for her at the drop to no avail. I love her hair. 😀

  6. Vanessa Avatar


  7. Jennifer Palmer Avatar
    Jennifer Palmer

    Me Please! I tried and tried for her

  8. Estelle Avatar

    Tried so hard for you – hope DD#2 gets her wish to cuddle you!

  9. Kelli W-S Avatar
    Kelli W-S

    Would live to have Marlee come live with us, please.

  10. Bronwyn Avatar

    Devine Dolly 🙂

  11. Hurley Avatar

    Beautiful!! Fingers crossed!

  12. Tina Avatar

    She is fabulous!!! 🙂

  13. BrendaSeider Avatar

    She is perfect!! We would love her!!

  14. Carrie Mc W Avatar
    Carrie Mc W

    The red hair gets my vote!

  15. Wendy Avatar

    eeeep! she was my fave!

  16. Arika Avatar

    Love her red hair!

  17. Brenda Fransisco Avatar
    Brenda Fransisco

    I love this little girl! I was trying and trying to get her today, but had no luck! (haven’t had luck getting a bambo today or any other day!) Hopefully I’ll get a second chance here! I’d love her!

  18. Robynn Avatar

    Yes, please 🙂 We have a loving home for you!!

  19. Melissa Avatar

    She is very cute!!

  20. PanosBaby Avatar

    Love <3

  21. Mardi Maynard Avatar
    Mardi Maynard

    We were trying for her too. I’m happy to see there might be another chance.

  22. Kristi Avatar

    She’s so fun!

  23. Shelly M Avatar
    Shelly M

    Marleeeeeeeee!!!! Come home!!!

  24. Mai J Avatar
    Mai J

    She is adorable!

  25. Shannon Avatar

    Pick me Pick me. My son loves this dolly and desperately asks me everyday when he is going to get a dolly like his sister has.

  26. Shannon Avatar

    Love her!!

  27. Sarah Avatar

    Sweet serendipity. Love her.

  28. genia Avatar

    ok other comment wrong spot that was weird….anyways I LOVE HER!!!!!!

  29. Rachel Avatar

    She was my favorite this week!!!

  30. Janice Avatar

    She’s perfect. Here’s hoping…. 🙂

  31. Lyndsey M Avatar
    Lyndsey M

    She is so sweet! <3

  32. Kathy Hoy Avatar
    Kathy Hoy

    Fingers crossed 🙂

  33. Karalisa Avatar

    So cute!!!! Love her!!!

  34. Alison Jane Avatar
    Alison Jane

    Such a cutie!!!

  35. Megan Avatar

    She;s a dream!!!!

  36. lara kisich Avatar
    lara kisich

    Oh sweet girl!!

  37. Keiran Shield Avatar
    Keiran Shield

    Love you Marlee 🙂

  38. Gordon H Avatar
    Gordon H

    Yes please!

  39. Athena Avatar

    Gorgeous girl!!! love her so much! please let this be our lucky day!

  40. Erica Avatar

    Would love this sweet girl :). Thanks!!!

  41. Kathy Avatar

    Que bonita!

  42. Holly Avatar

    Marlee would be the perfect Momma to our Bambo baby.She is gorgeous!

  43. Jen Avatar

    We will give her a loving home!

  44. Milagros Avatar

    Love redheads!

  45. Denell Avatar

    Can’t resist she is so cute!

  46. jenna Avatar

    would love her too!

  47. Brock Avatar

    We would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Marlee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Lissa T Avatar
    Lissa T

    So happy to have a second chance at bringing Marlee home! 🙂

  49. chloe Marshall Avatar
    chloe Marshall

    Oh My she is adorable

  50. Carrie Avatar

    Everything crossed!

  51. Holly B Avatar
    Holly B

    Glad to see her here for another chance 🙂

  52. Rei Tsou Avatar
    Rei Tsou

    hope will be able to finally get my daughter’s dream doll! please come home to us!!! 🙂

  53. Tina Avatar

    She’s very beautiful, very interesting. Thanks so much!

  54. Chloe marshall Avatar
    Chloe marshall

    Marlee was one of my favorite dolls from this weeks upload!

  55. Colleen Ford Avatar
    Colleen Ford

    Love all the colors!!!

  56. Jaime T. Avatar
    Jaime T.

    Her colors are lovely!

  57. Trish Avatar

    Oh, wow! I was trying for Marlee! She is so very awesome. We’d love to give her a good home here with loads of snuggles and love! <3

  58. Lisa Blades Avatar
    Lisa Blades


  59. Sarah Waterston Avatar
    Sarah Waterston


  60. Rhonda F Avatar
    Rhonda F

    Marlee is lovely!

  61. Jen A Avatar
    Jen A

    Would LOVE to have Marlee!

  62. Lynn Avatar

    Marlee may be our favorite of all time! SOOOOOOO glad to see her up here! She is our newbie dream girl! xxoxo

  63. Mia J. Avatar
    Mia J.

    Love her!

  64. Libbi Avatar

    She is the prettiest doll ever!!

  65. Jennifer L. Avatar
    Jennifer L.

    She is so cute! We would LOVE her! 🙂

  66. Sarah Avatar


  67. Becky Avatar

    Perfect sibling doll!!

  68. Lauren Davis Avatar
    Lauren Davis

    Love her!

  69. Erin Avatar

    She is dreamy! Come to mama Marlee!

  70. Kinda Avatar

    I love her!

  71. Dana Avatar

    My dream girl! I love her!

  72. Heather Truelove Avatar
    Heather Truelove

    My daughter’s name is Marlee, we seriously need this doll! She is so cute:)

  73. Dee Avatar

    I was trying for her like crazy : )

  74. Kimberly Avatar

    Love her! The perfect little valentine for our valentine…:)

  75. Denise Avatar

    Love love love her

  76. Jen Avatar

    She’s too cute!!! Reminds me of Pippi Longstocking 🙂

  77. Shae Williams Avatar
    Shae Williams

    We would love her! Never owned a Bambo despite lots of trying!

  78. Stephanie I Avatar
    Stephanie I


  79. leyla hauser Avatar
    leyla hauser

    got my fingers crossed!

  80. Susana Avatar

    Crossing fingers and toes! She’s a perfect Valentine doll!

  81. Kim Giovannini Avatar

    Love your red-hot buns!

  82. Debra Stallings Avatar
    Debra Stallings

    Love!! She is a beauty…

  83. Kelli Avatar

    I’ll give it a shot … us please! 🙂

  84. Pam Avatar

    I love her!!

  85. Jennifer Avatar

    She’s beautiful! 🙂

  86. Leigh Hinrichs Avatar
    Leigh Hinrichs

    I have been trying to cart a doll for 13 months- my daughters birthday is coming again! Would love to have her with us on May 3rd !!

  87. Michelle Avatar

    OH how I loved her!! Shes amazing!!! Id love a shot at bringing her home.

  88. Danyel Avatar

    , we would love her!!!!!

  89. Jennifer Vivolo Avatar
    Jennifer Vivolo

    Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! She was one of my favorites this week. I clicked over and over for 40 minutes so very excited to get a second shot at her for Liana’s first Bambo; first Bambo in the house. I love her name “Marlee”, too.

  90. Cheryl ch Avatar
    Cheryl ch


  91. Melissa C Avatar
    Melissa C

    Oh she is beautiful! We would LOVE her.

  92. jennL Avatar

    she’s very pretty 🙂

  93. Rade Avatar

    So cute !!

  94. Heidi Tryon Avatar
    Heidi Tryon

    Marlee would be a perfect first bambo for our family!

  95. Aubrey Avatar

    shes a beautiful redhead!

  96. Allison Avatar

    She is just darling! Thank you for the chance!

  97. vanessa Avatar


  98. Roseanne Avatar

    Yay for second chances 🙂

  99. Alla Kogan Avatar
    Alla Kogan

    We would love her!

  100. Whitney P Avatar
    Whitney P

    So cute!!

  101. Leslie Avatar

    Sweet Marlee! I just knew I’d see you here today–oh my sore F5 fingers!! 🙂

  102. Kara Jane Avatar
    Kara Jane

    Love her hair!

  103. LIsa Avatar

    Oh I’m so glad to see you here Marlee!!!

  104. Josefine Avatar

    She is lovely and we would love to have her!

  105. Aleta Avatar

    Red hair with purple highlights! She’s my kind of girl! We would love her here 🙂

  106. Kimmy Avatar

    oh pretty please!

  107. Rebecca Avatar

    I love redheads!

  108. Dan Avatar

    Would love her for our little redhead.

  109. Heather D Avatar
    Heather D

    Red hair and green eyes = amazing!

  110. Stephanie K Avatar
    Stephanie K

    Me please!

  111. Roxy Avatar

    Oh, her hair is so adorable! My Ruby would love a red-haired dolly!

  112. Erica Eley Avatar
    Erica Eley

    I would love to bring Marlee home!

  113. Alexandra Avatar


  114. jo mccoy Avatar
    jo mccoy

    Very cute outfit.

  115. Mary Jane Piazza Avatar
    Mary Jane Piazza


  116. Tyler M Avatar
    Tyler M


  117. Kristen TW Avatar
    Kristen TW

    Pretty Please!

  118. Isabel Avatar

    How beautiful, Marlee!! me please, me!!!

  119. Heather Avatar

    She would be well loved here!

  120. Jessica O Avatar
    Jessica O

    She is amazing!!!

  121. Jerri F Avatar
    Jerri F

    Love it!

  122. Michelle Dyer Avatar
    Michelle Dyer

    I totally missed the upload due to a dance class delay. She was one of my favorites from this upload!!

  123. Jenny Avatar


  124. Sandra L Avatar
    Sandra L

    I would absolutely love to take her home!!!!! She is adorable!

  125. Rachel Hagan Avatar
    Rachel Hagan

    LOVE her hair!!

  126. michelle lyons Avatar
    michelle lyons

    🙂 Maybe??

  127. Matthew Avatar

    Would love to win this cute lady! thanks

  128. Ashley Lilibit Avatar
    Ashley Lilibit

    Oh My Goodness! She’s gorgeous as well!!!! We have the same hair color 🙂 Love Love Love!

  129. kara smith Avatar
    kara smith

    She would be a great birthday present:)

  130. Tami-Lyn Stephen Avatar
    Tami-Lyn Stephen

    ahhhh so sweet would love to give her a home!

  131. sherry l Avatar
    sherry l

    She’s the girl we’ve been dreaming about!!! Thank you:)

  132. Britta Avatar

    Marlee was my fave this week. So happy to have a 2nd chance to bring her to our home:)

  133. Laurel Avatar

    Love her : )

  134. Martha Avatar

    She is amazing…I tried for her…she seems so happy, a little ray of sunshine.

  135. Holly Avatar

    Oh, I would love to have her live with us : )

  136. Shelly Avatar

    I neeed Marleeee!!! Please!! 🙂

  137. Jenny Avatar

    Pretty girl!

  138. Angie D Avatar
    Angie D

    Marlee would love to come live here in Germany! She wants to be a world traveler!

  139. Michelle PL Avatar
    Michelle PL

    I would love a Bambo and this one shares my hair and eye colour – just perfect!

  140. john Avatar

    Am just so happy that you do these serendipity dolls. I look at Marlee and see the love that clearly went into her creation, and its beautiful to know that whoever homes her will love her. Sometimes I am sure there can be no other way. Thank you!

  141. Paula Avatar

    She is wonderful 🙂

  142. Emma Hamilton Avatar
    Emma Hamilton

    Oh we would love to give Marlee a home 🙂

  143. Mel Avatar

    Beautiful! She needs to come to Australia 🙂

  144. Brian Avatar


  145. Rachel Wolpert Avatar
    Rachel Wolpert

    I would love Marlee!

  146. Rachel Avatar

    She is a red headed dream!

  147. sue shermetaro Avatar
    sue shermetaro

    Love her!!!

  148. Amy Avatar

    Love the red hair!

  149. Makala Barton Avatar
    Makala Barton

    Thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous girl!

  150. Amy B Avatar
    Amy B

    She’s a sweetheart! Love her!

  151. Kimi Shibata Avatar
    Kimi Shibata

    Marlee will be loved in here in sunny California!

  152. Kathy W Avatar

    We would love her!

  153. Talisha Avatar

    Too cute!

  154. Nadine Mcdowall Avatar
    Nadine Mcdowall

    Adore her!!

  155. Erica Avatar

    Would love sweet Marlee!

  156. Karen Fortner Avatar

    Dream girl for my oldest dd! Would love to have her!

  157. Christina Schoeppner Avatar
    Christina Schoeppner

    Adorable : )

  158. nat Avatar


  159. Claire Avatar

    Awwww! Totally cute!!!

  160. Tammy Smith Avatar
    Tammy Smith

    “Marlee and Me “, the “newbie “

  161. Mary Avatar

    We would love her!

  162. kris Avatar

    so pretty:)

  163. Stacy Avatar

    She is perfection to me- everything I have dreamed of, my daughter would love her!

  164. Olive Smith Avatar
    Olive Smith


  165. Laura Taylor Avatar
    Laura Taylor


  166. Ashley Swindler Avatar
    Ashley Swindler

    I love her red hair!

  167. Brandee P Avatar
    Brandee P

    Oh Marlee, I bet your a feisty one!..Love your red hair!