Serendipity Doll – Holly


Serendipity dolls are dolls available for sale via a raffle. If you are interested in buying this doll please leave a comment at the end of this blog post (not on the picture). Sunday night at 8pm PST we randomly choose a winner and contact them via email.

The cost is $210 plus shipping. One entry per household please.

It may say ‘Comment awaiting moderation’ – don’t worry – it just means I have to manually approve it :)

PS – I originally had the doll ‘Breeze’ up on here and I made a mistake – I wasn’t paying attention and put her up instead of Holly .. I’m not used to this many boucle’s up at once! I’m sorry to everyone who entered in for Breeze! And Sorry to Breeze’s new family for giving them a near heart attack!






93 responses to “Serendipity Doll – Holly”

  1. Melissa Elliott Avatar
    Melissa Elliott

    she’s so sweet, looks just like my DD!

  2. carey provost Avatar
    carey provost

    the boucle’ hair makes me lose my mind… so stinking cute!
    my little ones would adore her, especially her curls and her Christmas dress!!

  3. Angelika Avatar

    Super cute!

  4. Angie Buckles Avatar
    Angie Buckles


  5. Wendy Avatar

    love her!!

  6. kris Avatar


  7. Rickiann Avatar

    Omg she takes my breath away

  8. Shannon Avatar

    This doll is so adorable. Love the hair color and outfit so much.

  9. Tanya S Avatar
    Tanya S

    cutie pie

  10. Jen Boschman Avatar
    Jen Boschman

    love her!

  11. Katie Avatar

    Love miss Holly dolly. what a perfect christmas name

  12. Jennifer Cain Avatar
    Jennifer Cain

    Hello Holly! Welcome to the Cain Train

  13. Dawn Avatar

    Pretty and perfect like always.:)

  14. susie Avatar

    I tried for her until the carts went of…please please….this is my weekend:)

  15. Sara P. Avatar
    Sara P.

    Cutie pie!

  16. Tracy Avatar

    Oh, my dream doll!

  17. Heather Davies Avatar
    Heather Davies

    Fingers crossed

  18. Bridget Avatar

    Oh! I tried so hard for her! She’s a beauty!!!

  19. Deborah Johnston Avatar
    Deborah Johnston

    let her be my lucky one!

  20. Janet Avatar

    I love pretty dolls and Holly is the prettiest one.
    I want to win a serendipity for me!

  21. jill c Avatar
    jill c

    this is the one we tried for! Oh please Holly, be our Christmas doll,
    like in the story of Holly and Ivy! here’s wishing…

  22. Andrea Avatar

    Oh my goodness…….here’s hoping!!!!!!

  23. Bethany Avatar

    I’d love the chance

  24. Kimberly Avatar

    So gorgeous! We’d love her.:)

  25. Rachelle Avatar

    Love a chance to buy this one! So cute.

  26. Kathy Hoy Avatar
    Kathy Hoy

    Hi first time trying for your doll, first time at the site. =) Fingers Crossed. My Daughters Birthday is Today Dec 3rd she is 2 years old !!! =)

  27. Pam Avatar

    Wow.. is she ever pretty! Love her hair!

  28. Rei Tsou Avatar
    Rei Tsou

    such a sweetie! please come to Switzerland! she look so Swiss to me! 😉

  29. Sabrina Avatar

    She is very sweet x

  30. Victoria Avatar

    Been trying for 7 months to get one of these lovely creations….Would love to give to my little granddaughter!

  31. Stacy Avatar

    She’s so sweet and simple! Love her outfit!

  32. Lesley Wheeler Avatar
    Lesley Wheeler

    Ummmmm….me please!!! Love boucle girls!!!

  33. anar Avatar

    Lovely! Will love to bring her home!

  34. Sarah gibbs Avatar
    Sarah gibbs

    Love her

  35. Jennifer A Avatar
    Jennifer A

    Those cheeks are soooo amazing! She is so sweet.

  36. bethalina Avatar

    She looks so sweet, what a nice companion she would be!

  37. Hope C Avatar
    Hope C

    We would love our first Bamboletta

  38. Maureen Avatar

    Love her, beautiful!!

  39. Lori Avatar

    cutie patoutie!

  40. Cortney K. Avatar
    Cortney K.

    I tried, and tried, and tried for Miss Holly! My daughter kept pointing at her saying “baby”. When I’d click to go “back”, she’d yell out! Oh please, please, please let us bring her home!

  41. Kim F Avatar
    Kim F

    What a cutie!

  42. Isabel Avatar

    Lol Holly, have no sad story 🙂 but she would be loved! and never rehomed nor used as doll money to be traded!

  43. bridget in new mexico Avatar
    bridget in new mexico

    WOW ~ Just discovered your site ~ these are so very precious! Thank you for offering them via raffle too! My grandbaby, Domino, would love one!

  44. Elizabeth Avatar


  45. Carrie Mc W Avatar
    Carrie Mc W


  46. Sarah Avatar

    Love her.

  47. Katie E Avatar
    Katie E

    There’s just something about curly blondes!!

  48. Katie G. Avatar
    Katie G.

    Love, love, love all the boucle! She’s a cutie!

  49. Brenda Avatar

    She ie so cute!

  50. Jill Cruz Avatar
    Jill Cruz

    Holly is the most special little baby and will be super hugged, dragged, played with, sat on, potty trained and fed by my children! Thanks for another opportunity to try for her.

  51. Cassandra Avatar

    Oh my goodness! What a perfect little girl!

  52. Lori O. Avatar
    Lori O.

    She’d make for a fun-filled HOLLY jolly Christmas. Indeed!

  53. Melissa Avatar

    She’s so sweet!!

  54. Ruth Avatar

    Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  55. Terry Coriell Avatar

    She is such a gorgeous girl. I would love her.

  56. Kelsey Avatar

    Thanks for the chance!

  57. Barb Bee Avatar
    Barb Bee

    God bless! She is cute!! Sorry for my grumpy frustrations-I am struggling to find a way….

  58. Danyel Avatar

    please 🙂

  59. Barbara Avatar

    Cutie pie!!!

  60. Jackie Smelser Avatar
    Jackie Smelser

    Totally adorable!

  61. Alexandra Avatar


  62. Amanda Avatar

    Here’s hoping…

  63. bronwyn Avatar

    Oh My what a pretty little dolly 🙂

  64. Amy B Avatar
    Amy B

    Love her!!! She looks just like my daughter!!

  65. Jill Baum Avatar
    Jill Baum

    My baby would love her!

  66. Andrea Avatar

    She’s perfect!!!

  67. jenna Avatar

    omg how lovely is she!!!

  68. Belinda Avatar

    Gosh we keep on tryin’ huh!

  69. Cassidy Avatar

    she’s gorgeous!

  70. Stacy Avatar

    Love her hair!

  71. Carolyn Davidson Avatar
    Carolyn Davidson

    Too cute for words:)

  72. Holly Collins Avatar
    Holly Collins

    I would love to have Holly to come and live with us!!

  73. darcie Avatar

    so cute

  74. Kathy Avatar

    She is adorable just like my granddaughter

  75. Kathy Poon Avatar
    Kathy Poon

    Wow! So much to learn as a newbie on this site. Thank you for the opportunity to try for one of my first dolls!

  76. Holly B Avatar
    Holly B

    I tried for 20 mins for you Holly, would love for you to come to our home down under 🙂

  77. Sarah Avatar

    Adorable 🙂

  78. Melinda Avatar

    Love this doll you did an incredible job

  79. Cori & Shelby Avatar
    Cori & Shelby

    Love her!

  80. Hillary Avatar

    Good gosh it would be one Holly Jolly Christmas if she arrived here for my kiddo. Fantastic work.

  81. Michelle Quarterman Avatar
    Michelle Quarterman


  82. Sasha Avatar

    Cutie patootie!

  83. lori Avatar


  84. Amy B Avatar
    Amy B

    So cute!

  85. Meghan Avatar

    She’s adorable! I am hoping to get a doll for my niece, she is going to be a big sister in February, so she needs a baby too! 🙂 (I don’t usually win anything, so here’s hoping!)

  86. Lauren W Avatar
    Lauren W

    So lovely!

  87. Ashley L. Avatar
    Ashley L.

    Love those curls!

  88. Rachel G. Avatar
    Rachel G.

    I love her hair! She’s adorable!

  89. Eileen P. Avatar
    Eileen P.

    shes fabulous!

  90. Mary Avatar

    She’s ADORABLE !!!

  91. Amanda Smith Avatar
    Amanda Smith

    Love love love the dolls!

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