Twelve Days of Giving .. Day Seven with Matilda Jane!


I think Denise over at Matilda Jane is like the QUEEN of giveaways! In case you don’t know about Matilda Jane – they have the cutest kids clothing .. so sweet! I’m fortunate to know Denise and was asked to do this giveaway a few weeks ago and thought it would be perfect to include in our Twelve Days of Giving. This one runs a bit differently then the other giveaways  – you have to do two things ..

1. Sign up for their Newsletter HERE and then …
2. Leave a comment at the end of this blog post telling me that you signed up for the MJ  Newsletter !

I will randomly choose a winner that will receive THREE (!) Matilda Jane dresses (kid dresses not doll dresses!). One to keep and Two to giveaway .. that’s what Spreading The Love is all about! One entry per household and I’ll choose the winner tomorrow night around 7pm PST ish!

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Thank you to all the lovelies over at Matilda Jane!






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  1. Amanda Avatar

    Dying to win this contest! I’m already on their newsletter list- thanks!

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    I’m on their list. These dresses would be amazing to win!!

  4. Nicole Avatar

    Entered and ready!

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    Tiffany B

    I want this sooo bad! Already signed up for the newsletter, thanks Bambo!

  6. Lauren Armstrong Avatar
    Lauren Armstrong

    I am already on newsletter as well. My daughters love their MJ.

  7. Candy Avatar

    Love Love Love!

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    Trinity Dawn Maura

    Signed up, thanks! Love MJ.

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    I signed up and yeay love MJ!

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    Jerri F

    Oh man! What an awesome giveaway!! I signed up for the newsletter 🙂

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    Fran G

    Signed up!

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    Love it! I’m on their mailing list.

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    Two of most favorite companies!! I signed up for the newsletter 🙂

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    Denise T.

    Great giveaway from both companies

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    Already their fan and already on their list. We LOVE MJ!

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    I signed up for the newsletter… LOVE Matilda Jane!

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    Great, just signed up for their newsletter. Love MJ!

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    Signed up!

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    I just received my first order the other day 🙂 and now i signed up for the newsletter!

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    Vanessa C.

    Love MJ! Signed up for the newsletter 😉

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    Addison Kat

    I signed up for the MJ Newsletter !

  22. Jennifer Royster Avatar

    LOVE MJ and thats how I found out about Bamboletta would make a great bday present…Thanks and we love you!

  23. Katherine G Avatar
    Katherine G

    I am on the list! Would love to win some MJ! I know a few little girls who would love to have those dresses 🙂

  24. Denise T. Avatar
    Denise T.

    I hit submit before I said I signed up

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    I just joined the list. What a neat giveaway!!

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    All signed up!!! 🙂 <3

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    Rebecca Porter

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    Signed up. Thank you.

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    Lori S

    signed up 😉

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    Joyce Locke

    OH. MY. GOSH! MJ and Bamboletta! How cool is this. We would love to spread the love! Thanks for the chance! <3

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    Allison Farmer

    All signed up. Pick me! 🙂

  34. Renee Avatar

    Oh I would LOVE to win this! Just signed up for the newletter and feeling lucky!!

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    Melissa Romandy

    Awesome! I know just who to give the dresses to. 🙂

  36. Michelle Avatar

    My two favs together, Bamboletta and MJC. LOVE!

  37. Jenine Weinstein Avatar
    Jenine Weinstein

    I’m already a subscriber to the MJC newsletter. I love them as much as you do…totally obsessed!!!! Happy Holidays. Hope I can one day get one of your sweet dolls for my little princess. :~)

  38. Kristin Sawyer Avatar
    Kristin Sawyer

    Signed up; would love to win and then spread the love. Such a neat idea!! Giving is so important this time of year; it makes my heart smile!! <3

  39. Lisa Avatar

    amazing giveaway. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  40. Aribbe Burch Avatar
    Aribbe Burch

    Love MJ.

  41. Molly C Avatar
    Molly C

    Seriously…my two favorite things, Matilda Jane and Bamboletta! 🙂

  42. Shannon K Avatar
    Shannon K

    all signed up! 🙂

  43. Annethra Shreffler Avatar

    I signed up for MJC news-letter….Thank you for this awesome DD and me love our MJC family..

  44. Rene G Avatar
    Rene G

    Love this!

  45. Kellie DG Avatar

    Signed up. Love their tag line. Way cute. Loving your giveaways. Fun and generous! Thank you!

  46. Jamie M Avatar
    Jamie M

    I’m on the list! Thanks!!

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    Elizabeth Albrecht

    All signed up for the Matilda Jane newsletter! Thank you!

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    Tracy L

    Already signed up

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    All signed up, I was just looking the other night for some pretty girls clothes.

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    Just keeps getting better and better!

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    Sarah libero

    Wow!!! Fabulous prize!!!!

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    Signed up for the newsletter!

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    Sarah S

    All signed up!!

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    All signed up…love that this is a gift to receive as well as give!

  55. Cori L Avatar
    Cori L

    Signed up and loving all the Bamboletta and MJ cuteness!

  56. Kayley S Avatar
    Kayley S

    I signed up! 2 to share. Thats spreading the holiday joy alright!

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    Kimberly W

    I signed up for the newsletter. Love MJ and love this site!! :o)

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    Stephanie Riley

    I signed up for the newsletter! Bambo and MJ… what could be better!

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    Cute! just signed up for the newsletter!

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    Sarah libero

    Yes for newsletter, too!

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    I’m already signed up, what a sweet giveaway!!

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    Oooh, fun giveaway. I just signed up for their newsletter. Thank you!

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    Leah Corsivo

    Signed up!

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    Alicia S.

    I just signed up for their newsletter. What a great idea!

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    Signed up for the newsletter 🙂 Congrats to whoever wins because this is a gift of a lifetime 🙂

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    Jennifer Cain


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    I’ve signed up! Thanks for the chance to win!! 🙂

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  70. Rachel Joy Avatar
    Rachel Joy

    Signed up to be On the newsletter list. Two creative and beautiful women with such big hearts teaming up…now that’s a beautiful thing!

  71. Jennifer Schneider Avatar
    Jennifer Schneider

    Big fan of these dresses!!!<3

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    Already on the list!

  73. Erin Mortenson Avatar
    Erin Mortenson

    Signed up and crossing my fingers!

  74. Addy Van Anne Avatar
    Addy Van Anne

    I love this giveaway! It would be so fun to be able to share two of the dresses! <3 I already am on the matilda jane newsletter list. Thanks bamboletta!

  75. Margaret Avatar

    I signed up for the newsletter – love MJ!!

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    Vanessa Petrarca

    I signed up! This would be a dream and I already know two very lovely little girls who would love to have some MJ

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    Have just signed up! Beautiful dresses, thanks for sharing!

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    Amanda Pinder

    This would be wonderful 🙂

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    I signed up! 🙂

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    Amber Levinson

    I signed up for their newsletter! 🙂

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    Emily O

    Yay for MJ! Subscribed to their newsletter. Thanks!

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    Jennifer k

    I have been an MJ fan for years! Get the newsletter! Would enjoy spreading the love!!

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    Stephanie E.

    So sweet!!! Signed up for the newsletter and can’t wait:)

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    Nadine melanson

    Signed up for the MJ news letter!

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    Colleen Pham

    All signed up! My two loves in this world MJ and Bamboletta!! : )

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    love MJ too!!

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    I signed up for the newsletter and would love to win.

  88. Amber Nemeth Avatar
    Amber Nemeth

    I just signed up for the mj newsltter. I hope I win! I just saw some MJ items in a photoshoot from a local photographer and was just going to checkout mj’s webpage as I saw your giveaway post! Its meant to be right?!?! ; )

  89. Michelle Avatar

    Ok..I just signed up for the newsletter…..My kids have never had any MJ….but I bet they would look cute in some 🙂

  90. Mandy M Avatar

    I’m signed up now. We don’t have any MJ, so it would be great to see what all the fuss is about. 🙂

  91. Sarah Latham Avatar
    Sarah Latham

    signed up. Wow that is lovely stuff, wish she was in australia!

  92. Annette Avatar

    This would be an awesome Christmas gift for me AND two other loved ones!

  93. Brooke Avatar

    yeah, me!! Love these dresses… but mostly would be the fun of giving two away!!

  94. Lucy Nall Avatar
    Lucy Nall

    I signed up for the newsletter!! Would LOVE so much to win! 🙂

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    Mandy Conly

    Signed up and love it!

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    shannon o

    Done and done!! 🙂

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    check, thank you! MJ clothes are adorable!

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    Signed up!! Fingers crossed 🙂

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    Signed up! Matilda Jane clothing is unique and beautiful! Id love to have a dress for my daughters and give a dress to friends. <3

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    I signed up : )

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    Lora P

    I’m signed up!! 🙂

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    We love M2M MJ on our bambos! thanks 🙂 (we’re signed up)

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    Christine H

    Just put my name on the list…and now I’m throwing my hat into the ring here! Fingers crossed!

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    Signed up! Love this idea of giving AND getting 🙂 Plus, these clothes are to die for!!!

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    Amy O

    I signed up! How fun!

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    Kristina Seth

    Signed up!! What a great collaboration!

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    All signed up! We love MJ & Bamboletta! Thanks for helping us share the love!

  108. Lori Avatar

    I signed up. My 4 year old only wants to wear dresses that spin. I indulge her because I don’t know how long this magical stage will last.

  109. Carly Gauthier Avatar
    Carly Gauthier

    Signed up! Such cute clothes.

  110. jennifer o Avatar

    next to Bamboletta dolls MJC has my heart 🙂 <3

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    I signed up for news letter. Will donate outfit to a little girl in need.

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    Alison Jane

    I signed up! Love MJ and Bamboletta

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    Awesome! I signed up!

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    I signed up for the MJ newsletter!

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    Holly Volpe

    All signed up!!! Fingers crossed!!! Thanks!

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    Jamie M.W.

    All signed up! We love MJC! Pick us please! I know some deserving girls to give the dresses to. Thanks again for all the fun giveaways!

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    I signed up! 🙂

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    Love Matilda Jane & Bamboletta. Signed up and would love to give the dresses to very special girls!

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    I signed up – I would love to win this and share it with someone!

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    I signed up and am loving their dresses!! I can’t believe this awesome opportunity!! Thank you!

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    Signed up!

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    Tam Totter

    oh wow, sign us up! This might be only chance my dd get to wear MJ 🙂

  123. Hope C Avatar
    Hope C

    Signed up and I would love to give one of those dresses to my best friend in the world daughter. And my daughter would look so cute in a MJ dress

  124. jennifer o Avatar

    opps forgot I did sign up lol~

  125. Rosalyn Avatar

    I just signed up! I’m new to MJ and Bambo since I have my first girl (after two boys). My BFF just had a baby girl too (after two boys for her and her hubby as well), and I have several other girl-mama friends who’d love the third dress. What a fun giveaway!

  126. Genny Avatar

    Just signed up!!!!! What an awesome giveaway! : )

  127. Holly H. Avatar
    Holly H.

    What adorable clothes and I love the idea or gifting the other dresses! I signed up for the newsletter also.

  128. Mary Avatar

    signed up! would love to have some love to keep and love to spread! neat !

  129. Heather Avatar

    Signed up for the newsletter hoping we’ll be lucky enough to win!

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    Christi Turner

    I signed up! Would love a dress for us and more to share!!

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    Cheri Rice

    I signed up for the MJ newsletter!!!

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    Nickie Cardozo

    I’m already on their newsletter–we’d LOVE to win this!

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    Melinda G

    I already receive MJC newsletter!:-) we love MJC and bamboletta!

  134. Shannon C Avatar

    Oh that would be wonderful, we sponsor a family at church so I would keep 1 for my daughter and gift the other 2 to them.
    I am signed up for the newsletter.

  135. Ana Brightful Avatar
    Ana Brightful

    I signed up. Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. Teresa Sanders Avatar
    Teresa Sanders

    I signed up! Thank you for this chance to win. I love MJ!!!

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    DONE! Crossing my fingers since I can’t enter on Where Women Create:) HUGS!

  138. Amy N Avatar
    Amy N

    Signed up!

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    Suzanne MIddleton

    two of our favorite things! Hope I am not too late.

  140. Kristine H Avatar
    Kristine H

    signed up for the mailing list ♥

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    Nicole Brown

    Signed up!! We would love to add some new MJ to our wardrobe and gift someone else with it too!

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    I just signed up for the newsletter! I’ve admired these cute dresses from afar and know just who to give one to – a friend’s daughter named Matilda Jain <3

  143. Heather Avatar

    Signed up, fingers crossed! I would love to give also 🙂

  144. Kimberly Farrell Avatar
    Kimberly Farrell

    Hi! I just signed up for your newsletter. Love your artful, precious work.

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    Signed up for the newsletter. What a cool giveaway.

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    Meredith Klobucnik

    I am signed up for the Matilda Jane newsletter. Wishing you all the happiest of holidays! Meredith K

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    Wow! So generous! I signed up for the newsletter so count me in!

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    Erin Havens

    Signed up + ready to go! I know two deserving girls who I’d love to give dresses to. Great idea!

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    Lisa briones

    Signed up!

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    I’ve been signed up for the MJC newsletter forever! My DD’s closet is FULL of some MJC love, she’s wearing platinum today!

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    Signed up!! What a blessing for who ever wins.. 🙂

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    I signed up !! Love MJ and Bamboletta 🙂

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    Jackie F

    Signed up. 🙂
    Thank you.

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    Erin Cook

    I signed up for the MJ newsletter

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    Jill Cruz

    Best. Giveaway. Ever.

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    Carolyn Borders

    Hope I’m lucky today!!

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    signed up! fingers crossed!

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    I signed up for the MJ newsletter!! Thanks!!

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    Jennifer L.

    All signed up!! Thanks!

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    Kelli Hewett

    These are a few of my favorite things:)

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    awesome, signed up 🙂

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    Amanda Zibell

    Done! Is love to win!

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    Morgan Nahanee

    Signed up for the newsletter.

  165. Jennifer Avatar

    I am happily signed up for the newsletter! I would LOVE to win the dresses!!!! I cannot always just afford MJ for my DD and also have the perfect friend to pay it forward to… she once gifted us a MJ dress. 🙂

  166. kayleen wallis Avatar
    kayleen wallis

    All signed up! This is my dream giveaway, I love giving gifts!

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    Signed up for the MJ newsletter 🙂

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    Michelle L

    What a fun giveaway!

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    Signed up! I would LOVE to try their stuff 🙂 Thanks!

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    Great giveaway idea!!!

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    Such a wonderful idea!

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    Michelle Milligan

    signed up.

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    Sara Kim

    I signed up for the newsletter!

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    Candice Lewis

    Again I would love this for my granddaughter who lives in Alaska.

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    signed up thanks x

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    Jill Bell

    Signed up…this is great!

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    SIGNED UP!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MJ

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    Signed up!!

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    Jennifer Bohlen

    Great giveaway. Just signed up for the newsletter. Thank you Bamboletta and MJ!

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    Amy Drissel

    Signed up love Matilda Jane! would love to share these dresses!

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    All signed up!!! We love Bamboletta and MJ!!!

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    irina williams

    wow , what an amazing give away , I am on there list 🙂

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    I am already signed up for MJC’s newletter~! This is such a great giveaway…I know just who I would give the other 2 dresses to….so exciting!!!!

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    Ive BEEN a follower! I love MJC and I would love to win this! How cool are they?

  185. Rebecca Avatar

    I signed up! Awesome giveaway!

  186. Molly Hayes Avatar
    Molly Hayes

    How did I not know about the newsletter? I read the blog, fOllow MJC on Facebook, lOve the clothes, and am on a few MJC addicts boards! Thanks so much for an opportunity to win this giveaway!!!

  187. Brandi Avatar

    Signed up, we love Matilda Jane!!

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    I’m signed up. Love MJ clothes!

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    Signed Up! Would LOVE to win!

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    Megan P

    <3 <3 <3 I so want to win this giveaway! Thanks for the chance. <3 <3 <3

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    I love there clothing line.. I am on the list.. And I can think of two little girls (not related to me) who I know would love a new dress….Oh Please Pick Me.

  192. Jennifer Avatar

    Signed up and excited!

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    Kaatje Pitzer

    Signed up for the newsletter. I know the perfect girls to shares the love with & bring big smiles this holiday!

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    Sarah B

    Signed up at Matilda Jane and I know three lovely little girls who could grace those dresses!

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    I signed up 🙂

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    signed up

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    Sweet! I love clothes!

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    EEEEKKKKK!!! LOVE Matilda Jane… Fantastic giveaway! I already have two people in mind that would be so very blessed by MJ dress!! 🙂 Yea!!!

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    Patricia P

    Thank you I signed up

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    signed up!

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    Jennifer Chesla

    signed up 🙂

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    All signed up for the newsletter… What a fun giveaway!!

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    Oh this is so lovely! I know so many girls who are so deserving!

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    Yay!! Already signed up for the newsletter!! MJ and bambolettas are my two favorites!!

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    I was already signed up but did it again for good measure. I love both companies!!!

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    Signed up btw LOVE the bambo in the picture

  209. J Scott Avatar
    J Scott

    I signed up 🙂

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    I signed up! We have bought a few pieces from Matilda Jane and they are so nice! Excellent quality and the cutest designs (just like Bamboletta!)

  211. Janet Avatar

    Cool! I signed up earlier today:)

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    Wow! Thank you so much!!!!!

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    Jen Boschman

    Just signed up and LOVE this giveaway!

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    Donna Johnson

    I signed up!! 🙂

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    Samantha Rocco

    signed up for the newsletter what an exciting giveaway thank you for the chance.

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    such awesomeness! Thank you!

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    just signed up! cute stuff! can’t believe its already up to day 7! soo fun!!

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    I signed up! Love Bambos and Mj!

  221. Megan G Avatar
    Megan G

    I signed up!!! How fun!

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    Signed up for the newsletter. I kept seeing someone refer to MJ and now I finally know what that is. 🙂 So cute.

  223. Rebecca Avatar

    I think I am on but with another email so I sign up again…… love mjc!!!!!!

  224. Erin Avatar

    Love these clothes almost as much as my baby loves her Bambo.

  225. Brandi Samm Avatar
    Brandi Samm

    All signed up! We love our MJ! (and hope to one day love our own Bambo!)

  226. Samantha Cardiff Avatar
    Samantha Cardiff

    Signed Up – Love Matilda Jane and Bamboletta’s!! I know who I will share the love with 🙂 Thanks so much

  227. Gloria Avatar

    Signed up 🙂

  228. ashley Avatar

    I subscribe to the newsletter! Love your company and MJC!

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    Lisa M.

    What fun! I’m all signed up! Thanks.

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    Signed up!!

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    Rebecca Brown


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    Amanda Horstman

    Love Matilda Jane….I am all signed up! How exciting. Thanks for the wonderful giveaways.

  233. Cheri Hensler Avatar
    Cheri Hensler

    signed up! thanks for the contest, such fun.

  234. Kim C Avatar
    Kim C

    My two favorite companies – Bamboletta and Matilda Jane!

  235. Deidra Jones Avatar
    Deidra Jones

    Bambo and MJC are my two favorite things!!! I am signed up 🙂

  236. Katie Avatar

    So fun – have signed up for the newsletter.TY

  237. Bonnie Avatar

    “Oh my, oh my!” exclaimed Bamboletta to her entire doll family, “Christmas has arrived in Cobble Hill!” Her elaborate hand dyed yarn hair blowing in the wind muffled her excited voice, but the dolls could have understood her all the way to the original origins of their unique fabric skin in the Netherlands. Yes, an elf had arrived and her name was Matilda Jane. Although not the typical elf from the North Woods, she donned gay apparel and eagerly wanted to don Bamboletta and her cohorts in similar colorful festive fabrics. She hurriedly explained to just sign up for the newsletter (there are shipping deadlines to consider), and hope and pray that one of you may be the lucky one, but not so fast. Tis better to give than to receive little ones, so if you win a lovely frock, make sure to give two equally adorable frocks to your comrades in Joydom there in Cobble Hill.
    Thus, in Peace, Love, & Loooking on the BRight Side
    I signed up for the newsleter with pride!

  238. Lisa G Avatar
    Lisa G

    Signed up!

  239. Alisha Puckett Avatar
    Alisha Puckett

    Signed up!!

  240. krista Avatar

    LOVE Matilda Jane…we actually just got our first order! ALL SIGNED UP 🙂

  241. Kelly Hall Avatar
    Kelly Hall

    love me some MJC!

  242. Kristin Z Avatar
    Kristin Z

    Already a newsletter subscriber. Great giveaway! 🙂

  243. flo/bob Avatar

    signed up…very excited 🙂

  244. Tracy Avatar

    I am signed up 🙂

  245. Sue Avatar

    Signed up! Love MJ clothing. I know 3 perfect and deserving girls!

  246. LisaS Avatar

    Woo-Hoo! I would LOVE this and I already know the two other Bamboletta mommies that I would give the other dresses too. My new Bambo friends.

  247. Dawn U Avatar
    Dawn U

    on the list.

  248. Kylie Avatar

    Love MJC!

  249. Ericka Ruckh Avatar
    Ericka Ruckh

    I’m a newbie to both Bamboletta and Matilda Jane. Love love!! Signed up! Thank you!

  250. Julie l Avatar
    Julie l

    We are big MJC fans!

  251. Holly Collins Avatar
    Holly Collins

    Love Matilda Jane : )

  252. Aimee F. Avatar
    Aimee F.

    I signed up! Thank you so much!

  253. kristin Avatar

    Signed up and ready to win!

  254. Renea Pike Avatar
    Renea Pike

    I’d love to win 🙂

  255. JJ Avatar

    Wow two of my FAV companies together! Thanks so much for the chance to win and Spreading the LOVE!!!!

  256. Fe;icia Adkins Avatar
    Fe;icia Adkins

    We adore matilda Jane. Of course I signed up to the newsletter just in case I wasn’t already. I think I am though.

  257. Cheryl C Avatar
    Cheryl C

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    Thanks again

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    Matilda Jane is MY FAVORITE designer! A few years ago she sent me a one of a kind red, white and blue dress she designed for my daughter because my husband was coming back from Iraq! It was such a sweet surprise, till this day I still have the dress and it is FRAMED in my girls room! The dress stands for so much. I LOVE MJ forever!!!! I am excited to get the newsletter and thank you so much for the chance to win!

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