This is my most favorite time of year in East Vancouver. The leaves give a nice satisfying crunch as you walk, the warm late afternoon air is heavy with the scent of blackberries, grapes and figs and that low sun gives everything a beautiful golden hue. My boys went back to school this week and I’m looking forward to a routine again. As I age, I realize that I thrive on a schedule and when I take an hour out of my week to plan out my meals, write down all the different activities and things to do, my mind can rest a bit. I’m not really a day planner type of person, I buy one of those big fridge calendars that are called something like ‘Mom’s Life’ (ha) and a small legal pad to keep notes, ideas, recipes and doodles all in one place. This method seems to collect my thoughts in just the right way. It’s a jumble in my head and I like seeing it all laid out on these papers that I can flip back and forth with. It’s like I only have so much space in my head and the yellow legal pad acts as my external hard drive.

Last winter I asked our Facebook community what sorts of things you’d like to hear from me on and the answer was to hear more about me. This is kind of hard to do, write about myself, as I’m not a big company but not small either so I feel that I personally am of no interest and get a bit self conscious. I’m not sure how much more I can write about the dolls so then I end up not writing anything. Before, 10 years or so ago when I thought no one read my blog, I just wrote ramblings on my life. I go back to read them from time to time and they are like a diary of sorts. An external hard drive of life’s memories. Now I have Instagram and Facebook that feels like it’s taken over due to ease and ,let’s face it, a semi laziness. But I miss blogging and writing about my day to day and how I juggle the dolls, the boys, friends, family .. and ,I’ll be honest, I usually drop a ball somewhere.

But now a lovely routine is setting in and I’m finding myself with this opening of time when the kids go to sleep and the house is quiet, I want to get back into writing. I’m in constant contact with so many of you via social media but this platform is a bit different, it’s meditative and sort of peaceful. And the Autumn always feels like a fresh start to things.

So, nice to see you on here. If there is anything you’d be interested in hearing from me about I’d be happy to write (and it helps me and give me ideas!)







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  1. Sharyl Henry Avatar
    Sharyl Henry

    Christina, This is such a lovely post and Autumn is my favorite season. Love hearing any of your ponderings, thoughts, lovely childhood memories. Many of us feel very heart-connected to you through your beautiful and magical dolls and the lovely club page that you provide for us. Thank you for all that you do. I am very grateful to have you and your beautiful dolls in my life. It is a blessing. Sending lots of love & hugs – Sharyl

  2. Joyce Hill Avatar

    It’s goid to hear from and about you. I do not keep a blog going but I have a gratitude journal that I write in every day. I put three things I am grateful for, at least three things, and something I have done good in the world today. I guess that’s kind of like a blog for you.

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