Hey everyone, great news!! The CPSIA has suspended the requirements for one year! We don’t have to test until then AND they are re working the law. My heart is full of joy right now, not just because of the suspension but also because of the roar that people can cause. We were heard. We were HEARD! Well done everyone. Read here for more information (and note my doll pic in related items – thanks ETSY!)

I would like to especially thank Kathleen Fasanella from Fashion Incubator. She has worked SO hard, making sure that we were heard and keeping us informed and up to date with everything that was going on. I was on her site several times daily, keeping up with what was going on.  And, if you are a small business in textiles and you are  wanting to ‘take it to the next level’ I highly recommend reading her book ‘The Entrepenuer Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing’ I’m currently going through it and learning so much.

Totally unrelated note. I’m looking for 5 – 10 volunteers to take a look at a mock up  of my website and tell me what you think. I’ve looked at it so much I’m not sure what I’m looking at anymore. I’ve asked my friends and have gotten great feedback – I just need another few sets of eyes to look at. No prize for this, just good karma 🙂






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  1. Leanna Avatar

    I was just coming here to tell you this news!!! I am so glad that you beat me to the punch! Congrats and I am glad that you didn’t put that package in the mail yet. I think we have won the first battle!

    If you need eyes…mine are ready and waiting 🙂

  2. andrea Avatar

    This is the first place I’ve checked online this evening-what news! YAY!

    I’d love to have a look at your site if you still have a need:)

  3. Naomi Avatar

    Great news! Hopefully they’ll realize how crippling this could be and fix the legislation within the year, too.

    I would love to check out your redesign, too, if it would help you out. Who doesn’t need some good karma?!

  4. Amber Avatar

    I read about this over at Poot & Boogie, and I’m so glad. Did anyone actually pay for the testing, though? I hope there wasn’t a lot of money spent on something that may not be needed, and that they can amend this and get it right in the next year.

    And I would be happy to look at your website if you need anyone else.

  5. Cate Avatar

    Hi and yippeee, I am so happy for you. I would love to help in any way Christina with your site I have heaps of experience as you know from my own online store. Mum & Babe. I have learnt so much all the things you don’t think of until it happens or things go crazy. Let me know I would love to help.

  6. Steph Avatar

    Thats such good news! Hopefully they’ll spend the next year getting it right.

    If you need volunteers I’ll raise my hand. I don’t know if it could be cuter than this one though.

  7. Michelle Z. Avatar
    Michelle Z.

    I could use all the good karma I can get right now. I’d be happy to take a peek and give you my feedback.

  8. Christine Avatar

    That’s really good news! Glad people spoke out and were heard. If you don’t have enough volunteers yet, I can take a look for you, no problem.


  9. cheryl Avatar

    Theres a party at your house this weekend I take it, Great news!!! I’d love to be considered to peek at the web-design and provide feedback. I’m just so happy that I can now order lots of cool stuff again. Yea!

  10. Sarah Avatar

    I would be willing to look at your new website if you are still looking for people 🙂
    Great news about the law!

  11. Roseanne Perkins Avatar
    Roseanne Perkins


    Looks like you already have quite a few volunteers, but if you need more my hubby and I can take a look. He designs websites for digital library collections (pretty different from retail!) but he knows quite a bit about usability issues.

    Yay about the law too. Something needs to be done about unsafe toys but it was obvious this law wasn’t fully thought out. I’m a children’s librarian and they even got us worried because at one point they were saying we’d have to remove all our picture books from our public library collections for testing. Ack!

  12. Brooke Avatar

    Great news on the CRSIA laws!!! Yay!It is great to know I will still be able to get great stuff for the kidos and Mama too-LOL
    I would also be willing to take a look at the new site I am sure it is perfect!

  13. Kris Avatar

    Yippee! I am so happy that our voice made a difference.

    if you still need eyes, let me know

  14. Monica Avatar

    Looks like you may have your fill on “test eyes”…but I’d love to see it Christina!!

    I’m over the moon on the stay…now..to work hard not to be in this position again next winter. Gotta save small business! It’s a huge part of the ethics I’m raising my kiddos with!!

  15. amanda Avatar

    Yay!! Such great news! I can’t help thinking all day today as I’ve been reading this news of the story of Horton. Maybe it was just one final “yop” that made all these voices heard. 😉 Cheers to handmade! Cheers to Bamboletta!

  16. admin Avatar

    Thanks everyone! This is really great news!

    YOP!! (great analogy Amanda!)

  17. Pink Sky Avatar
    Pink Sky

    That is fantastic news!

  18. Monique Avatar

    great news christina! congrats!

  19. jill scripps Avatar

    i like to edit. and i love looking at your stuff.
    so i’d love to help you out.


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