Word about tomorrow…


So – as you may already know – tomorrow I will open up 100 custom spots. I honestly thought I’d never do custom dolls again – but the demand is so great out there for them – that I’ve decided to give it another go with a few changes this time around. Most of this you’ve already read in the Custom Doll Information I put out this weekend  – but it doesn’t hurt to repeat oneself! Especially on these points I feel so strongly about.

* this is a chance for you to customize a Bamboletta doll – you can choose the hair color, skin tone, eye color – there will be lots of options to make your own Bamboletta doll. What can NOT be customized – or requested – is things like face shape, nose size, eye shape and width, cheek blush, etc. It may seem like if you are very particular about what you want in a doll then a customized doll is the doll for you but I’m not sure this is the case. I think the Ready to Go dolls may just be the thing for you – what you see is what you get. If  you are okay with trusting that we will make you the perfect doll and giving us that freedom (and liking an element of surprise – and having a guaranteed doll!) then the Customized Doll is the right fit!

*There is a six month wait time on these. I will be asking that if you are in no rush (perhaps this is a Holiday doll or your little one is very wee) then I will put your order towards the end and then the others ahead. Orders will be chosen randomly from that selection – I can not take into account birthdays or ‘need by’ dates. We did this long time frame so that we’d be able to take on 100 orders  and hopefully make somewhat of a dent in people that are really wanting a custom doll! If we gave a 6-8 week wait  then we’d only take on 20 dolls which I don’t think would do much to alleviate the demand. The other reason was that we need to have as many  Ready to Go dolls up on the site as we can right now to accommodate the growing interest in the dolls.

*Fairy Bits. When I buy yarn for fairy bits – it’s usually only a ball or two of handspun yarn-y goodness! I can NOT recreate dolls with fairy bits in their hair I also am going to stay away from anything sparkly (it’s hard to find sparkly that is mixed with natural – it’s usually nylon or something funky like that). With fairy bits – all I can do is note the color you like and match that up to yarns I have to create a special look for your doll. Remember – these dolls are one of a kind!

*Once an order is completed – that’s it – it’s final. No changes please. And I would really appreciate no follow up emails asking when the doll will be ready or requesting fabrics, etc. You have no idea the hours that were spent on my last ’round’ of customs on adjusting, checking, changing and double checking. I don’t want to spend time emailing I want to spend time making dolls 🙂

So – all this going well will mean that I will take custom dolls on a regular basis. I really hope it does! I thrive on making the very best dolls possible and I work with some of the greatest ladies I know (and John – you should see his poor hands from all the head making!)  to keep what we do ‘small’ and injected with lots and lots of love!!

So – good luck tomorrow ladies (and dads!) and if you don’t get one – don’t worry – there will still be plenty of Ready to Go’s, Newbie Uploads and Serendipity Dolls for everyone!


PS – Yes – the picture that you are looking at up there is probably what you think it is. Stay tuned!!






15 responses to “Word about tomorrow…”

  1. Amy Avatar

    Eeep! Purple dragonfly fairy????

  2. Jenny Avatar

    Squeeeee! Love the mushrooms! And I cannot wait for tomorrow! Is it 1 pm yet (that would be Pacific time ;)?!?

  3. Cara Avatar

    Perfect Christina!!!

  4. Cassandra Avatar

    You have a lovely way with words Christina! I am super excited for all the people that get a spot for a custom tomorrow and I hope it goes wonderful because I want you to do more customs again. What lucky ducks for this opportunity and I hope the next rounds I will be around for that adrenaline rush of trying for a spot.

    Cheers everyone, lets make this enjoyable for Christina, John and the Bambo Mommas and we will keep on trying for our first Bambo! So thrilled that there will be so many chances to try!

    Are those crowns for some fairies? Super exciting!!! 🙂

    P.S.: I have been reading through the blog and so enjoying it!

  5. Bridget Avatar

    I am just too excited! Hoping to become an “Un-Newbie”!!!!

  6. Sherri Avatar

    Me too Bridget! Those fairy vests are too cute, but I have my heart on a blondie-blue eyed bambo!

  7. Ellie Avatar

    Is it bad to be almost teary in anticipation regarding the customs? Part of me is afraid to try but part of me knows it cannot be if I don’t….

  8. Chris Avatar

    Really excited to try today……….Good Luck everyone!!

  9. Leanne Avatar

    I can’t wait to see the cuties that go in those dresses 🙂

  10. Fiona Pingyin Avatar
    Fiona Pingyin

    I can’t wait to see the fairy dolls. I would love to get one for my daughter

  11. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    My heart just stopped!!!! Purple Dragonfly dress!!! My dreams might come true. I can’t wait to see what is put in that dress and hope that it comes home to me!!!!! Love.

  12. Susana Avatar

    Oh man – not sure if I got a doll or not – the order went through but I haven’t gotten an email yet… no I guess that means no? Now wondering if I should try for the 1pm custom upload??!!!! Oh DARN.

  13. Shelly Avatar

    I love reading what you write, C. It’s like hearing you speak, and always from the heart. What an amazing company. So many thanks.

  14. Cassandra Avatar

    What a nerd I am…..lol….crowns! I see now that they are dresses! WOW!

  15. Erika Davison Avatar
    Erika Davison

    She is beautiful! I got my fingers crossed and my toes too.

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