Its a short one tonight – Jasper is not wanting to sleep!

Fabric winner is..


#3 is my favorite =)

And the winner of Jasmyn is..

Christine Schmidt

These dolls are amazing!! Very beautiful–what a talent!! I have five girls–one in particular who would give much love & care to sweet Jasmyn!!

I’ll be in touch with the winners in the next day.

Blog update tomorrow – I promise 🙂






5 responses to “Winners!!”

  1. Cate Avatar

    Well done and happiness to the winners!

  2. kiko Avatar

    YAY for the winners! and boohoo for me! Maybe next time!

  3. Monica Avatar

    Congratulations winners!! Oh, what happy mail you’ll be receiving!

    Thank you so much for such a fun opportunity Christina!!

  4. cheryl Avatar

    What a great day to add sunshine to someones day…Thank you CHristina for a fun filled january.

  5. erika~ inspired mama musings Avatar

    YaY!! huge congrats winners! 🙂

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