Winner of Harper!

Picture 1Amy L – you are the winner of Harper! Congrats lady!

I thought this would be a good time to mention some stuff … again…

-Tomorrow will be the last day that check/money orders will be accepted as a form of payment.
-Starting next week uploads will be once a week – I will be marking it on my calendar soon
-Serendipity Dolls will be taking place over on my Hyenacart. So instead of having them on my blog – they’ll be on there. I’m thinking of loading them all up at the same time (ie 5 on a Friday – then keeping them there for a few days and then letting people pick and choose.. still ‘tweaking’ this idea. Sorry there hasn’t been a Serendipity doll lately – our pick up and drop off sewing mama days have changed around some so our schedule is a bit off – I’m getting into the groove now so it’ll be soon!
-There will be an auction this weekend for a little buddy Fairy – this will be done on the Hyenacart site and proceeds from that will benefit knitting grannie Rita who really, really needs an electric wheelchair! Not sure when I’ll put that up, but it’ll be soon!
-I will be having another auction… a big one… to benefit the MS Society on the first weekend of June –

**Note about auctions – I would wayyy rather be doing raffles but Paypal considers it gaming and therefore illegal ๐Ÿ™ I got into some trouble when I did the last raffle for Haiti and I don’t want to p.o Paypal! I’ve thought about doing the downloadable file (quite a few of you have suggested this – something like you pay $5 for a PDF of something)ย  but I need to think about how I’d do that a bit more – perhaps next time!**

And BTW – did you see how flippin awesome my Hyenacart looks? A HUGE thank you to David and Cheri for doing this for me!!







12 responses to “Winner of Harper!”

  1. Ingrid Avatar

    AWESOME! Your hyencart looks great. I LOVE the idea of serendipity shopping:) Brings the experience to a whole new level! So glad you are back to blogging:)

  2. Alison Avatar

    Will you be blogging (or putting it on Facebook) each time you do an upload to HC? This way we can all get notices when new stuff is up there?

  3. admin Avatar

    Yes I will Allison ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope as time goes on I’ll have regular stocking days and regular auctions. I’ll let all my ladies know on FB and through my blog … I may just start to send out more newsletters too…

  4. Cassandra Avatar

    Everything looks awesome and thanks for the news! Loved your last post and the pictures of the yummy yarn!
    Everything so exciting and woot to Amy for winning Harper!

  5. Ashli Avatar

    I’m a little confused about what will be offered through your HC. I’m a hyena, but new to Bamboletta stalking! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Jan Avatar

    Can you please give me an indication of what time the auction will be, or what time it will end? I will be away until Sunday evening, but that is your Monday morning. I would like to participate if I can time it right.
    Cheers, Jan

  7. Jan Avatar

    Sorry – just re-read your blog and it says there “You are not sure when”
    I will try and contain myself. LOL

  8. Elaine Avatar

    Wow! Very cool Hyena cart! Looks just like your site!

  9. Melanie Avatar

    I love the $5 for a downloadable file! Maybe someone can donate a knitting pattern for dolls, or something along those lines so it is completely legit for paypal?

  10. dana Avatar

    just got introduced to these dolls a couple of days ago and I am so very intrigued. And, so confused. Hyenacart? Auction? Serendipity? What does all of this mean to me? I am just someone who wants a chance to purchase one of these precious dollies for my little girl.

  11. Ana Avatar

    Your Hyenacart looks so cute just like your website. So you could still outsource and didn’t have to give up the cute look.

  12. Nicole Goodsell Avatar
    Nicole Goodsell

    One more time, I’d love to have her!!

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