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I did a window display last weekend at Birkeland Brothers Wool in Vancouver. It was fun to do especially since I had doll props to work with. My friend Mike (Con’s partner) made a beautiful swing for the dolls using an arbutus branch from a tree in his yard and a super sweet retro table and chair set.

So, if you guys hadn’t noticed, I’ve put my ad up over at SouleMama advertising my custom dolls. We all love Amanda and her site -that is one inspirational mama. Lol, everytime I finish reading her blog I inevitably go and do a craft project or go on a nature walk with my kids. It’s a good fit being over at her blog. I’m helping her out to aspire to her dream and she’s helping my out to aspire to my dream. We have a very similar dream- all the family home, a farm, etc. I’m sure a lot of us have the same one.

Ahh, short blog today- Jasper is cutting some teeth and really needs his mama right now. I’ve become somewhat of a chew toy- I mean that in the nicest sense of the word!






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  1. Heather Avatar

    hey Christina,
    It was very exciting seeing you setting up the window display last weekend. Total coincidence to be sitting across the street just as you were doing that! It was also very inspiring to chat with you this morning… So many possibilities!
    My sweet Bamboletta doll sits in my office as a huge inspiration to me every day. Many thanks!


  2. Christine Avatar

    Love the display and that swing is amazing!!! The dolls will sell like hot cakes, I’m sure. You are so lucky having so many talented people around who are helping you. I’m so jealous! 🙂
    I read Amanda’s blog a lot too, it’s very nice. I saw your ad there and her announcement. Congrats, I love it when women can help each other like that. That wasn’t the big news you mentioned a few days ago, was it?


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