Win A Doll..Again!


I LOVE doing Win a Doll contests! This time it’s Jeanette that is looking for a new home. All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter ( I send maybe 3 newsletters out a year- really. No spam, of course!) if you are already signed up for my newsletter, just leave a comment! Contest is open to everyone. Yes, everyone- everywhere! Contest closes September 30th.







116 responses to “Win A Doll..Again!”

  1. Michelle Z. Avatar
    Michelle Z.

    I love the top she’s wearing! Can you make one in my size? LOL.

  2. Monica Avatar

    Oh Christina! She is lovely!!! You have inspired me…I’m going to do a give away on my blog too…now, gotta catch up on my current list so I can knit up something special….hum…

  3. erin Avatar

    what can i say? – we’re all big fans over here at my house.
    big smooches to you!
    xo e.

  4. Kim Avatar

    Love, love, love your work, as you know … we are fortunate to own 2 Bamboletta dolls .. and would love to own more (who wouldn’t?!?) … but would have to say that if we were lucky enough to win this dear girl, she’d go to my daughter’s best friend, Lulu, b/c she just moved far away from the only home/friends she’s ever known and is about to gain a baby brother, and could use some Bamboletta love 🙂

  5. Victoria Avatar

    Alright, she is offically my favourite. I know I say that all the time! The girls love her too! Thank you!

  6. Leanna Avatar

    I have to try….

  7. Adrianne Avatar

    It looks like you and your new camera are becoming fast friends. Jeanette looks beautiful. I love it when the girls climb a tree for their portraits. 🙂

  8. Alicia Wilson Avatar
    Alicia Wilson

    Jeannette is stunning and has gorgeous eyes!

  9. Meike Avatar

    And here I thought I already was on your newsletter list… turns out I wasn’t! Shame on me! Have dutifully subscribed now. 🙂

    And Jeannette, as always, is totally stunning of course. I love that you love doing doll contests!

  10. Karoeza Avatar

    Oh wow, what a great give-away!
    I’ll sign up right now…

  11. Christine Avatar

    Hm, apparently I’m a lousy reader because I didn’t even know you did newsletters. Can I still be in on the contest? 😉 I’ll subscribe now! Love the freckles on the doll, I wish I only had a few cute ones like that, I have them all over my face and ears, like a real Spotty Dotty. :-/


  12. Jennifer Avatar

    How sweet and generous of you to be doing these giveaways! She’s just too cute for words. Please include me in the draw and good luck to everyone!! (:

  13. Genevieve Avatar

    A new contest!! Yes!! And this one is so lovely(as always)! I’m already on the newsletter list and enjoy coming here regularly! Thank you!

  14. Alison Avatar

    Christina, you are such an inspiration.
    I’d love to meet you one day, maybe if you, John and the boys make it over to the UK. 🙂

  15. Sue Avatar

    Oh, I love the freckles on her!

  16. Cassandra Betro Avatar
    Cassandra Betro

    This looks beautiful! I just found this site. Love it! Thank you!

  17. Holly Avatar

    If I subscribe again does that mean I get two doses of Bambolette goodness in my inbox?!

    Oh please please please I hope I win 🙂

    Two Cheese Please

  18. brooke Avatar

    your dolls are amazing. We are expecting our first child in November and I’m sure this doll would be a treasured gift for them!

  19. Lindsay Avatar

    I already get the newsletter, but I would love to add this girl to my collection! I know she would bring loads of joy to the kids I work with. Christina, your girls never fail to amaze me!

  20. ramona Avatar

    oh, how pretty she is!

  21. Ashley Avatar

    I’m always up for trying to win a Bamboletta!! She is lovely!!!

    Count me in!

  22. Heather Avatar

    Wow! Contests are popular! Wow-Jeanette looks a bit like Cara. Are they sisters? : ) She’s gorgeous Christina. Heather

  23. Theresa Avatar

    She’s beautiful Christina! Well, all your bamboletta girls (and boys) are 🙂

  24. tab Avatar

    oh jeanette is beautiful – love her eyes, freckles and hair!

  25. Julie Avatar

    She’s adorable! Sign me up–maybe I’ll be the right Julie this time :)!

  26. lisa hagadorn Avatar
    lisa hagadorn

    Hi Ya,
    You really have wonderfull dolls. I just love them. Awesome!!!

  27. sharilyn Avatar

    oh my goodness, of COURSE i have to take a try, too. she is so beautiful! love from S + A xox.

  28. Naomi Avatar

    I love her freckles!

  29. April Avatar

    I can only say that I wish my blog got the great feedback yours does – I check in most days to see what’s new in the Bamboletta household. I would love to give this little gal a home, my son LOVES dolls while my daughter would prefer to play cars. Funny how that works!

    The K.K. quote is beautiful 😉

  30. Marta Avatar

    I wanted to leave you a comment the other day when you totally made my day by telling the world that you like to watch ANTM! Thank you so much for making me feel better about my deep, dark, not very wholesome or Waldorf-y secret! Well, it is almost time to present Naomi with her birthday doll, I can hardly wait! So I don’t want to be greedy, but if we won then I could have a doll to play with too! Or the most amazing birthday gift for one of Naomi’s friends. Thanks for taking the time to share part of your life, it is reassuring and inspiring.

  31. pascaline Legros Avatar
    pascaline Legros

    I and the kids would love to welcome her to your French Home near Paris… what a great and lovely doll… well done …for sure with a doll like her I would have to knit some jumpers for the autumn coming… so finger cross one s more… and if not , i hope she finds a great little family to play with..

  32. Knittypants Avatar

    What a beautiful girl. I love your work, your dolls always bring a smile to my face.

  33. carol Avatar

    I just found your website through Soulmama, and I just love your dolls. they are so beautifully done! This one you are giving away is so sweet.

  34. Amber Avatar

    Sign me up, she’s beautiful!

  35. Violet Avatar

    “I love that baby” – that was a direct quote from your number one fan!

  36. Sebrina Avatar

    I already receive your newsletter but I would LOVE to win this doll. She is very lovely.

  37. Paula Hackett Avatar
    Paula Hackett

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a beautiful doll!

  38. Beth Avatar

    I love the fabric on that kimono. What a sweetheart! My daughter would just love her. Sometimes I put your flickr doll photos on a slideshow so she can look at all of the “friends” while I’m sewing. It’s better than TV! It looks like I should really get her one that she can touch, poor dear!

  39. Ally Avatar

    She has the same hair as my daughter!

  40. andrea Avatar

    oh goodness, she is TOO sweet! i didn’t know you had a newsletter yet so i just signed up.

  41. Emilie Avatar

    She is gorgeous, as usual! You are one generous lady 🙂

  42. Molly Avatar

    Your family of beautiful little ones just keeps growing…thanks for sharing!

  43. rachel Avatar

    just lovely…i hope she comes to live with us 🙂

  44. Jodi Mann Avatar

    OMG she is soooo beautiful, I have only just found your site, your dolls are devine!!!
    Oh my!

  45. bethany Avatar

    Your dolls are beyond fabulous! I have a thing for hair… I love to draw it… and the hair on your dolls is fantastic! My daughter was not as interested in dolls when she was little (to my dismay!). She saw your dolls and fell in love… she is 11 yrs. old and says if she had had one of yours, she would have loved it! There is something more real and inviting about them. I wish you much success… i think maybe that is already happening!! 😉

  46. Monique Avatar

    Great work Christina- the outfit is adorable!

  47. Garland Zinn Avatar
    Garland Zinn

    Love her, her freckles, so sweet! We would love to win her!

  48. Emily McCann Avatar
    Emily McCann

    she is beautiful!!! one of the cutest i’ve seen yet!

  49. Merry Avatar

    Hi Christina,
    Please sign me up to win the doll. She is adorable!

  50. Adriana Avatar

    I love this and all your dolls! Thank you for your loving contribution to this world.

  51. stephanie Avatar

    I love her hair – so simple yet so gorgeous. Oh, and the face and the clothes and the EVERYTHING!!

  52. Katia Avatar

    We would love to have this sweet girl join our family!!!

  53. catherine Avatar

    Here’s my entry for this month contest! who knows! I just love this doll!

  54. Rohini Avatar

    Oh, but I so will have to have a Bamboletta doll one day! They are gorgeous…

  55. Berrie Avatar

    This is my test to see if I can leave a comment. We should do a doll trade Christina. xoxo Berrie

  56. Jennifer Avatar

    I love your dolls–they are gorgeous!

  57. melissa Avatar

    what a wonderfully magical doll. I know my little one would love to share tea parties, snuggles and much more with her.

  58. Tanya Avatar

    Oh my gosh — she is precious!!

  59. Kyla Avatar

    Oh my– she is gorgeous and I have a 6 year old that would LOVE to give her a good home.

  60. Sarah Avatar

    Oh my, the freckles! My post is up if you’d like to stop by to see it.


  61. Amy Avatar

    I have to try! Jeannette is beautiful!! I tried to sign on to your newsletter and discovered I already had, lol.

  62. Sarah Avatar

    What a sweetie. Just imagine all the joy she will bring to a lucky winner.

  63. Nicole Avatar

    Wow you are generous! She is so beautiful, I *LOVE* her shirt and hair!
    I have three littles that would love her, also this Mama would love her!! ; )

  64. Amy Atkinson Avatar
    Amy Atkinson

    Your dolls are truly beautiful, and you are inspiring. I can feel myself gearing up for another round of doll making. Please count me in!

  65. Nathalie Avatar

    I am reading your blog everytime I can, I like so much to follow the doll process that you share with us. Your dolls are so beautiful, I hope to be the lucky one. Thanks!

  66. Dawn Avatar

    I just discovered that you had a newsletter and can’t wait to read my “first” issue. Love your dolls. The quality and detail that goes into them is incredible…they are works of playable art for all ages.

  67. Colleen Avatar

    So happy that I discovered your blog. Lovely, lovely dolls. I made a waldorf doll for my daughter for her birthday in July and I loved the whole process of making one. I’m sure her doll would love a companion. Please add my name to the draw.

  68. Jessica Avatar

    A very dear doll friend. My toddler daughter just saw Jeanette’s and her face lite up as she exclaimed “DOLLY”! Your work is simply stunning : )

  69. melissa Avatar

    love the doll. just signed up for the newsletter.

  70. Sarah Avatar

    I tried to leave a comment before, but it seems it didn’t work! This doll is beautiful…and the freckles! Ack! My post is up, if you’d like to see it.

    ~Sarah of “What to do, Poopsy-woo?”

  71. Carmen Avatar

    Love the dolls! I just happened to stumble across your site and am so pleased that I did. Even if I don’t ‘adopt’ Jeanette, I know I will be ordering one of these for my daughter for Christmas 🙂

  72. Sara Avatar

    Really, really beautiful. I’d love to have her at my house.

  73. molly Avatar

    me! me! me!
    my daughter, 15 months, loves to sit on my lap and look at your gallery, saying ‘baba’ and clutching her chest (her sign for love at the mo) while looking at your beautiful dolls.
    she would adore one.

    gorgeous, gorgeous work you!

  74. Veronica Avatar

    We love all your dolls, we’d be so happy if she comes to live with us.

  75. Gretchen Avatar

    Oh my goodness, she is so gorgeous!! I just found your site from SouleMama, and I am completely enamored!

  76. erica Avatar

    You do such beautiful work….the dolls are like people i would love to meet someday.

  77. Chris Avatar

    What a happy looking doll. Her little outfit is very fitting to her personality

  78. Susie Avatar

    Your dolls are all beautiful. They leave me with a happy heart and lump in my stomach. What a combination. Maybe they remind me of the fun-filled childhood I had as well as the present’s quickly passing days.

  79. Katie Avatar

    I am a new reader, but I have drooled over your dolls on Etsy! We also live in Victoria so if I win we could pick it up 🙂 Off to sign up for your newsletter!

  80. Karen Avatar

    What a beautiful dollie! A brand new fan here!! My girlfriend e-mailed me to tell me about your dolls since we just had a brand new baby girl! This little one with her strawberry blond braids and green eyes is how I envision my little red head looking in a few years. I can’t wait for her to be old enough to have a little look alike!

  81. Vanessa Avatar

    Your doll giveaways are such a great idea! We’re such big fans of your dolls and I love that you have posted some tips on dollmaking.

  82. Anja Avatar

    I just found your blog and I’m amazed. I love your dolls! They are beautiful.
    Now I’m off to sign up for your newspaper. I hope to win your doll. My girls would love her.

  83. Prairie Girl Avatar

    My daughter’s hair is just this colour – love it! I have signed up for your newsletter and look forward to hearing more about your incredible dolls!

  84. Wendylee Avatar

    I love your dolls! The hair is so cool. Their little faces are angelic.

  85. Rain Avatar

    She is soooo sweet. My little girl would love to be her “mommy”.

  86. Kerry Avatar

    Your dolls are amazing and Jeanette would be a great additon to my soon-to-be adopted child’s room 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  87. Alicia Avatar

    Oh, another gorgeous doll!

  88. mannequin Avatar

    Just found you and I am so impressed! I’ve obviously got a lot of catching up to do here as this is the first I’ve seen.
    So precious. Precious is JUST the word! What a wonderful friend for a little girl (or a mom!)
    I’ve subscribed and I’m looking forward to the news and catching up here on all I’ve missed.
    Thanks for the generous giveaway and the chance to give that darling little doll a loving owner!

  89. Kerry Avatar

    Hi there,

    I am sending this again as I don’t see my name listed above and I sent an entry a few days ago.

    I love your work. You have amazing talent! Jeannette would make a great addition to my soon-to-be’s adopted child’s room.

  90. Simone Avatar

    aw. Jeanette is lovely.

  91. Taisa Avatar

    Oh, another contest! And another beautiful doll. What fun!

  92. cheryl Avatar

    Jeanette’s looking alot like my daughter except she did not rip branches off of the tree to make a port hole to look out of…

  93. em Avatar

    i’m so glad i found your site! after one doll making attempt (doll is sadly balding and bulging in all the wrong places) i am re-inspired to make another! i’d love to win one too 😉

  94. Grace Avatar

    I can’t wait until my girls are old enough to choose their own dolls from you – they look so lovely and solid and sweet.

  95. Hope Avatar

    I LOVE your sweet dolls and my daughter would adore winning that little sweetie!!!

  96. Ginger Avatar

    here’s hoping!

  97. judy McLaren Avatar
    judy McLaren

    I saw your stand at the trout lake farmers market a few years ago. I was absolutely in love with your beautiful dolls. Please correct me if i am wrong but did you have a line of dolls that had certain stones in there bellies? I have a friend that owns a metaphysical store in Courtney BC and I was telling her about your dolls and how i haven’t seen them since. I just saw them today in the window of the wool shop on Main street here in Vancouver with an email address. Must be my lucky day!! So here I am, fingers crossed in hopes that I may win one of your pretty dolls!
    Please do let me know about the stones in the bellies. If so I would love to get your information and pass it on to my friend for her store.
    Thanks for your time:)
    Judy McLaren

  98. Marissa Avatar

    Jeanette is such a cutie, my daughter would love her! I went to sign up for the newsletter but it seems I’m already signed up.

    Hope you have a great week! So very sweet of you to hold a give-away.

    hugs, Marissa

  99. Tasha Avatar

    I love the colors you chose for her hair!

  100. Helen Griffin Avatar
    Helen Griffin

    I just ordered a doll for my granddaughter’s birthday and can’t wait until it arrives. I’m sure it will be cherished for many years to come!

  101. CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) Avatar

    I love her clothes! I’m glad I’m not too late to sign up!

  102. Melanie Avatar

    I found this very late, but I’m rushing over to sign up for the newsletter right now! What a lovely girl she is, we would love to have her join our family.

  103. Jennifer Kleckner Avatar

    Oh my! She really is lovely!!

  104. Jennifer Kleckner Avatar

    Wow! She really is quite lovely!

  105. kristen Avatar

    She is GORGEOUS! A perfect birthday present for my little girl…

  106. Amber Vowels Avatar
    Amber Vowels

    Beautiful doll. (No surprise) Would love her for my niece!

  107. jennielle9 Avatar

    What great dolls! Glad to have just discovered you.

  108. Thalita Dol Avatar

    Is there still time??
    I just found you!

    Love love love the bambolettas!

    Kisses from Brazil!

  109. Emily Avatar

    She is gorgeous!!

  110. Lou Avatar

    Oh! Me me me me me! 🙂 Your work is stunningly gorgeous!

  111. laura smith Avatar
    laura smith

    Your dolls are wonderful – magic even. What a treat for the lucky winner – wish us luck!

  112. laura smith Avatar
    laura smith

    I love your dolls – they are magic! What a treat for the lucky winner!

  113. Bonnie Avatar

    Your dolls are incredible!! I’ve never seen any like these – I can’t believe I just stumbled onto your site tonight – thank you for filling me with inspiration. My daughter, Sunny, would fall over with happiness if she were to hold one of these babies 🙂

  114. Tabitha Smith Avatar
    Tabitha Smith

    She is Lovely. We would love to give her a nice home! LOVE your dolls and blog.

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