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There are a lot of new people coming to Bamboletta – like a LOT so I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce us. I think that with all the press and attention that we’ve received as of late that people may think that we are way bigger then what we actually are. Bamboletta consists of me – Christina, John (husband – who works full time somewhere else, but still manages to make all the doll heads!), the 5 sewing Mama’s (Michelle, Gwen, Krysta, Genevieve and Xena) who assemble and put the dolls together, Reggie (who makes the clothes), my Nonna (along with Grandma Rita, Morgan and Stephanie) who knit those little sweaters and Brandi and Rachel (who helps me 2 times a week at home here). We operate out of our basement in our home – and usually in the living room ,kitchen -well – pretty much all over the place! Each doll takes about 15 hours from start to finish – these gals take a long time to make.

We can only make a limited amount of dolls per week under our current situation and I don’t think I want to change and get much ‘bigger’. I think part of the magic of the dolls is how much time and attention each doll gets – it’s an awesome process to be a part of. I don’t want to loseWeight Exercise the connection I have with my customers either – I love knowing where all the dolls go and how they are received. John and I are also the parents of 2 small boys and ,although they will always remember mama with a doll in one hand and needle and thread in the other, we don’t want to make that jump that would require more time apart from them. Bamboletta will grow organically, as it has been for the past years – I firmly trust in this process.  I am proud of what we’ve accomplished and what we are doing and I  want to stay true to what I believe in . I understand the frustration that there is out there about not being able to get a doll , but, this is how it is – this is what we do and we are doing the best we possibly can.

I’ve also written something called ‘New to Bamboletta’ that explains the buying process in a bit more detail. I seem to get asked the same questions over and over so I thought I’d point this out – it answers most of them.

Thanks so much to all of you – customers and friends new and old!






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  1. Tressa Avatar

    Very nice, Christina! A gentle reminder of the process – and of the relationship built between doll maker + doll, dollmaker + customer. I hope this helps to ease demanding demand.

  2. Wendie Avatar

    Thank you for staying true to what you believe in, Christina. You have a beautiful heart and it shines through in every doll you create. You add a little bit of magic to our lives.

  3. Jennifer Avatar

    Christina you are such a love, and it shows in your words and the work you do with your beautiful dolls. Hopefully your entry helps people understand the time and energy you put into your business.

    Maggie was was well worth the wait for us.

    Love and laughter.

  4. Emily M. Avatar

    lovely post, christina!

  5. Amber Avatar

    Your dolls really are treasures, and I am glad that you are holding true to the process that makes them so special. This is the magic, and challenge, of handmade items. They are not mass-produced, so not everyone can have one. But you would lose an essential part of what Bambolettas are if you sacrificed that.

  6. ingrid Avatar

    I liken it to having or adopting a baby. You don’t really know what it will look like even though you may have chosen the hair or eyes. And part of the excitement is the waiting and hoping and wondering what this little addition to your family will be like. We’re not simply just “buying” a doll for our little ones, but adopting a lifelong friend/sister/brother/companion. How can you rush that? And why would you want to? And through this process you become a part of the Bamboletta family. It’s really a lot more than just buying a doll.

  7. Can Can (Mom Most Traveled) Avatar

    I’m excited about these big developments for Bamboletta!
    I wonder what the world Bamboletta population is?

  8. Ann Avatar

    Hello Christina – many thanks for the beautiful doll you made for my granddaughter in the summer – she arrived just before the new baby brother – and she was so full of life! And thank you for the little pixie you sent for James, that was very kind of you. Your dolls are real people to our children – we are all so grateful for the love you put into them – it really shows! Good luck!

  9. Amy VG Avatar
    Amy VG

    What a lovely reminder. I think it’s hard to people to understand the entire lengthy process of handmaking something. I think it’s so amazing that you are willing to stay your current size and not feel like you have to expand, especially when you don’t want to. So awesome! Thank you Christina, for being so commited to lovingly providing such special dolls for our children.

  10. Anne Bente Avatar
    Anne Bente

    The image you have got lately, I suppose, is because of the soul you give each doll you make. I’m so glad we managed to get Koah and Lisette( The Little Seth as Elisabeth call her:) before the “rush” started in here. Wish you all a peaceful Christmas!

  11. Jill Gustafson Avatar
    Jill Gustafson

    Christina, I think it is these values that led me to love your dolls in the first place. It is your loving caring virtues that are put into these dolls that make them so special. They would be lacking something terribly and just be plain dolls otherwise. You bring so much happiness to so many homes. I can’t imagine what that must feel like or imagine ever wanting to give that up. You are truly special.

  12. Amanda Avatar

    I just wanted to chime in and say how amazing you and these wonderful dolls are. I was lucky enough to sneak in right before the custom ordering deadline, and Santa will be bringing “Nellie” to Julianne this Christmas. She is truly AMAZING, and I have to stop myself daily from pulling her out of hiding to oohhh and ahhhh over her! Julianne will be over the moon excited when she sees her Christmas morning — I’ll be sure to snap some pictures when she meets her new mommy! Thanks so much!!

  13. Leanne Avatar

    Christina, I keep coming back to soak in all her details. She reminds me so much of my little Miss L 🙂 You really have a gift for capturing a personality with each doll. Thank you for the smile!

  14. Kristy Avatar

    Sometimes good things come in small packages…or in this case small batches. Each one evident in the love and care then went into crafting it…I say crafting as these Bambolettas are not manufactured or produced, but lovingly created to bring joy to all (mamans, girls, boys…and even dads : ) I’ve enjoyed watching in the last year or so as more and more families become aware… as customs, ready to go and clothing disappear off the sight in minutes. This is a testiment to your hard work: Christina, John and all the others. Keep up the good work! On a side note, getting Bea ready for Christmas…can.hardly.wait!! LOL

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