where the dolls are..


So everyone I just wanted to let you all know that I will be posting some more dolls on Friday afternoon at 4pm PST on my Etsy shop. I won’t have tonnes, but there is a fairly good selection of gals needing new homes. I’ll be pitching in for delux shipping so that they’ll be sent via Expresspost (in Canada and the USA only) – this way they’ll be home in plenty of time for the holidays.

Natural Pod will have some dolls early this week as well. I’m not quite sure when they’ll be uploaded, but check in Monday night and Tuesday. Sorry I can’t be more specific!

I had a great weekend – my very first Girls Day Out with a bunch of my girlfriends apres Jasper. It’s amazing what you take for granted before kids. We had a lunch and dinner out, cocktails, shopping and a very, very leisurely perusal of a tea shop! (that would NEVER happen if I was out with John).. The discussion of ‘Do you think I should go with an OOlong or a Macha?’.. lol, you know it’s all about you when you can utter those words! Got a rad new sweater/top/ wrap thing from Lululemon..


Sadly, we were having a last hurrah for Accidental Betty. She’s moving to Nelson in a few weeks with her family. We’ll miss her and her great laugh a lot.






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  1. Con Avatar

    I LOVE this photo,such a great reflection of a great day!!

  2. Michelle Z. Avatar
    Michelle Z.

    Can I make a strange request? Would you take a pic of you wearing your new Lululemon jacket? I’ve been drooling over that jacket online, but I can’t get to a store to see it in person, and I can’t find any pics of a real person wearing it. Maybe if I could see it on a real, live person, I could make up my mind.

  3. Monica Avatar

    It’s wrong…very wrong…that I’m stalking for another doll…tell me to let the little kiddos get them! I can get one in the spring…I can get one in the spring…I can get one in the spring…lol

    That top is darling, and I am so jealous of your day with the girls…I’ve not done that since before Emma was born…all this pregnancy and nursing then pregnancy and nursing then nursing and nursing and nursing….he will wean soon enough, right? 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed a day to yourself! I’m sure all this Santa’s Elf work has you working your fingers off-you deserve a relaxing day!

  4. Monica Avatar

    OH! And I meant to tell you that I bought from a relatively new (like a month or so?) toymaker on Etsy….I was cautious until I saw that you’d left glowing feedback! Thank you for that reassurance!

  5. erin Avatar

    ha! this pic pretty much sums up the day – so fun!
    betty will sure miss you gals, too.

  6. erin Avatar

    ha! this pic pretty much sums up the day – so fun!
    betty will sure miss you gals, too.

  7. admin Avatar

    Hi Michelle – I’ll try and get a pic taken – I’ll post it soon.
    ohh- Monica- step away from the dolls!! 🙂 I’m finishing up Marissa’s tonight. Jalu is wicked – such beautiful toys. He’s big on the Waldorf school circut here on the westcoast.
    Sniff, sniff Erin – we’ll miss you so much.

  8. Monica Avatar

    How did you know it was Jalu! lol…I bought once, then again, and a third time! Then I convo’d Eric an appology for being so wishy~washy….I just went to admire my toys…I’m so excited! Seeing as I gave Bear his little boy early…I had to get him farm animals in replacement! 🙂

  9. bethany Avatar

    You’re so sweet… yes, we forget about girlfriend time too easily! Can’t wait to see what’s coming to your shop!

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