what’s on the table right now…

on-the-table.jpgThis is what I have planned for my Etsy update on Friday – this Friday December 12th. Right now I’m dressing and prepping them all – this is my favorite part of the process! I’m planning on uploading them at 4pm PST. They will be shipped out via Expresspost on Saturday morning to ensure that they get to their new homes in plenty of time!

I’ve had a couple of hours to look through all the information online about the CPSC. Etsy, has been a great source of information for myself. It’s great to see how everyone is banning together and sharing their information. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing – I’ll get a lab test to verify that my dolls have no lead in them (duh!) to make transport into the US easy. I’m fortunate to only have  very few products.  So, Bambolettas will keep going.

I am very saddened though by what may be. I try not to live that way, I think that negative and fear based thinking only fuels negative outcomes. I’ve written a letter to my MP about this, even though I’m up here in Canada, this is a potentially devestating situation for a lot of talented and amazing people – many of which have turned into good friends. I hope that the CPSC isn’t out to get the ‘little guy’, it just doesn’t seem right.






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  1. marissa Avatar

    Well, I can’t say that I have a huge amount of confidence in Stockwell Day (my mp)at the best of times , but I just wrote him a letter explaining my problems with the CPSC. I know that things don’t sound good, but I just can’t believe that you (and everyone else like you out there!) could be kept from selling your products. I think the enforcement of it would just be too much of a logistical nightmare. Fingers crossed that this gets ammended to be more appropriate!

  2. Naomi Avatar

    What a sweet looking bunch! I can only imagine picking out the clothes and getting them ready… wow.

    I hope enough people respond with indignation to get this legislation rewritten. What a ham-fisted approach to policy.

  3. Chris Avatar

    Oh… I love that little blonde on the bottom right. *sigh* Why is it my PayPal balance never gets transferred to my bank account? LOL.

  4. bethany Avatar

    You’re right… fear about one situation tends to hurt others. I think our marketplace is so universal that there’s enough artisans to make a louder noise about it! I can’t wait to see your dolls on etsy!

  5. Monica Avatar

    Oh gosh…does that little nekkie blond have a belly button? You have my address ready to go, right Christina! lol

    And, thank you for your support on this big issue….it’s really quite scary and saddening. 🙁

  6. jill s Avatar

    are the smaller ones the 12″ dolls? 🙂

  7. Holly (Two Cheese Please) Avatar

    Unfortunately, the biggest hurdle to small businesses (that I can see) is you have to test every BATCH of toys you create. Which is fine for big businesses but I don’t make batches, I make one toy at a time… Which means a $4000 testing fee for 1 toy – there’s no way that’s even remotely feasible.. I can’t really do anything about it being as I’m in Australia too. 🙁

    Two Cheese Please

  8. paola Avatar

    Ciao! I just discover your web site and your fabulous and colored bambolette! I think that as soon as I could I will ask you
    one new friend for my little man!
    I hope that everything will goes well!

  9. Chris Avatar

    Ok. Who just bought Meranda. Shucks. Maybe next round.

  10. Julie Avatar

    Oh the newbies on Etsy are darling! I love Riley (that’s my son’s name), and Caroline is so pretty too! The 10 dolls are just so sweet 🙂 Congratulations to the lucky ones who get these sweeties. You won’t be disappointed!

  11. jill s Avatar

    oh my goodness!
    that was crazy!
    i guess i didn’t realize etsy worked that way!
    i had meranda in my cart and had already hit checkout and at the next step she was gone!

    sniff. sniff.

    i AM going to be ordering a special doll for my littl girl’s 5th birthday in August! I’ll just have to be patient + wait! 🙂

    congrats on selling out so fast!

  12. Chris Avatar

    Same thing happened to me. Worse than ebay sniping. LOL

  13. Brooke Avatar

    WOW!! was that fun to watch-Congrats Christina!! And all those lucky enough to snag one of those cuties-thankfully our new guy is on his way. I can not wait to see my sons reaction on Christmas morning>Thanks and Congrats again on such a quick sell out. You and your crew ROCK!

  14. admin Avatar

    goodness! that was crazy!! thanks so much everyone 🙂 I’m glad to know the dolls are going to good homes!
    sorry for the insanity there chris and jill 😉 i’ll have more up at the beginning of jan at some point!
    have a great weekend everyone! now I’m off to pack boxes..

  15. Christine Avatar

    Wow, I didn’t even know about this! Sounds horrible for everybody who creates beautiful things (like the Bamboletta’s) and wants to sell it.
    The dolls in the picture are beautiful!!


  16. Chris Avatar

    It’s ok that Meranda went to a little girl for Christmas. My little one has Rose waiting for her when she wants to play with her doll. Mommy just wanted a reason to keep Rose for herself. 🙂

  17. christine Avatar

    I am so excited! I bought Caroline for my 2 year old Maddie. At first I had my eye on Riley because a friend just had boy/girl twins and the girl is named Riley(I am always looking for signs from nature) but Caroline’s face just spoke to me. I loved her outfit too. This our first Bamoletta but I have a feeling it won’t be our last. I couldn’t believe how fast the dolls were selling.
    Congratulations to you Christina. I can’t wait for our little Caroline to come home. Thank you for your beautiful creations.

  18. Aurelia Avatar

    I have just discovered your blog …
    You’re doing great work, your dolls are really lovely, congrats !!!

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