What makes Bamboletta Bamboletta and a Gratitude List

I often get emails from people asking ‘How I do it’. Ack, if you only saw the state of my house..lol.. you’d understand! Truth is I have an amazing team of ladies (and John!) who help me out so much. I truly could not do this without them, I am so incredible grateful to each and everyone of them. Most of them I mention often in my blog, but I thought I would put them down all in one place.

I usually drop pieces of fabric off at their homes, or they stop in for a quick pick up and tea. I see Tracey and Julie pretty every week, they are my main gals. The other girls I see when they have time to work, fitting it into life at home. I hope over time, to continue building my team of mamas.. giving pieces of work out here and there- hopefully helping them and their families out. I want to build a network of mamas that work together, I’d love for Bamboletta to help support as many people as possible.

I feel like this is an Oscar speech…

Julie has been with me for over a year now. She does hair and assembles bodies for me while she works as an intuitive at Mystiques Emporium. Julie is a lovely lady and I love it when she comes and spends a few hours with me sewing!

Tracey is one of my dearest friends. She sews doll bodies and puts hair on the dolls at night after her little man goes to sleep. She does the most amazing stitching..like a machine, but in a good way!

I met Brandi at my local post office. Over time I found out she is a crafty lady, she even made me a beautiful stuffed toy when Jasper was born. She makes most of my Pouchy and blanket dolls.

Constance is another great friend of mine who sews some of my clothes and does the designing of my clothing. She is a hugely talented lady and I’m lucky to have her around. Constance, Tracey and I have sons the same age who go to the same school.

Reggie is my lifesaver- she makes most of my clothing with the utmost care and with so much love and attention to detail. She is a wonderful lady. I always smile when I see her name in my Inbox.

Michelle is the newest member of my team of mamas. She is a mother of 3 who lives close by. Michelle has her own business making baby burp clothes and layettes.

I get some of my clothing pieces from Pampa Collective in Argentina. I was fortunate to find them a few years a years ago. Those cute little crochetted shoes, that’s Pampa. Anything really girly is usually from Pampa. They are a womens collective raising money for their community and for their Waldorf School. I would love to work more with them in the future somehow- they are really coming from the right place.

Kristie is my sitter/nanny who is a gift from above. My children love her so much, its comforting. Hiring someone to watch my kids was not an easy decision to make but she’s made that easy. Instead of having a mama who is half there trying to send an email while reading a story, I can now be fully present with my children when I am not ‘working’.

Stephanie has taken over some knitting from Nonna. The stitches this lady takes are amazing.

Gillian worked with me for a few months last year. She’s on a cruise ship right now. Great gal, she could put together a baby body like no ones business!

Rachel, worked for me for a few months as my sitter. What a love she is! She’s now on her path to becoming a yoga teacher.

And there you have it.. everyone who has been involved in the past and present with making Bamboletta Dolls. Of course I cannot forget Natural Pod. Bridgitte and her lovely family were the first ones to support Bamboletta and carry them on their site. I’m proud to have them there along side such wonderful toys.

OMG, when I read this over I realize that I do have a business, lol.. that is a weird thing to write, but it’s what I feel. I’m in the workshop alone too much 🙂 






7 responses to “What makes Bamboletta Bamboletta and a Gratitude List”

  1. Sue Avatar

    That’s a big team! :0)
    ..and I wonder why I can’t get anything done.
    They sound like a great bunch of ladies and you are lucky to have them and your hubby!

  2. admin Avatar

    Lol, that’s why I posted this post. I sometimes think people think I’m this super human dollmaker that can whip them off in no time, but I’m not! I’m trying to build a family business and I’m trying to bring people in who feel like family. I’m really, really lucky!

  3. Con Avatar

    Thank YOU for creating these beautiful dolls to begin with! I LOVE making stuff for Bamboletta, Thanks you:)

  4. Meike Avatar

    Yup, that’s a business. And you’re the CEO! 😀 But seriously, it think it’s wonderful, so many people working together, putting their heart and soul in Bamboletta dolls. (I was wondering where you got the cute shoes from. Now I know! They’re great!)

  5. Heather Avatar

    It’s pretty impressive to pull a team of people together like that. Very inspiring for me as we pull ours together for our Project. Congrats on your great work (everyone!). When I hold a Bamboletta doll, I can tell it is made by some pretty special people.

  6. admin Avatar

    No, not the CEO! Lol, I like to think of my self as the conductor- like in an orchestra 🙂 It feels as though it’s all coming together now- my vision and intention are materializing.
    Thanks Heather! It’s really cool how these people ‘came’ to me as well. Everyone seemed to come at the right time each with something important to bring to the dolls. I’m pretty picky about who I have work on the dolls, I’m all about the good vibes in the dolls.. lol! Everything will unfold as it should.

  7. elise Avatar

    wow! thanks for revealing the inner works! now I don’t feel too too bad. 🙂
    I first saw your dolls a year ago (or so) when you sold a couple through Mahar Dry Goods. I am a huge fan and admirer.

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