what is happening to me??


I really love this shoe. Like really love them.  A few years ago I think I may have laughed at these shoes. But now, the boiled wool upper, cork footbed and roomy toebox make me swoon! They look so cozy. I work in our basement on very hard floors, very hard, cold floors and I think I need a bit more on my feet then my mohair socks ( I have several pairs of mohair socks – I highly recommend them!). I just keep hearing my mother at the back of my mind telling me to put something on my feet. Those moms- they’re usually right!

You probably have seen this video called ‘One Love’ – it is so uplifiting 🙂 I saw the man who produced it ,Mark Johnson,  on Nova a few weeks ago and was so inspired by what he did and what he continues to do. He had a vision, kept to it and is making a positive change. I’d love to have a drink with this guy.

On Bamboletta news… Tuesdays are Bamboletta prep day. Its the day that I sew bodies, put on noses, cut and prep hair during the day. In the evening John and I stuff all the bodies and get all the dolls put together in little packages , so arms, legs, head and hair so they’re basically ready to sew together. This is the easiest way for us to work. I’ve got a few dolls in the works for this Fridays Etsy upload – 2 blondes so far – and a few more dresses.






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  1. Cate Avatar

    Oh Christina, I gave up years ago trying to be fashionable, I love love comfort. I am a birkenstock girl and I actually think they are fashion divine so when I saw that pic above I thought “mmmm yep looks good”.

  2. Meike Avatar

    I’ve got shoes like that as well. 🙂 Wear them all the time! And since I work from home anyway, I don’t care what anyone thinks. My feet love them, and so do I. So go get them! There’s no excuse really. 🙂

  3. Monica Avatar

    Ha! Have you seen Simple Shoes Shuf’s? They are the perfect canvas to needle felt. 😉 Ask me how I know? 🙂 I’ll tell you how you got here…lol…two children…cold floors, no time to lace or buckle a third pair of shoes. Necessity! lol….Slide on shoes and comfy jeans or khakis…life it good. So good!

  4. reggie Avatar

    HEY Christina, I just got a pair and I’m in love with them. They are light and warm and I feel like a new person. Love reggie

  5. devon Avatar

    i think those shoes are on sale at cardino’s… just my shopping tip!

  6. Christine Avatar

    The shoes are cute! We are huge Birkenstock lovers here, and those look very similar.
    I’ll check out the link to listen, I always like your music choices so this one should be good too!


  7. Your Sister Avatar
    Your Sister

    Those shoes would go well with your hemp pants with the orcas and tie-dyed shirt…

  8. Fabiola Avatar

    ahahahaha…your sister is funny! not necessarily the most fashion forward shoes i’ve seen…but then again…who cares? comfyness and toasty toes it’s the ticket.

  9. admin Avatar

    Not orcas Laura…they’re dolphins..duh!
    It’s all about the comfort right now !

  10. Anne Rebecca Gacek Avatar


    We are still prtty new to your website-we travel ALOT-and love your doll blog-we would love one of your dolls at the doll give away. We have bears that travel all over with us-one is visiting China right now-so we understand how to care for travelers alike! Thanks for a fun new website!

    Sincerely-Mrs. Gacek

  11. Ann Bachhuber Avatar
    Ann Bachhuber

    Doll Contest Comment:

    Hi Christina, Just wanted to get entered in your win a doll contest this March 2008. I would love to have another of your beautiful creations in my home.

    Ann in Florida

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