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I had the morning to work today. I wanted to finish up a few orders I had and get myself organized for the next week. I finished up these brother and sister dolls and this other little guy for Izzy. Izzy loves dinosaurs so I went and bought some transfer paper from Staples, got some clipart and made a transfer. So cute and easy. It’s a nice way to jazz up the boy dolls with something that they love, cars, trucks, dinosaurs. The girls get all the cute prints and sweet buttons, now there is a way for me to personalize the boy dolls too.


I spent the other part of my day enjoying the sunshine with my little men. I can feel autumns chill in the air, it’s come too soon. I was clicking away taking photos when a wave of emotion came over me- Ben is really growing up. I’m excited about this, I love the nonstop stories, questions and the fun we have together- but I realize too how quickly it’s going away. I used to really dislike it when people would say to me ‘ Enjoy this time, it goes to quickly’ and now I find myself saying the samething to my neighbour about her newborn girl. Every stage is wonderful and has its trials and tribulations, but four years old is just so sweet. I recently talked to a mom with teenagers who told me that this (the teen years) was her favorite stage. Being a parent never stops, it’s a journey. Oh squish!

Come on- you know you want to’ . John tempted me last night to watch the season premiere of America’s Next Top Model. I find my self cringing through the whole show, yet I cannot tear myself away Ha! Here I am trying to be a more aware person, present and grounded and yet I’m completely enthralled with a bunch of 19 year olds wanting to be models – the goal of their lives. I could go on about the morality of a show like this, but I won’t. It’s like bubble gum for your head.

Holy smokes, this blog post is just all over the place! Sorry about that!






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  1. Meike Avatar

    Lovely idea with the transfer paper!

    They do grow up pretty fast, don’t they. My mother’s always telling me that she enjoyed us (me and my twin) best when we were two years old… I always thought she was being ridiculous, but now that I have my own kids, I see what she means. Each age has its own charm, but they won’t ever get as cuddly again as they are at one-and-a-half or two! Just yesterday, when Nynke pressed her cheek against mine, I realized that Olivier in fact doesn’t have those sweet babycheeks anymore… So I just had to kiss and hug my little one extra, because all too soon, she’ll be all big and bony like her brother! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Christine Avatar

    Meike what Dutch names your kids and you have! Also from Nederland perhaps? ๐Ÿ™‚
    The dolls look cute! Love the dinosaur on the boy.
    I used to watch ANT with my husband (he’s a Tyra fan, I’m a Janice fan, too bad she left the show) but we stopped after a few seasons. I think because I already knew who was going to win after reading online (we’re behind here in the NL).
    And you are right, they do grow up so fast. I still have two with chubby legs and cuddly cheeks, love them!!


  3. admin Avatar

    i find myself getting all weepy about this passage of time. i still have little jasper- he’s always up for a cuddle. i’m so glad that we sleep together, i feel as though i’m really enjoying this time of our lives. thanks for the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Sarah Avatar

    Oh, I love the dinosaur! I just love all your dolls…so beautiful!
    I’m Asher’s mom—-you’re working on a doll for his birthday. Just a side note that he does REALLY love dinosaurs and/or pirates. If I’m too late, that’s ok. But thought I’d toss out this additional bit of info on him.

    Hope you don’t mind that I visit your site almost daily now just to drool! Really lovely stuff!

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